29 Oct 2019
Impeaching Trump is not good for America
in America

I don’t support Trump’s impeachment. Its not good for America. There are 3 elements that support Trump’s impeachment:

  • The Establishment. These guys are assholes … we don’t even need to consider their point of view … as it is all malicious misleading.
  • The Democrats. Dems see it as a route to win 2020. Trump is the strongest opponent that the Democrats can face … he is far ahead in the game … literally standing near the finish line and if they get to impeach him … it automatically creates a way for the Democrat candidates.
  • SM Groups. The majority of the SM Groups are frustrated on Trump’s inaction and they want him out of the White House. Everyone doesn’t want him impeached … but there is still support for the same.

To understand why Trump should not be impeached … this is what you need to see. Who will replace Trump if he is impeached? Mike Pence. How is Mike Pence going to be any good for America instead of Trump? Democrats are just running party politics … but look at the country … how is Mike Pence better than Trump?

An Environment of Malicious Wars
If you look at the environment that we are living in right now then you will see that the Establishment is repeatedly attempting to create new wars.

  • Iranians shot down an American drone
  • Oil Tankers were attacked in the Middle East
  • Saudi Oil Facilities were attacked
  • There was a massive Turkey-Kurdish problem that could lead to civil wars in 4 countries

Before these … there were traps laid down for wars in North Korea, Venezuela and Syria. This is the environment that we are living in … a malicious Establishment is trying to push us for destructive wars again and again. And Trump is successfully managing all of these scenarios. Just last week … if Trump had fallen for the media’s narrative or the Congress screaming for support of Kurds … then a massive civil war would have broken out in the Middle East. Trump has greatly understood the Establishment and its malice … and he is doing fantastic in foreign affairs. In every country he is maintaining peace and stability.

Till date, Trump might have been inactive in domestic affairs … but in foreign affairs he is 10 steps ahead of Obama. And Obama is the best candidate that the Democrats have … the most learned and experienced candidate in Establishment malice. What Obama took 8 years to do … Trump is doing that within hours. Obama was the best choice and the best leader during his time … but today Trump is the best leader that America has.

What does Mike Pence know?
Okay fine … let’s say Trump is impeached. Now, what the hell does Mike Pence know? Does he even understand the term “Jewish Establishment”? What is the Establishment? What is Jewish about it? Is it Jewish or is it Satanic? He doesn’t even know the abcds of the Establishment. How on Earth is Mike Pence going to manage these “war scenarios”? What if there is another event in the Middle East or in Syria or in Iran or in Venezuela or in North Korea? What understanding does Mike Pence have to keep America safe?

What if he just falls for the media’s warmongering? Or what if he falls for the Congress screaming for war? It will be a massive catastrophe. These wars can turn in any direction. And the Establishment wants to take these wars to Moscow. Now, what the hell does Mike Pence know about Russia’s role in managing the Establishment malice? He doesn’t know shit.

Giving the Presidency to Mike Pence … for one full year … during this time of war crisis … can be catastrophic for America. Everything that we have done in the past 10 years can get screwed by one person. Since Obama, we are trying to stop a war against Russia … making Mike Pence, the President, can destroy everything.

Mike Pence doesn’t even know that … he has to stand up to the media, the political advisers, the military advisers and the Congress … and do stuff the opposite of what they say … by using logic and facts. Today, Trump is doing exactly that. He is defeating hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … and doing what is right for America and the world. It took him 2 years to come on this track and we should impeach him in the third year, is it? I call this bullshit.

Impeaching Trump to pave the way for Warren
Mike Pence doesn’t know shit and Warren is not ready. This is what you need to know about Warren … “she is not a practical person”. She is a teacher … she follows the book … and teaches and preaches what is in the book. She never setup a company of her own … she never did business of her own … she never faced any “practical implementation” challenges. She went to law school … and guess what she does after becoming a lawyer? She goes back to teaching. She couldn’t even practice law on her own. Let alone setting up her own law firm … she couldn’t join another legal firm and become a practicing lawyer. “Practical implementation” is her biggest handicap. She went back to teaching law instead of practicing law.

