08 Dec 2019
The Hand needs to synchronize with the Head
in America

Warren is crying
Got a complaint from a Pro-Warren group that … “I am being too hard on Warren … she is new in the game … she is crying … she wants your endorsement … you need to be nicer.” Okay … here’s the thing … you are new in the game on day one … first week … even first month … but 3 months pass by … 6 months pass by … and now its almost one year. You are not new in the game after you have been in it for one full year. That’s point number one.

The second point is … this is not the first article that we have written for her … this is not the first time that she is being warned about the issues in her policies. We have written about 2 dozen articles … right from 1st of January … till all the way to December. Right from congratulating her and welcoming her Presidential campaign … to telling her that she needs to learn … warning her that Biden will lead, if she is not ready to lead America … to the extent of detailing out all of the issues in her campaign. We did all of this very nicely and very politely … with a lot of patience.

I have listed all of the articles that we published for her since 1st of Jan … at the bottom of this page. Take a look for yourselves. She is not coordinating well. She doesn’t understand how this works. Take a look at an example of Medicare for All.

Medicare For All

  • We wrote several pages warning her on this policy. She didn’t give a shit.
  • A public intervention was created for her openly on the debate stage itself. Even then she doesn’t drop the policy.
  • After she drops in the polls and SM Groups starts considering holding off her nomination … its then that she gets scared and stops marketing it.
  • But even then she is still looking at the possibility of running this disastrous policy.
  • Which is utterly totally nuts.

This is one of the reasons … why we put in 3 phases to identify good people centric leaders … they must “connect, learn and campaign”. She failed and couldn’t do anything till date. This was not an instant decision of holding off Warren’s nomination. She was given one full year of advice and time … and she didn’t listen at all.

Warren being a despot
The issue with refusing to follow “facts and logic” is that … she is ending up being a despot. She does not realize that she is being an authoritarian who won’t change doesn’t matter who says what. Who is a despot? A despot is someone who won’t give a shit about the people and do their own thing irrespective of what will happen to the people.

  • Since one year she made no contact
  • Since one year she is campaigning for terrible policies
  • Since one year she made no change
  • Since one year she didn’t listen to anything
  • Do you really think that she will start listening to us once we make her President?
  • Do you think that she will start changing if we make her President?

Obviously, she won’t … she will move ahead with disastrous policies and make a mess out of the country. This is why they want to hold off her nomination in 2020.

Dropped in polls with an intervention in one policy
Thankfully … there was an intervention in only one of Warren’s disastrous policies. If we carried out an intervention in all of the policies which had issues … then forget about being President … she would be struggling to maintain her Senate seat.

Warren has more love than support
The thing with Warren is that …

  • Many SM Groups love her because she is a nice lady
  • But many Groups don’t support her because she doesn’t know anything

She is more loved than supported among SM Groups as of now. The good news for Warren is that … Trump is going to win the impeachment in the Senate but his re-election is not decided yet. She is not the frontrunner in the race as of now … but they are not planning to remove her from the race yet. Options are still open for her. She needs to learn and change … if she can do that … then she can win.

Cannot transition from Obama to Warren
What she is trying to do is … replicate the Obama Presidency and create a Warren Presidency. She will fail if she tries to do that. You know that … the Trump Presidency is an evolved and advanced version of the Obama Presidency. Many things have moved forward and changed since Obama. You cannot move from Obama to Warren Presidency. You have to move from Trump to Warren Presidency. Let me explain this via phases.

Phase One – Obama Presidency

  • Obama’s First Term. We were just blogging here and making everyone understand the crisis that they are facing.
  • Obama’s Second Term. Obama followed what we write and he started rooting out terrorism and wars.

Transition from Obama to Trump
Obama himself was stagnating because wars were stopping but there was no change at the domestic level. There was a huge need for policies in America. But this was not possible via blogging and via one website. There was a need for direct cooperation and setting up teams to create policy reforms in America. Obama himself was trying to pull strings to help us start our work.

Phase Two – Trump Presidency
By the time we entered the Trump Presidency … massive networks among political, intelligence, media, legals and corporations were already activated. Putting Trump in the White House was itself one of our accomplishments. SM Networks were actually evaluating … whether to give the Presidency to Trump or John Kasich. Who would I choose? Who would I want to work with?

They saw that it was very important for the President to coordinate with me to take the work forward. Because they already saw that when Obama cooperated with me … he got phenomenal victories and made major changes that were not even imaginable. Terrorism was vaporizing … wars were ending … huge job growth was seen … this was never done during Bush or Obama’s first term.

Choosing the Right Hand
SM Networks see the President as the “Right Hand” in this new era of People Power. The hand should work with the head … the hand cannot cut off the head.

  • A Paralyzed Hand. If the hand doesn’t listen to the head then it is like a paralyzed hand … that does not cooperate with the head and does no good to the body.
  • A Weird Hand. A weird hand is a hand that does its own thing against the will of the head and the body.

Trump Presidency – Partial Paralyzed Hand
SM Groups see the Trump Presidency as a “partial paralyzed hand” … because it listens to the head in a few things and it does not respond in a few things. This is the main reason why re-election of Trump is not decided yet … the hand doesn’t function with the head properly.

