05 Dec 2019
House Judiciary Committee A Jewish Mob trying to crucify a Christian President
in America

There is a mega presentation going on … on live television … of Trump’s impeachment inquiry. The House “Judiciary” Committee is questioning “witnesses” to determine if President Trump actually committed an impeachable offense. This is being live telecast across the Nation for everyone to see. What many people don’t know is that … the House Judiciary Committee is a Jewish mob trying to crucify a Christian President.

Take a look at all of the Jewish Establishment connections across the House Judiciary Committee:

  • The Chairman - House Intelligence Committee – Adam Schiff. The guy who designed this entire scam of impeaching the President over a simple phone call … happens to be Jewish. He also happens to be the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee that will investigate this particular scam. If one guy is Jewish … it doesn’t mean the whole thing is a Jewish Establishment scam, isn’t it? Read on.
  • The Chairman - House Judiciary Committee – Jerry Nadler. Coincidentally, the guy who is the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee that will create the Articles of Impeachment … also happens to be Jewish. Now, two guys being Jewish … this can be a coincident, right? Yes, of course it can be coincidence.
  • Counsel – Norman L Eisen. The Counsel that will question the witnesses in the impeachment hearing … he also happens to be Jewish.
  • Witness 01 – Noah Feldman. The first guy who is going to testify against the President … he also happens to be Jewish.
  • Witness 02 – Pamela S Karlan. The second witness who will testify against the President … is also Jewish.
  • Witness 03 – Michael Gerhardt. The third witness who will testify against the President … is also Jewish.
  • Witness 04 – Jonathan Turley. The fourth witness is also Jewish.

All of the key people in the entire impeachment hearing happen to be Jewish. Now, that cannot be a “coincidence”, can it?

Jewish Establishment show in the impeachment hearing
This is the Jewish Establishment show that you need to see in this hearing:

  • This entire scam was designed by a Jewish Establishment puppet
  • The Chairman who is a Jewish puppet … is questioning witnesses who are also Jewish puppets.
  • Tens of Millions of American people are thinking that … this is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee … and he is questioning “Constitutional Lawyers” who are experts in the subject.
  • But in reality … it was a preplanned, scripted and a well rehearsed scam … designed by the Jewish Establishment using their Jewish puppets at all places.
  • Right from the top to bottom … all of them were Jewish puppets. The guy who asks the questions and the guy who answers the questions … both of them were Jewish puppets.

Using an “official skin” to run their show
The whole thing is an utter total scam … with no crime committed and no law broken. But in order to sell this show to the people … look at the gimmicks that the Establishment is using to give an “official skin” to this entire scam.

  • Requesting recognition … members are requesting “recognition”
  • Tabling a motion … members are tabling a motion
  • Taking votes … members are taking votes
  • Showing the following of official legal procedures and language

This whole thing was done to create an “official scene with an official look” … so that the people will buy this scam … and so that they will really believe that it is the “country’s top officials” that are coming into action. When in reality this whole scam has been designed by a malicious and criminal Establishment … and all of the key people in the Judiciary Committee were Establishment puppets.

The interesting thing to note was that the Counsels that Trump had appointed were not Jewish … nor did they follow this gimmick of “tabling a motion or taking votes” or any other official language or procedure. They simply went straight forward with everyday language and simple procedures … trying to show that nothing wrong was done. They followed a simple honest and straight forward procedure.

Using these “witnesses” was actually criminal
These “Fact Witnesses” were supposed to be Constitutional Lawyers … which is exactly what they should have been called … Constitutional Lawyers from the Democrat Side and Republican Side. But instead of calling them Constitutional Lawyers … they were called “witnesses”. This is again another gimmick to mislead the American people.

  • False Term. If you see … in the routine legal terms and procedures that the people know … a witness is someone who was there at the crime scene. If Trump had killed someone and he had 3 witnesses that saw him commit the murder … then their testimony would make sense. Calling these Constitutional Lawyers “witnesses” is simply misleading the people … because these guys were never there when Trump made the call … they were not there at the supposed crime scene at all. This is the first issue.
  • Haters and Enemies of Trump. And second issue with all of the “witnesses” put in front of the Judiciary Committee was that … they were all haters and enemies of Trump excluding Jonathan Turley. Now, if in a regular case … if you bring someone who hates the person as a “witness” and he starts talking trash … should that be acceptable? You have not even committed any crime … if someone puts your enemy who hates you to the core … if he starts talking trash against you … should that be acceptable? No, that would be a false testimony and criminal in nature.

