06 Nov 2019
Restructuring Warren
in America

No, I am not ignoring Warren … it is just that online training for her will backfire for her quite a lot. These are the issues that she will face with online training.

  • Policies - Disastrous Socialist Policies. Firstly, I have to give the details of where the problems are … which will give detailed information on how disastrous her Socialist policies are. Trump is not running any Socialist policies … thus Trump will get a boost when I show her disasters.
  • Costing - Tens of Trillions in Taxes. Warren doesn’t understand that Socialism and Communism are nothing but “crime in plain sight” … these are criminal systems. Only their presentation is “for the people” but their costing and implementation are disastrous for the people and the country. She herself is facing backlash by proposing tens of trillions in taxes to support just one policy.
  • Implementation – Disastrous for the people. She thinks that she is only taxing the wealthy, the corporations and the bankers … but what she does not realize is that … all of these tens of trillions of taxes for the corporations and bankers will trickle down back to the people. For example … take a look at Trump’s Tariffs … whatever tariffs he is putting on other countries … it is resulting in an increased cost of the products for the people. Eventually the people are paying for Trump’s tariffs with higher cost of products. Trump doesn’t have the full strategy of what to do after placing the tariffs … which is why, this is not a fully successful strategy. Even then Trump’s tariffs are a tiny dot compared to the mountains of tens of trillions of taxes that Warren is planning. It will lead to a sky rocketing cost of products and services for the people … the only thing that these corporations and bankers will say that “this is Warren’s fault … she is the one that is placing ridiculously high taxes for us”. There will be an economic collapse and the people will hate her for this miscalculation … she will get impeached. There is no way in hell that the corporations and bankers will continue to provide the products and services at the old low prices after facing tens of trillions in additional taxes and levies. The corporations will simply hike prices only to destroy Warren’s Presidency. She will be able to do nothing but quit or get impeached.
  • Getting Votes – Empty Platform. Another issue that Warren faces from these Socialist policies is that … she is using these policies to get votes. Free healthcare and free education are being used to get votes and if she backs off from these policies now … she will have nothing to campaign on … she gets an empty platform. And thus she will look for more and more ways of justifying these policies and getting these policies implemented … she will end up entering the rabbit hole deeper and deeper and deeper.
  • Loss of Support. SM Networks are closely watching Trump and Warren … of how they work with us, how they interact with us, how they cooperate with us, how they function in keeping people first, how they are better for the people and who would be the best candidate to lead America in 2020. And when we are already showing Warren that these policies are Socialist disasters … and if she will continue to stick to these disasters … then the support for her will start reducing. She is trying to use “free healthcare and education” to pull votes but it will end up creating an opposite result.
  • Buildup for Trump. Her entire campaign is about “plans and policies” but owing to the Socialist nature of her largest policies of Medicare for All and the Green New Deal … and owing to the ridiculous costing associated with them … she will end up helping Trump win 2020. Because right now, Trump is not running any policy of war disasters or economic disasters. He is not running any destructive policy right now … owing to which America has peace and a fantastic economy. Trump’s major issue is “domestic affairs”. But if the best candidate from the Democrats has Socialist disasters then it automatically endorses Trump for 2020.
  • Evaluation. There is an active evaluation between Trump and Warren … of how each of them will lead the country. As of now, Trump is literally standing at the finish line … he has already won with the right strategies in most of foreign affairs including North Korea, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. At home he is winning with American Energy and Tariffs … the only place he is lagging is domestic policies. If he takes a step forward to do something about the Establishment monopoly in domestic affairs then Trump becomes unstoppable. It is because Trump has not made this move that Warren is brought in the game. But if Warren is going to stick to Socialist policies then she will fail the evaluation against Trump.

These are just some of the problems that Warren will face owing to her Socialist policies and even if we provide her online training for it. She will ultimately lose.

What to do about this?
I think that Warren has a misconception that … free healthcare and education is one thing and breaking monopoly is another thing. She wants to do Medicare for All and she also wants to break monopoly. But no … it is not like that. What she should understand is that … by breaking Establishment Monopoly … you will automatically get free education, free healthcare, stunning infrastructure and beautiful reforms. All of it is interconnected. You don’t need to run a Socialist policy and also break monopoly at the same time. Just by breaking monopoly you will get free healthcare. This is what you have to learn.

Restructuring Warren
You worry about an empty platform … you need a reason to ask for votes … we understand that. When you work with us … you can continue to market for free healthcare, free education and climate change … but its actual implementation will be different.

  • You will get free healthcare but without the tens of trillions in cost
  • You will get free education but without the trillions in cost
  • You will work on climate change but without the tens of trillions in cost

We just need to restructure your campaign and policies … so that everything is implemented in a “people centric” manner. This can be done with a simple dismantling of the monopoly. How to dismantle monopoly? That you will learn with us.

No economic catastrophe
In your current track … the moment you hike taxes or levies for the corporations and bankers … they can simply respond by a huge hike in prices of products and services. It will either collapse your Presidency or the country or both. But this doesn’t need to happen when you break monopoly. When you break monopoly it automatically gives you trillions at hand for your country. There are no tens of trillions of taxes required for anyone.

Big, Structural Change
You are promising America “big, structural change” … firstly, there is no comma after big. Please remove that comma in your tweets. Lol. “Big structural change” is one expression. Secondly, it is great that you want big structural change for America. We love you for that. But the first thing that needs structural change is your own campaign and policies. Let us first fix your campaign and policies … and then we can provide big structural change for America and the world. God willing.

What to do?

  • First learn what has to be done in the current crisis.
  • Learn what is this Establishment Monopoly, how their systems are designed and how to break them.
  • Learn how to restructure your policies and campaign
  • Stay away from all Socialist policies
  • Quit trying to implement Socialist policies in America
  • Quit reading anything associated with Socialism or Communism or any content from the Jewish Establishment
  • Stay away from policies designed by Bernie Sanders or AOC. Bernie will never win the Presidency. You don’t want his fate.

There are a lot of routes used for misleading American leaders. Right now, it is your own Socialist policies that are your biggest baggage. It is a must for you to restructure.