02 Dec 2019
Obamas, a part of the Grand Plan
in America

Let’s give a brief overview of the Obamas to Elizabeth Warren … so that it helps her a little bit. Well, Obamas are probably a part of the Grand Plan of the Big Guy to do good things in the world. If you see … the crisis that Obama inherited from Bush was:

  • Tons of politics of hate and fear
  • Radical Islam and Islamic Terrorism
  • Wars and Destruction
  • Sinking economy and depletion of jobs
  • It was total and complete chaos

And somehow … a humble, handsome, intelligent, talented and capable Black man … named Barack “Hussein” Obama … rises to save America. Yes, I am highlighting the “Hussein” part of his name. It was this little Islamic connection that Obama had … which created a soft corner in his heart … to address this massive crisis of Radical Islam.

Now, how many Presidential candidates have a connection with Islam? What were the chances in America … that a guy with an Islamic connection … would rise to solve this massive crisis connected with Islam? Yes, I think that Obama was literally chosen to solve this crisis in America because of his soft corner for Islam. And look what he does as President.

  • He uses logic, reason and facts to work on the crisis
  • He refuses to use the terms of Radical Islam and Islamic Terrorism
  • He wipes out all politics of hate and fear
  • Brings peace and stability to America
  • He creates massive economic and job growth for America
  • He does this single handedly against a massive widespread malicious Establishment
  • He creates a coalition to fight against the malice of this Establishment
  • He creates a turning point for America away from Establishment malice

And talking about Obama pros … we have to mention the lovely, Michelle Obama. She is lovely, humble, beautiful, talented, strong and caring lady who is two times more people centric than Obama himself. She has been of incredible support to Obama in all of his endeavors … making them a fantastic team. God bless … love you both.

Leadership after the Presidency
Obama’s role didn’t end along with his Presidency. After the end of his Presidency …

  • Obama flips the finger to the White House and says … “screw this shit … I am outta here”. And he parties for months as if there is no tomorrow. Lol.
  • But then we had to pull him back into leadership … because probably God made him President at an early age so that he helps other Presidents with his knowledge and experience to continue this fight against Establishment malice and to keep on making America and the world better.
  • Obama simply hated coming back into politics … he thought it should be someone else’s problem now as his Presidency was over.
  • But however … with time he started playing his role of leading from behind.
  • He stopped wars under Trump and maintained the stability in the country.
  • He worked with EU and other countries to manage Trump’s mistakes.
  • Recently, he configured the entire Democrat Presidential platform.
  • He brought fantastic people centric candidates who smashed the Establishment and its wars.
  • He created a new direction for the country towards reforms in healthcare, education and infrastructure.
  • He did all of this without holding any political office whatsoever.

What Warren should learn?
This is what Warren should learn from Obama’s leadership.

  • Look at all of the “new moves” that Obama has been taking … as President and also as Ex-President. Look at the new ways that Obama manages the issues that he faces. Obama never picked up 100 year old Socialist disasters from the Communist East. He is providing leadership that is not seen before.
  • His moves are always positive and constructive.
  • His moves always help the country and the people.
  • He is a successful President because he addressed all of the crisis that he faced during his time.
  • He is still a massive power figure despite not being President.
  • His leadership is loved so much that both … Barack and Michelle Obama … are the most admired people in the world.

What to follow from Obama?
Obama faced these issues during his Presidency and he has been given the know-how to handle these issues. You can discuss and follow Obama on these issues:

  • Terror propaganda
  • Radical Islam
  • Wars
  • Terror Events
  • Israel
  • Netanyahu

If you have any issues about these points … then go ahead and seek help from Obama. He has all of the facts and intel on this.

What not to follow from Obama?
These are the issues that you should not follow Obama on.

  • Domestic policies
  • Establishment activity within America

It is simply because these were not the main issues that he worked on. Taking advice from Obama on these issues would be like … taking dating advice from Einstein. In fact, Obama’s common ground was a major problem. You simply cannot afford to make that mistake. Other than that … if you see … Obama is pretty good.

There is no US President that has so much influence as Obama has after his Presidency … not even Bill Clinton. Even Bill Clinton did not design Presidential Platforms … even he did not hammer the Establishment so loudly and boldly as Obama has. Obama is reaching new heights after his Presidency.

Yes, he has a nice coalition … when you want to fight against the Establishment … create new rules and regulations … then again Obama will help. Obama has risen to these beautiful heights because he followed “reason, logic and facts”. This is the secret of his success. If you want to be successful in American politics … reach heights like Obama … be the most loved and admired person on the planet … then follow “reason, logic and facts”. Even if you have to disagree or surpass Obama … follow reason, logic and facts.