06 Dec 2019
It’s all about facts and logic
in America

Let’s give Warren an intro to SM Networks.

Why the information was not given?

  • Too nice. Till date we did not give you much information … because you are too nice. You have issues in your campaign and it would be quite embarrassing for you if all info is given publicly.
  • End up blaming me. Seeing the disasters in your policies … obviously you would sink in the polls. And when you would sink in the polls … you end up blaming me for going down in polls … which is the last thing we need.

We already had some issues with Trump and the last thing we needed to do was screw up our relationship with Dems as well. If anything happened to Trump then he would think that Dems are doing it … now that Warren is falling in the polls … Trump should understand that SM Networks are party independent.

Why provide the info now?

  • Too many issues. You have stacked up too many issues in your campaign and you are going more and more in detail and depth … preparing to execute all of these disasters.
  • Being removed from the race. Seeing your disasters … many SM Groups are saying that “she doesn’t deserve to be anywhere near the White House … we should consider removing her from the race all together … no nomination for her this time”.

The first thing you should understand is that … you fell in polls, all by yourself … because of your disastrous policies. Secondly, this is so bad that … you are thinking of defeating Trump in 2020 but they are planning not to give you the nomination itself. I think you should know about SM Networks and how they work. It will help you.

How to work with Active Democracy?
We are not an endorsement or a plugin that will get you the White House. It’s all about facts and logic. You have to use facts and logic in every action, decision, policy and strategy. You have to move away from disasters using facts and logic … you have to do good things using facts and logic. If you are a leader … who can use facts and logic in all of your decisions and policies … then you end up becoming the best leader of our time.

But if you refuse to use facts and logic … and keep saying that … “I am with you! I am with you! Let’s do this together!!” And then also keep working on disastrous policies … then it doesn’t make sense. Your words are somewhere and your actions are somewhere else.

Screw Third World Politics
To hell with Third World politics … don’t think that … “I am the President … I will do whatever I want. Who the hell are you? I am the one with the power! Why do I have to listen to you?”

If you enter this mode … then it is an “authoritarian and despotic mode”. No one wants dictators in America. Everyone wants someone who can use commonsense, facts and logic. If you can do this … then we give you the power. If you cannot do this then what is the point of giving you power? No one wants to see a dictator in the White House. Everyone wants you to be a great leader that can use facts and logic.

Silent Majority Networks
These are tens of millions of entities in America and Europe … working at key places in the fields of politics, intelligence, police, legals and corporations. They form the SM Networks. All of them use facts and logic. Everything that you do as President … all of your decisions, actions and policies are screened by tens of millions of entities via “facts and logic”.

If facts and logic fall into place on your policies … then you are given support. If they see that you are making a blunder and your actions will create a disaster then support is pulled off.

The Transition from Bush to Obama
If you see Bush’s Presidency … we were unable to stop his disastrous wars and policies … because we were acting as common citizens. But things changed during the Obama Presidency. Obama was talking against the “woke culture” recently. He has no idea that this entire woke culture was designed during his Presidency itself. Obama thinks that:

  • I am popular
  • I make Presidents
  • When I write things work

But how all of this happens … he has no idea. All of these activities are carried out by SM Groups.

Active Citizens establishing Active Democracy
SM Groups are nothing but “Active Citizens” of your own country. They are American citizens … working in various fields of politics, intelligence, legals and corporations. These Active Citizens are getting involved in managing their country. Gone are the days of getting repeated authoritarian rule from elected Presidents in 4 year cycles. We don’t want to wait for 4 more years to change policies. Active Citizens immediately get involved to support what is good and stop what is wrong. This is Active Democracy.

You are witnessing an advanced form of democracy … where the citizens of the country get involved in actively managing the country. This is a form of “people managed politicians” … people managed leadership … people literally participating in the leadership of the country.

That’s why I had mentioned some of the works done by SM Groups during Obama and Trump. Some works carried out during the Obama Era were:

  • The Arab Spring
  • Tea Party Movement
  • Occupy Movement

Now, tell me which politician carried out the Arab Spring? Which politician carried out the Tea Party Movement? Which politician carried out the Occupy Movement? There were no politicians involved in any of this …  they were all people based movements … Active Citizens collectively working together to change their country.

