27 Oct 2019
The Strategy Framework for Team Israel
in America

Spectacular Job
Firstly, I must congratulate Team Israel for doing a spectacular job … for kicking Netanyahu’s ass … putting investigations on him … placing corruption charges on him … failing his government several times … to the extent that he has lost the majority vote and he cannot even form the government. This is good work.

But you should understand that Netanyahu is not the main problem … he is just a frontend pawn that is used by the Jewish Establishment. I was thinking of working on Israel later on … but if you are already active in Israel then … I will give you some basic ideas of where you need to work on.

Direct issues that America faces because of Netanyahu and Israel
These are the direct issues that the American people have faced since the past few decades because of Netanyahu and Israel.

  • Misleading Presidents. Netanyahu misled Bush to start the War on Terror … and then he misled Hillary to bomb more countries … and then he also tried to mislead Trump.
  • Deviation and Stagnation of America. This led to the deviation and stagnation of America with a National Debt piling up to $22.5 Trillion. Netanyahu is being used as a deviation pawn for all of the corrupt and exploitation systems setup in America by the Establishment.
  • Protecting Exploitation Systems. The Establishment’s exploitation systems in America drain the country’s wealth by the trillions. And Netanyahu only functions as a tool to keep America’s attention away from these abusive and exploitation systems. The Prime Minister of Israel is being used to allow the non-stop functioning of exploitation systems on 330 million Americans and to help in their continuous sustenance.
  • Destroy America via a war against Russia. Not only he protects Establishment malice in America but he is also used to tactically destroy America via a war against Russia. The Establishment elements will go around creating a few events here and there … and the Prime Minister of Israel will come to America and push it towards more wars that will lead to a conflict with Russia. The Establishment has literally used the Prime Minister of Israel to facilitate America’s destruction repeatedly over the past few years.
  • Secured under the umbrella of anti-Semitism. There is factual evidence of all of the above where Netanyahu and Israel have been used in misleading, deviation, stagnation, exploitation, abuse and destruction of America … but if you point it out … then they immediately jump behind the cloak of anti-Semitism. They literally function like Satan … who will mislead you, abuse you, exploit you and to the extent even try to destroy you … but then, it will remain untouched from any response from you.

These are the main reasons why America should be interested in fixing the problems that come from Israel and its Prime Minister … doesn’t matter if it is Netanyahu or anyone else.

The Jewish Establishment’s moves against Common Jews
Not only these guys are abusive towards America but with the ideology that they follow … they care for no one but themselves … it’s a self-centered criminal ideology. The Jewish Establishment has used Israel to make several moves against millions of Common Jews that live in America and Israel. Take a look.

  • Israel is dispensable. The bankers ran away with their gold to South China Sea. Israel was basically formed to store and protect the banker reserves … but once they moved to South China Sea … then Israel became dispensable for them.
  • Using Israel as bait. These guys were so desperate for a war between America and Russia that they were ready to start this war … by using Israel to attack Russian defense systems placed in Syria. The Establishment wanted to use Israel as bait to start this war.
  • Genocidal massacre of millions of Jews. There are about 6.5 Million Jews in Israel and about 8 million Jews in America. If these wars would begin … it would be direct genocidal massacre of millions of innocent common Jews. The Jewish Establishment doesn’t give a shit about their own Jewish people … doesn’t matter if they live in America or in Israel.

Ideology is the problem
It is not just Netanyahu who is the problem here … and not just the bankers. The main problem is this divisive and criminal ideology of Jew Vs Goyim. It is this criminal and self-centered ideology that creates all of these problems:

  • Of setting up abusive and exploitation systems
  • Of lying, misleading and fooling American Presidents
  • Of creating genocidal wars again and again
  • Of justifying crime, abuse and exploitation of the common people as their divine right
  • Of supporting activities, ideology, policies and laws against God and religion
  • Which is why Israel is the world center of crime and terrorism
  • Which is why we got systems like Socialism and Communism from this ideology … which are nothing but abusive systems towards the people
  • Which is why we have the Kabbalah and Scientology centers in Israel
  • Which is why the Common Jews are suppressed and silenced against exposing these systems and ideology

Today, the Establishment is in its weakest form … but if you really want to effectively work on solving this crisis that comes from Israel … then you have to address the roots of this ideology. If you work on rooting out this ideology then you root out the core problem itself. No criminal training, no creation of criminals.

