24 Nov 2019
Kicking Banker Ass on Banker Soil
in America

The Bankers ran away with their gold to South China Sea and the main Banker Puppet is going to jail. This is a spectacular accomplishment of Team Israel. Excellent job … keep it up.

Taking Israel out of the hands of the Bankers
We need to work on taking Israel out of the hands of the Bankers. Israel was basically created by the Rothschild Bankers to store their reserves. Since they got a country of their own … the Banker turned into a King … and this King who was Satanic in nature … pulled all of Satanic literature and ideologies from the world and started preaching that in Israel. Israel serves as the base for LGBTQ, Kabbalah, Scientology and several other deviant and criminal ideologies. They did all of this openly in Israel because they were fully protected in Israel from any other country. Having a country of their own helped them and gave them the liberty to do whatever they wanted. They turned Israel into the world’s center of criminal and Satanic activities.

Times have changed
Now, the times have changed … we are living in a global village. We are able to communicate around the world with one click. The activities and ideologies in Israel are no more secluded in one corner of the world. With just one click, everyone can know what is going on in Israel and the world can respond to that activity.

Wipeout Israel – Coverup Malice
There are two major reasons why the Bankers want to wipe out Israel.

  • Israel is dispensable. The main reason for the creation of Israel was to store Banker reserves. Now that the gold has moved to South China Sea, Israel is dispensable. They have no interest or requirement to protect Israel anymore.
  • Malice Base. If you go to Israel and check the different communities and ideologies preached out there … then you will find the most hateful, divisive, criminal and Satanic ideologies that can exist in the world. All of this was “calculated banker activity”. They literally sponsored groups to collect, preach and follow such criminal and Satanic ideologies. All of this is done on the “Holy Land”.

Netanyahu attacking Syria, an entity protected by Russia, again and again … only shows the suicidal attempts that Netanyahu was making to destroy Israel. The Bankers wanted this because … they don’t give a shit about Israel anymore … their reserves have moved and it helps them coverup all of the malice that they have built in Israel.

Their strength is their weakness
This is what you should understand about these criminal Bankers … their strength is their weakness. We can simply use their strength against them.

  • Trillionaire Bankers. They might have trillions in reserves but all of it is stolen money. It is such a criminal activity that they themselves will not dare to speak about it. They will themselves conceal this fact.
  • Israel, a country setup by Bankers. They setup a country to store their reserves. This again backfires on them. Why did these Bankers need a country for themselves? What were they storing? What were they hiding from the world?
  • Laws and Constitution. The Bankers think that creating a country for themselves was the best thing to do. But if you see … they cannot openly expose this fact that Israel was created by and for the Bankers. Since they created a country … the laws and the constitution must be followed. No one is above the law … not even Netanyahu, the main Banker puppet.
  • International Law. Since Israel claims to be a genuine country … it has to follow International Law. Other countries can come into action … impose sanctions and control Israel to follow International Law. Israel can face condemnation from other countries since it is not Banker private property … but it should function as a normal country.
  • Millions of Common Jews. The Bankers populated Israel with millions of Common Jews in their strife to make Israel as a genuine country. This Jewish population helps Israel retain its identity as a country. This was helpful for the Bankers to build military and defense systems to protect their reserves. But when they want to terminate Israel … this Jewish population backfires on them. A bunch of Bankers cannot decide on the decimation of millions of innocent Jews. These millions of Common Jews can easily stand up against these Banker moves.
  • Political Leaders. There are several political leaders in Israel who are not Banker puppets. The decimation and the risk that Israel faces … helps these leaders build support and take charge.
  • Intelligence and Police Force. They have setup an intelligence and police force for the creation of their country. Every element that they have created to help Israel function as a normal country … it helps in fighting back against these Bankers.

Fear of Exposure
The Bankers can never and will never stand there and say … “hey, we created this country. We run this country. Our commands must be followed. We can destroy Israel whenever we want.” However they have formed Israel … today they cannot claim ownership of Israel in any way. If they step forward with any ownership or control issues … it will backfire on the Federal Systems that they have setup in 193 countries around the world. It is for this reason that they see destroying Israel is a much easier option.

Right now … it is incredibly easy to kick Banker ass on Banker soil. It is incredibly easy to take Israel away from the hands of the Bankers that created it. You have to continuously work on rooting out Banker puppets and those who follow the Satanic ideology in Israel from key positions in politics, legals and intelligence. It is this … replacing of key decision makers that has changed America’s direction. Start working on key decision makers and it will help you manage the country very easily.