Some works under Trump by SM Groups:

  • The #metoo movement
  • Tossing Jewish Establishment millionaire and billionaire criminals into jail
  • Bashing NRA and activating thousands of schools against the NRA
  • Breaking Netanyahu’s government again and again in Israel

Now, tell me … which politician was involved in this? All of this is Active Citizens taking down trash in their countries. Active Democracy doesn’t have to be launched by you guys … it is already in motion since the Obama Presidency. It is mainly because of this movement that we are able to bring outsiders in the White House … to bring about good change for the people. Obama, Trump and Warren … all of you are elements supported in this movement.

The Era of People Power
You are in an Era of People Power. And the best leader in this era has been President Obama. He is a fantastic role model of how to lead in such an era.

  • He is a fantastic leader who is humble, talented and capable … and he is a great listener.
  • He is always open minded … he is always looking for new ways to do good things … he is always ready to support what is good.
  • He changes when an issue is pointed out. He doesn’t hold it against you if you point out something wrong. He doesn’t mind improvising.

And because of this flexible, humble and open minded nature that always wanted to do good …

  • Successful President. He became one of the most successful Presidents who accomplished all of the major tasks that he got … he moved America from a period of hate, fear and wars … into a period of peace, success and enormous growth.
  • Super Successful Ex-President. Obama played his role as President and continued to play his role even an Ex-President. Bill Clinton was a great President but after Clinton … Bush started the War on Terror. Bill Clinton had no power or influence to stop Bush’s wars. But Obama was made such a massive power figure that even without holding any political office … he stopped Trump’s wars and many of his blunders … which created the peace and stability to achieve record breaking job and economic growth in America. Bill Clinton had zero influence in the country’s leadership as Ex-President … but today, Obama is the backbone of the Democratic Party.

Obama continuously plays his role … that’s why he has this status today.

SM Groups – America’s Guardians
SM Groups are like America’s Guardians. They will strongly support who will do good for the country … and they will take away the power from someone who will do damage to the country. This is generally how it works.

  • Facts and Logic. First … we show facts and logic of what to do or what not to do. We show the case from a few angles if required.
  • Verbal Intervention. If SM Groups see that you are not following commonsense … then there is a verbal intervention … to show that the issue is critical and that you need to pay attention.
  • Legal Action. Even then if you are bent on carrying out disasters for the country … then the possibility of legal action is shown to you.
  • Political Action. Even if legal action does not help you change route … then you are simply removed from power.

My dear Elizabeth Warren … you are directly in the 4th stage right now. We showed you that Medicare For All is a disaster … you didn’t give a shit. A verbal intervention was carried out of how you are going to pay for this … even then you did not stop. Instead, you came up with tens of trillions of taxes for the corporations and bankers to pay for this. Taking legal action was not an option since you are not President … that’s why they directly moved to the 4th stage of holding off your nomination all together.

The hand that wants to cut off the head
Don’t get pissed off at the info we are giving you. If this is making you angry then you will become “the hand that wants to cut off the head”. No one wants a hand that wants to cut off the head … the hand should cooperate with the head and do what is good for the entire body … then the entire body will want you.

Obama – No intervention
There was never an intervention required for Obama. Obama was an extremely positive and cooperative President … who was always eager to do more and know more. There was never a requirement to take any kind of action against Obama. And SM Groups were still being formulated during his Presidency … its not that they could do anything much either.

Interventions helped Trump
At first … you might think … “what the hell … I am the President … how dare you threaten me? This is Presidential harassment.” But its not like that … we choose only good leaders for the White House … who we already love. SM Groups already love Obama, Trump and Warren. The interventions are designed only to help you to do what is right and become better. Some examples for Trump:

  • North Korea. He was headed towards a Nuclear War in the Koreas. Should we all have remained silent on this? It would be a disaster if we remained silent. But SM Groups came into action … molded his direction to work with diplomacy with North Korea and Trump ended up creating history in Koreas instead of a disaster.
  • Jobs and Economy. Because of interventions and SM Groups, wars were stopped many times under Trump … owing to which he got record breaking jobs and economy under his Presidency.