Warren Presidency – A Weird Hand
Given Warren’s non-cooperation and opposite policies … if we put her in the White House … then she becomes a “weird hand”. The head and the body will be doing one thing … and she will be doing something weird on her own.

Just imagine … you are walking on the street and your hand starts slapping others … spanking others behinds … without being in your control … would you want such a hand? Exactly … why would SM Networks want you as the hand … when you have not learnt anything, not understood anything and when you want to do some weird stuff of your own?

Issues in Warren’s Cooperation
These are the basic issues that you have as of now.

  • Third World Politics. Firstly, you are stuck in text book politics of the third world. We are already in a new era of People Power. If you become President … then you are entering an “ongoing battle” … where tens of millions of American entities are fighting against the Establishment protecting the President and making good things happen. You don’t even know what this system is … what this battle is … or who is who.
  • Obama Era Approach. Your second issue is that … you are following an Obama Era approach where I was just a blogger that was stopping wars. Obama did whatever he wanted at the Domestic level … we never bothered to get involved in Domestic policies because our priority was stopping wars. You are probably thinking that … “I will do whatever I want … run whatever policy I want … and then I will also work with this blogger.” Obama never knew that this blogger was connected with tens of millions of entities at the ground level. We never bothered to tell him because it was never required.
  • Massive handouts for votes. To add to the above two major issues … you have designed your policies to be massive handouts for votes. “I will give this, vote for me … I will spend tens of trillions here, vote for me … I do that for you, vote for me.” This is a terribly bad way of designing your campaign and reaching out to the people. Just because you want to show massive handouts for the people expecting their votes … you are sticking to disastrous policies.

The combination of all of the above 3 issues makes a “disastrous President”.

Why was Warren required?
Warren was required in the game because Trump was stuck. You were required to move beyond Trump … not to go back into an old Obama Era. Obama is doing great … he did well as President and he is doing phenomenally as Ex-President. But you have to understand that you have to play your role “in the current times” … don’t try to play Obama’s role of his old times.

Crying and going to Jimmy Fallon
Almost everything that you are doing is wrong … and when you are pulled down in polling … you are crying and going to Jimmy Fallon.

  • Who asked you to cry? We asked you to fight.
  • Who asked you to go to Jimmy Fallon? We asked you to contact us … not Jimmy Fallon.

You couldn’t pick up the phone to make a call … but you had the time to go to Jimmy Fallon, is it? Lol.

Parent and Child Example
The example that you used in your crying scene was of … not getting approval from your mom. You are crying because we are not endorsing you. Okay … let me explain this to you in terms of parent and child.

If your child asks you … “mommy, can I burn firecrackers on my head?” What are you going to say? You will obviously say no … why? Because that is a logically incorrect thing to do … because it might hurt the child. You are saying no for the child’s activity … but you are saying yes to the child’s security.

The same applies to your policies and being President with those policies. We are saying no … because those policies will hurt you and the country … but it is also a yes for your security. We are protecting you … sometimes a no is also a yes. Those are not the policies that you run in America.

I know, I know … you are trying to pull funding to support our work … but funding is not the priority right now. Teamwork is the priority … synchronizing with the head is the priority. Getting funding is easy … we will show you how.

Don’t go crying to Jimmy Fallon again
If you drop in polls … you are crying. What will you do when the Establishment will make moves against you? What will you do when hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets will stand against you? Learn from Trump and be strong. Interestingly, Trump is turning out to be a phenomenally good leader for our times.

Only those who can be loved and protected are given the White House
Right now, you are loved but we cannot protect you when you launch those policies. Tens of millions of entities will turn against you when you launch those policies. They will ask me as to why the hell did I endorse you and bring you in the game? Your policies will create an uproar. That’s why I said … it is all about policies … the right policies.

Trump is loved and protected
Take a look at his rallies … tens of thousands of people flock to his rallies … showering him with love and support. Despite all sex scandals, investigations, lawsuits and impeachment scams … Trump still holds 95% support among Republicans. He is protected from all lawsuits, investigations and he wins against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets almost every month. There is not a single month in the Trump Presidency where is not fighting and winning against thousands of outlets.

Why this love and support? Because he loves America, protects Christianity and Churches and he has already launched great policies of America First, American Energy, Tariffs and he keeps doing what is best for America. There is an ongoing impeachment scam against him … but there is a 95% chance of him easily winning this in the Senate.

Don’t oppose Trump … move beyond Trump
There is an ongoing battle against the Establishment that has created a debt crisis of $1 Trillion per year. You cannot enter this battle with a new crisis of $100 Trillion. It is a must for you to learn the structures, learn the current moves and learn how to move beyond Trump. If you can move beyond Trump then you can be President in 2020 itself. If you can learn the battle and fight beyond Trump … then you are ready to lead America.

Reference List – Articles written to help Warren

Please don't tell me that this was an "instant decision". Very detailed info was given to her … repeatedly and continuously for one full year in a very lovely and nice manner. But if she is going to be a hand that doesn't respond to the head … and the hand is going to do its own thing … then what can we do with such a hand? Forget about solving the Establishment crisis where Trump is stuck … her policies are 100 times worse than the Establishment crisis that we have and she doesn't realize that.