29 Nov 2019
Trump is a good father
in America

While the country is consumed in a hollow and baseless anti-Trump agenda … we don’t realize that Trump is also a good father. Every successful businessman’s dream is that … his children should also become successful, take over his business and expand his business successfully. And if you look at Trump’s kids … all of them are doing simply excellently … Don Jr., Ivanka, Erik and all others.

Trump being a good father is also reflected in his leadership for the country, as the President of the United States. If American citizens or the citizens of any country of the world reach out to President Trump … with a genuine issue … with love and respect … then he immediately comes into action to help them in whatever way he can. There are several examples of this:

  • Gun Violence. School children from schools where mass shooting had taken place … they reached out to President Trump … saying, “children are dying … we need your help … please do something for us”. Trump had NRA’s support and endorsement … it took only a handful of children to reach out to him earnestly with a genuine problem and President Trump immediately comes into action … calling to take away guns.
  • Christianity and Churches. Several Churches approached President Trump … on how Churches were being suppressed by laws that threaten to take away their tax-exempt status. And President Trump immediately signs an Executive Order to protect Churches from such unjust aggression.
  • Hong Kong Protesters. Even recently, if you see … protesters in Hong Kong were being suppressed brutally by China. They are not even American Citizens … but they screamed for help from President Trump and look what happens. President Trump immediately looks for ways to help these protesters from China’s brutality.

This is not about being a great President or leader … this is Trump simply being a good father. He has a caring heart. And the fact that … he takes out time to help citizens of another country … while he himself is under immense impeachment pressure back home … makes him simply great.

We ourselves are not giving him any additional assignments because of the impeachment issue. We ourselves have held off the works that need to be done in Yemen and Kashmir … because he already has too much to deal with back home. There is no other President or politician in American History that has been treated more unfairly and unjustly than President Trump … despite that he has phenomenal success in jobs & economy … has made America the world’s largest oil producer … and he also takes out time to care for people who scream for help … this is simply spectacular.

Trump is good
Democrats who think that … Trump is bad and that they will win the election anyhow against Trump … they are mistaken. It’s a huge mistake. Given President Trump’s accomplishments within 2 years of his Presidency … no Democrat even comes close. The only way Dems can win is by “being better than Trump” … not by impeachment and not by assuming that Trump is bad.

There is absolutely no policy or action that President Trump is taking … that hurts a single American in any way. In fact, only positive works are being done for America and the world under the Trump Presidency. The anti-Trump propaganda is simply hollow and baseless. We should do everything possible to protect President Trump from impeachment. If Dems want to win … then they should up their game … and put better policies on the table than Trump. Taking out Trump via malice should not be accepted at any cost whatsoever.

President Trump is a good father and a good leader … he must be protected.