Do you know why she is a good Senator? Its all about reading the book and lecturing. A Senator doesn’t run a town or a city or a state … it is just speeches and lecturing … she is good at it because … that’s what she has been doing all her life … speeches and lectures. Being a Mayor or Governor would have been a total different level of challenge for her. Because when you are the Mayor of a town or the Governor of a State … then there is practical implementation of the law. But she doesn’t have that experience.

Some examples will help. She stood up to the bankers as Senator … excellent job … lots of courage. But what did she settle with? After exposing all of the fraudulent activities of the bank, she just settled with one guy stepping down from his post. That’s her accomplishment by standing up to the bankers. Why did she stand up to the bankers? Because as per the book … these guys were defrauding people. So, our Teacher Warren … gave them a nice lecture.

That’s how our “Teacher Warren” is designing her Presidency. She is studying the Green New Deal as if it is a book … she is studying Medicare For All as if it is a book. She likes these books … and Teacher Warren is going out there … preaching and teaching everyone to follow these books. Lol. She is campaigning for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All … as a teacher. But when it comes to practical implementation … not only she has no experience at all but she doesn’t even understand that these are “massive economic catastrophes”.

Trump Vs Warren – Practical Experience
Now, if you compare Trump against Warren in practical experience … in one hand we have Warren:

  • Who has relied on a paycheck from a teaching job
  • Who has never setup a business in her life
  • Who has only been teaching law and never practiced it
  • Who has only been relying on the government paycheck as a Senator
  • Whose expertise are mainly speeches and lectures

In the other hand we have Trump:

  • Who has never relied on a paycheck in his life … he doesn’t even take the President’s salary
  • He has setup 5 Star businesses all around the world
  • He has setup businesses in hospitality, education, entertainment and fashion
  • He has made billions from his businesses and dealt with every possible obstacle that practical life can offer
  • He has been immensely successful in “practical implementation” in several fields

This is one of the main reasons why Trump is not creating any war or economic disasters for America. It is this “commonsense” that he has as a businessman. Before his election itself … I said … “Trump has commonsense … choose him” … and today we are seeing the good results from this commonsense that many politicians lack in America.

The question is … should SM Groups support the impeachment of Trump to pave the way for Warren? The answer is no. Firstly, because Trump is fantastically saving America from all war and economic disasters. And the second major reason is that … Warren is simply not ready. She has to learn and change. She has no idea of the catastophes that will result from the policies that she is endorsing. Getting rid of Trump to facilitate a disaster is simply crazy.

The only thing that Teacher Warren is doing is … giving speeches and lecturing … which is what she is good in. She is saying that … she will bring great structural change and fight the corporations … based on her lectures people buy it … but in reality … she is a catastrophe. Her entire campaign is coming out to be plain hypocrisy.

We chose her for the White House for her courage and not for her policies. She is a great upright candidate but policies is what affect the people. Trump banging a few Pornstars doesn’t affect the people … but Trump’s America First policies have created record breaking jobs and economic heights. What are we going to do with her courage when it is not directed in the right place and policies?

Democrats need to win fair and straight
If Democrats campaign with the right policies then they can win fair and straight … without using any impeachment gimmicks. We need to put Democrats on the right path now. Trump is already on the right track … he is not chasing any disasters. The catastrophes on the Democrat’s side now … the impeachment tactics as well as the Socialist disasters.

  • Impeachment – Mike Pence. Democrat’s impeachment tactics can lead to Mike Pence becoming President … which can be a disaster in its own. It will be like a curse on America and the World for impeaching Trump when Mike Pence starts new wars.
  • Socialist Disasters - Elizabeth Warren. In her clean and lovely presentation, she is bringing catastrophes for America with Socialist policies. For her it is just one promotion after another … first school teacher … then law school lecturer … then Senator … then President. But being President also involves “practical implementation” which none of her previous jobs required. That’s why we keep on telling her “please learn, please learn, please learn” because she lacks any practical implementation know how. She needs to learn how things work practically and how to succeed in practical implementation. The last thing we need is Warren creating economic disasters in the name of fighting the corporations.

The best option for America is … Trump taking the lead. But if Trump has to be replaced … then it has to be done in the right transition from Trump to Warren … when Warren has the right policies. Impeaching Trump now can be catastrophic.