23 Oct 2019
Q&A for the Kurdish Problem - Political and Media Strategies
in America

This Q&A will help to design the right political and media strategies to handle the Kurdish crisis. Here are some talking points to manage the media and politicians while Turkey creates its buffer zone … and also to help in the long term strategy of managing the Kurds.

Who are the Kurds in Syria?
They are Syrian Kurds … more specifically Syrian Citizens … more specifically Syrian Muslim Citizens … who are heavily armed and are involved in treason and sedition in their country. They are involved in anti-government and separatists activities.

What do the Kurds in Syria have in common with Americans?
Absolutely nothing … they have a different religion, language, geographical location, political & historical background and with no business ties whatsoever.

Are Syrian Kurds our brothers?
This is misleading Establishment propaganda. Syrian Kurds are Muslim citizens of an enemy country … citizens who are involved in treason and separatist activities. In what way are they our brothers … other than being the children of the same Adam and Eve?

Since the past 18 years, the Establishment said that … Muslims are bad and Islam is bad. And now the same Establishment is saying that … Muslim citizens of an enemy country who are involved in treason are America's brothers. It is a ridiculous propaganda.

Who is telling us that Kurds are our brothers?
The Establishment media is telling us that Kurds are our brothers. It is not the American people saying or American businesses saying … it is not that we have any direct relations with them at all. It is just the media saying this. At first, they said … Muslims and Islam are bad … these guys want to kill Americans. And now they are saying that … Muslims from an enemy country who are involved in treasonous activities, these guys are our brothers. In both scenarios, the only thing that they aim to do is … promote war and destruction.

Kurds fought against ISIS and thus should we help them?
Firstly, everyone fought against ISIS and not just the Kurds. Turkey, Iran, Syria, America, Russia, Europe and everyone fought against ISIS. There is nothing special in fighting against ISIS. Secondly, Kurds should be helped in properly settling down in their respective countries. But we should not help them in any treasonous activities that will lead to civil wars.

Is not helping Kurds with weapons and funds a betrayal of Kurds?
This is again Establishment propaganda. It is the Establishment that feels betrayed because if America will not supply weapons and funds for Kurds then their next steps of civil wars will get screwed. It is the Establishment that feels betrayed which is being superimposed on the Kurds. Kurds are actually being pulled in a genocidal trap by the Establishment.

What is common between ISIS and Kurds?
ISIS was a byproduct of the War on Terror and Kurdish Militia, that is occupying large territories of Syria and Iraq … is also the byproduct of the War on Terror. ISIS was designed to magnify and multiply the War on Terror and to create armies of terrorists. Similarly, the Kurdish Militia has been designed with a divisive agenda that will create civil wars in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran.

Why does Israel and the Establishment support the Kurds?
Israel has been getting oil supply for as low as $10 per barrel from war zones while the world was paying $50-60 per barrel. The creation of Kurdish Territories will provide a free supply of oil to Israel. The Establishment gets to restart civil wars in 4 countries under a new pretext of "protecting and supporting the Kurds".

Does Israel or the Establishment really want to protect the Kurds?
No, the entire Kurdistan and the Kurdish Militia is created to facilitate massive civil wars in the region. Support of Kurds via weapons or cash supply will only lead to the genocide of Kurds in the region. Kurds simply cannot match the powers of countries like Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria … they will get massacred if these civil wars begin.

Is Turkey involved in ethnic cleansing of Kurds?
Turkey actually hosts the largest Kurdish population in the world. There are 18 Million Kurds living in Turkey as Turkish Citizens. Kurds get all amenities of schools, hospitals and even political participation in Turkey. Despite that, some Kurds are involved in anti-government and separatist activities in Turkey. The Kurdish Militia in Syria lining up along the Turkish borders are a threat to Turkey … as the separatist agenda of the Kurdish Militia can adversely impact the Kurds in Turkey … which can spark a massive civil war in Turkey. This is why Turkey wants to create a buffer zone between Turkey and Syria so that this integration doesn't happen. Turkey is only protecting its country from a civil war that can get millions of people killed.

Why is the Establishment media using terms like "ethnic cleansing" for Kurds?
Because that is exactly what will happen once the Kurdish civil wars begin. The entire concept of creating a separate State for Kurds is based upon "race". It’s a racist objective … that will create civil wars based on race. It will pitch Kurds against Turks, Arabs and Persians. It will eventually turn in mass expulsion of Kurds from each country and it will lead to the ethnic cleansing of Kurds from each country.

Why do Establishment elements want America to support the Kurds?
Because America is the only country that can be misled into spending trillions to create these massive civil wars. Without funds or weapons supply, the Kurds cannot fight against anyone and they have to peacefully settle down in each country. But if America steps in with funds and weapons … just like they did for Syria to remove Assad … then all of these massive civil wars can begin.

Why is the Establishment Media in America supporting Kurds?
This is the same as War on Terror marketing. Any event created using a Muslim would get full-fledged publicity only to justify the War on Terror. Similarly, the support of Kurds via cash or weapons will lead to the creation of the Kurdish Civil Wars. This media "support of Kurds" is just a plain push for America into another series of wars and destruction.

Why does the Establishment want the Kurdish Civil wars?
Well, for starters, they don't like Muslims … as you have seen from the War on Terror propaganda. The Kurdish civil wars will lead to massive levels of genocide in 4 different countries simultaneously. They get to restart the War on Terror under a new pretext and keep America occupied in another deviation. The Establishment has been losing on several fronts in America and around the world … massive wars is one way they can keep everyone busy.

How will these Kurdish civil wars begin?
If America supports Kurds financially or via weapons supply then these civil wars will begin. If America supports the Kurds against Assad … then the civil war in Syria will begin. If America supports the Kurds against Turkey … then the civil war in Turkey will begin.

Should a separate state for Kurds be created?
Kurds is a race … just like Black, Latino and Asian races. Is it right to create separate states for Black, Latino or Asian races in America or Europe? No, Black American Citizens, Latino American Citizens and Asian American Citizens … should live peacefully in America without holding guns and asking for separate states. In the same manner …

  • Kurds who are Turkish Citizens should live peacefully in Turkey.
  • Kurds who are Syrian Citizens should live peacefully in Syria.
  • Kurds who are Iraqi Citizens should live peacefully in Iraq.

Without holding guns, without violence, without being involved in treason and without asking for separate States.

How should Kurdish Militia and Kurdish controlled areas be treated?
This is exactly like a hostage situation … where heavily armed people are holding a building hostage. Kurds should drop their weapons and come to the negotiating table. If not, then they should be disarmed at all costs for the stability of the country. Some casualties will be there but they will be far less than the millions of people that will be killed if a civil war breaks out.

How to minimize casualties in disarming the Kurds?
We should take measures to stop the cash and weapons supply into the Kurdish controlled zones. When the cash and weapons run out … the integration becomes fairly easy. We have to make sure that no one is buying oil from Kurdish zones … and no one is supplying them weapons or cash in any way.

A collective effort by America, Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iraq will provide the necessary pressure and create the necessary scenarios to disarm the Kurds with minimum casualties.

How to provide support for Kurds?
The support for Kurds should be provided in terms of schools, hospitals, homes, infrastructure and political participation … and not in the form of weapons and destruction.