Is this how “justice is supposed to work? At every key place a Trump hater has been installed … right from the Chairman of the Intelligence Committee … to the Chairman of the House Judiciary Committee … to the Counsel and all of the witnesses. All of them are Trump haters and Establishment puppets. The American people are supposed to rely on their work and on their allegations? Is this called justice? Is this how “law” is supposed to work? Is this how a “Judiciary Committee” supposed to work?

It is this scandalous and puppeted Judiciary Committee that is going to write the Articles of Impeachment. Should these Articles of Impeachment be accepted at all?

The whole thing is an utter total scam. It is pure malice. Everything was preplanned, scripted, well rehearsed and a controlled process designed by a criminal Jewish Establishment. It is a Jewish mob trying to crucify a Christian President for no wrong doing whatsoever.

The Jewish Establishment doesn’t give a damn about Common Jews
It is such scams because of which anti-Semitism comes into picture. America is the largest Christian country in the world with a 330 million population. And in this country … on live television … in front of tens of millions of people … the Jewish Establishment is trying to impeach the President of the United States ... the most powerful man on the planet … on total bogus charges … by using a Jew at every key position.

Now, what should the President or the hundreds of millions of American citizens think about Jews when they see such a scam? If half a dozen Jews want to come together outside their homes … then it should be for something nice and positive … at a Synagogue … at a school, party, charity work or anything nice. But when half a dozen Jews get together … out of whom:

  • One is the Intelligence Chairman
  • Another is the Judiciary Committee Chairman
  • Another is a Counsel at the Committee and
  • All others are witnesses

And all of them are trying to impeach the US President … then it is not good. It is not something nice that half a dozen Jews should be doing to the most powerful man on the planet.

All of these things get recorded in history and they backfire … especially on the Common Jews. The Common Jews have nothing to do with this shit and they are repeated victims of the scams and scandals that the Jewish Establishment keeps trying to pull off.

The Establishment is being successfully failed everywhere. So now they are resorting to malice by using their own puppets at all key places. They cannot trust anyone anywhere … because they have failed everywhere. So now, if some gimmick has to be pulled off on Trump … it has to be via a Jewish Establishment puppet. This is exactly what you are seeing in this Judiciary Committee hearing. The whole thing is a scam. It doesn’t have a tiny fraction of truth or law that can support this.

Jewish Establishment Factors in the Impeachment Hearing
These are all of the Jewish Establishment factors that you can see in the impeachment hearing.

  • The entire show is run via Jewish puppets who hate Trump.
  • It is a skinned activity of giving legal authority to a scam. They are trying to sell a scam as legally the right thing to do.
  • They are trying to show that there are “witnesses” who say that Trump should be impeached … when in reality these guys were never there at the crime scene and they are nothing but Trump haters.
  • They are doing this while Trump is on an international tour. This has been their repeated behavior since the past 3 years. Whenever Trump is on a tour, most of the time, some scandal is run against him at home.
  • All of them are baseless and hollow allegations where they are trying to “manufacture” a crime. The next thing you know … if Trump sneezes … it will be a crime. It will be “abuse of power” because he sneezed too loudly.
  • They are trying to use the Democrat Party as a platform for their anti-Trump agenda.

Yes, Trump is guilty
Yes … I agree … Trump is guilty.

  • He is guilty of stopping all wars and creating peace & stability in the world
  • He is guilty of creating record breaking jobs and economy.
  • He is guilty of putting America First and fighting against China and Europe.
  • He is guilty of making America the largest producer of oil in the world.
  • He is guilty of getting all of these accomplishments within 2-3 years of his Presidency.

Yes, even I find him guilty and he should be punished. So let’s punish him with one Nobel Prize. And if that’s not harsh enough … let’s double it … and punish him with two Nobel Prizes … one year after another. Once Trump gets his punishment … we can call it a day.