The list goes on … the point is … after you rectify your mistake … good things happen … and you yourself love it, enjoy it, celebrate it and brag about it. The interventions were very good, fruitful and helpful. Trump himself loves the results achieved from them.

Yes, even the Establishment uses legal pressure and political games … but their moves are pure hate and malice based. In fact, we had to manage Mueller and save Trumps from jail again and again. SM not only intervenes in the President’s activities but they also intervene and dismantle Establishment malice. All of it helps you as President.

Issues with the Warren Campaign
There are lots, lots and lots of issues with your policies and campaign. These are the list of your failures.

  • We told you to connect with us … you failed. You had to learn the right policies … you failed. You had to campaign for the right policies … you failed.
  • And because you failed to learn anything … you have stacked your campaign with Socialist disasters that are 20 times worse than the entire War on Terror.
  • Your policies will unleash financial catastrophes.
  • You are not following logic and you are doubling down on disasters … which is only shocking for everyone.
  • You are opposing Trump where he is right … this is another major failure. You don’t have to oppose Trump just because he is a Republican.
  • You failed to understand Establishment structures and systems … thus the policies that you are designing won’t change anything.
  • The War on Terror and anti-Trumpism have been the major deviations from America’s debt crisis. But your own policies are 20 times bigger deviations themselves.

You haven’t learnt anything … you don’t know what to do … you have all disasters at hand. And then you are standing there screaming … “let’s do this together! I am with you! Let’s do this together!!” I hope you are not saying that just to get support … because we don’t support all of this.

Leadership is decided based on facts and logic
We told you a long time ago that … Trump is miles ahead in the game … and you need to learn in order to catch up. Right now, Trump has no disasters under his hood … he is perfectly clean … with no wars and economic catastrophes. He is maintaining the peace and stability … maintaining America’s job and economic growth and he has made America the world’s largest producer of oil. If we take this and compare your policies with facts and logic … then you are a major disaster.

Not even $1 Trillion managed since the past 18 years
This is what you should know … America is going in debt by $1 Trillion every year since Bush. It has been 18 years and 3 Presidents of Bush, Obama and Trump … none of them were able to stop this debt crisis. They were not able to create even $1 Trillion to stop this crisis … and you are coming with $100 Trillion of “new spending” on Medicare and Climate Change. How on Earth is anyone supposed to support that?

Forget about understanding and solving the current crisis … you are creating a new $100 Trillion crisis for America that doesn’t need to exist at all. Currently, America has $23 Trillion of debt … which is more than the debt of dozens of countries combined together. Millions of people are protesting in Europe because of Austerity measures. The Prime Minister of Lebanon had to resign just because he proposed a tax on “Whatsapp usage”. All of these are tiny countries with a few hundred billion debt. Millions of people are protesting … country’s leaders are resigning … in this crisis … you are proposing new spending of $100 Trillion.

Severe lack of knowledge and know how
SM Groups love Obama, Trump and Warren … but the issue with you is that … you are showing a severe lack of practical knowledge and know how. This is what you need to do:

  • Screw text book politics … what is going in America today is not there in the text books. It will come in the text books later on.
  • To hell with advisers … quit hatching up policies based on what advisers tell you.
  • To hell with party politics ... quit opposing and hating Trump’s actions only because of party politics.
  • Immediately get in touch with us … learn what is going on and what to do.
  • Work exclusively based on logic and facts. Don’t expect to rise unless you quit all toxic policies and campaign only for the right policies.
  • Learn how to fight with facts and logic.

Issues with Trump
Trump is ahead in the game but he is stuck. He is not able to break monopoly and he is not able to take America forward. Most SM Groups do not want 5 more years of this stuck phase. This is his major disadvantage.

How will you surpass Trump … when you don’t even recognize what he has done … when you don’t understand what is going on … and when you create major crisis of your own?

Warren’s Advantages
Your major advantage is that … you are courageous and you have not taken donations from PACs or corporations … it makes you highly suitable for the fight. The first thing you need to do is connect and learn … and then, it all depends on the available time and the marketing that you do. You have created a lot of baggage for yourself. Learn how to break monopoly … it will create a fantastic platform for you.

And yes … if Trump gets in touch with us before you do … then chill … prepare for 2024.