Rooting out the criminal ideology
If you can understand the roots of this criminal ideology then you can root out its followers as well.

  • The Talmud is the issue. The Torah is fine … but it is Talmud and its related books that are the issue. The Talmud, the Zohar and its related scriptures … all of it is Satanic bullshit. It is the root of the criminal ideology and training. The production of criminals comes from these books, its learning and practice.
  • Education – Religious and Academic. Track every religious and academic education center where the Talmud, Zohar and its related books are taught. This is what you have to stop … the teaching, learning and practice of Satanic scriptures that are plain malice and crime.
  • Political Support. Netanyahu was just one guy that was a byproduct of this ideology … who supported this ideology and protected it. After the creation of Israel, it is the Bankers who collected all of these scriptures from around the world and made them as “religious texts” of Judaism. And then they pushed politicians to top levels who support all of this garbage. You need to identify all politicians in Israel who support ideas … of Jews being a race, of Jews being superior to non-Jews, of Israel being a Jewish country and that there should never be a two state solution. This way you can identify the entire political spectrum in Israel that has Satanic roots.
  • Military. This Satanic ideology and beliefs are so widely taught in Israel that the Military itself functions as a “brainwashing syndicate” in Israel. You join the military and they will brainwash you … and make you follow their divisive and criminal ideology. That’s why some religious groups in Israel refuse to join the military. They are literally protesting against it.

How to work on this?
If Israel is a banker country … run and controlled by the bankers … then how will you dismantle their systems in their country? Now, this is the fun part. These guys are total assholes who only function for themselves and don’t give a shit about American Jews or Israeli common Jews. Their recent political activities of war and destruction have openly proved it.

The best formula in this is … Jews should help Jews. If Christians or Muslims go to Israel and talk about all of the shit that exists in the Talmud, Zohar and other Satanic scriptures … then it backfires. They will think that … “oh my God, these guys know about it … they will hate us and kill us … we have to unite and protect ourselves”. They will unite in fear and insecurity. The Establishment will utilize this opportunity to use this fear and unite them against us. And this will not solve the problem.

The more effective way is to use Jews to help Jews. If they hear it from their own … then there will be more trust and understanding … they will see it as a genuine effort towards betterment.

  • American Jews. American Jews follow Reformed Judaism … which has already got rid of many Satanic practices and literature. If we activate American Jewish politicians, leaders, reformers and activists to address this “ideological problem” from the Talmud and its followers then it will be very effective. But try to select leaders and activists who don’t approve of this ideology.
  • Israeli Jews. More than 50% of Israeli Jews don’t follow this garbage themselves. You should look at Israeli politicians, leaders, military personnel, reformers and activists who will stand up to this ideological problem.
  • Political, Legal and Financial Security. Whoever is being used in this issue … they should be provided with political, legal and financial securities … so that they don’t bear the brunt of the Bankers.

Kicking Netanyahu’s ass is okay … but just moving out Netanyahu won’t change anything much. We should be able to devise systems within Israel and in America:

  • To expose this ideology and its drastic effects on the people and country … to expose how it produces criminals … and how it creates a divisive, hateful and criminal atmosphere.
  • To condemn this ideology, its teaching, its books, its practice and its followers
  • To end the teaching, learning and practice of this ideology … in religion, education, military and politics.
  • To use politicians, leaders, reformers and activists boldly in the media to make this change
  • And to provide full security for these fantastic leaders and activists … politically, legally and financially

If you work on these reforms in Israel … then:

  • You will be working at the core roots of the problem
  • You will create phenomenal changes within Israel
  • You will be dismantling the Establishment right from its core
  • And this will help in the dismantling of the Establishment’s structures all around the world

Till date, you guys have done a fantastic job. Take a look at the roots of the problem … study its scale and pull strong “Jewish supporters” to address this problem publicly. Never work alone … always create a network of supporters before you go public. Always work in a network.