31 Oct 2019
Trump’s fantastic “victory within a week” in Syria
in America

President Trump played a fantastic tactical and diplomatic role in solving the Turkey-Kurdish problem in Syria. Within a week of his coming into action … the problem has been solved.

  • All Kurdish Militia from the Safe Zone have already been removed.
  • Russian and Syrian forces are monitoring the Safe Zone
  • Turkey is not occupying any additional Syrian territory
  • Kurds have been safely relocated
  • There is no re-emergence of ISIS
  • There is no invasion of Syria
  • There is no massacre of Kurds
  • The entire problem has been resolved within a week without sending American troops, without creating new wars and without spending trillions of American taxpayer money.

All of it was accomplished owing to:

  • President Trump’s understanding of the actual crisis at the ground level
  • President Trump keeping an open ear to the issues at the ground level that Turkey was facing
  • President Trump’s fantastic diplomacy of getting Russian, Turkish and Syrian governments involved in peacefully solving the problem
  • President Trump’s wisdom in not supplying Kurds with weapons and funds which would lead to another bloody civil war
  • President Trump kept his cool … did what is right as per the facts at the ground level and used logic to come out winning

On the contrary if you see … what was the media and the Congress doing in America?

  • They were yelling “ISIS will re-emerge … Trump is supporting ISIS!”
  • “We have betrayed the Kurds! We have stabbed Kurds in the back!”
  • “Turkey must be sanctioned! We should be ready to attack Turkey.”
  • “This is a victory for Russia, Syria and ISIS!”
  • The Congress was passing resolutions against Trump’s decision
  • A Congressional oversight team visited Jordan to look into this issue

President Trump stood there … calm and cool … knowing that he made the right moves perfectly … and within one week of the end of ceasefire … President Trump’s moves show fruit and the problem is resolved … and a win-win solution was created.

  • Turkey’s problem with the Kurdish Militia along its border was solved
  • Syria’s concern about Turkey occupying their land was solved
  • Kurds were never harmed and peacefully relocated
  • America didn’t have to send any troops or spend trillions in another war

President Trump defeated hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … all on his own … by simply using facts and logic … and by doing what is right. His patience paid off within weeks. A fantastic victory of one person over thousands of opposition elements.