21 Oct 2019
The Russian Factor in the Kurdish Civil Wars
in America

Apart from Establishment malice and misleading … another factor that America must consider before getting involved in these Kurdish civil wars is the “Russian Factor”. Today, the world is not the same as during the Bush and Obama Administrations. Russia is actively leading the world and protecting countries from American military intervention.

Sanctions on Turkey were a mistake
Putting sanctions on a NATO ally when it has already purchased S400 Systems from Russia was a big mistake. America is literally pushing Turkey more and more towards Russia. We are already making it clear that we will intervene in this Kurdish crisis by sanctioning Turkey. The Kurdish crisis affects 4 countries … Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. Syria and Iran are already Russian allies. Any kind of military intervention against Turkey or Iraq … or any kind of military support for Kurds against Turkey or Iraq … will push away both of these countries towards Russia.

Attacking Turkey, Syria or Iraq out of the question
It is not the same times as we had attacked Saddam Hussein and Gaddafi. These countries will immediately move to Russia for protection and support from any kind of American military intervention. There is no way in hell that America can justify a war against Russia to support Kurds in the region. So, not only Turkey, Syria and Iraq will demilitarize the Kurds … but they will also get Russian support for the same.

Kurdish Militia – a byproduct of the War on Terror
If you note … huge sections of Syria and Iraq are occupied by the Kurdish Militia and they are trying to maintain an autonomous rule. The militarization of the Kurds with heavy weapons and taking over of territories in Iraq and Syria happened only because of the War on Terror in these countries. Otherwise, Kurds didn’t have any weapons or territory of their own.

It is because of American intervention in these areas that the Establishment misled us into … that all of the “race based” division has taken place.

Establishment – Creating new civil wars in the region
The Establishment is just trying to continue its War on Terror under a new pretext of “supporting the Kurds”. It is the same show all over again … under a new banner. Hillary was ridiculed and kicked out of politics mainly because of the civil war that she created in Syria. They are trying to pull off the same gimmick under Trump … this time, using Kurds.

Weapons and Funds Supply
When Russia intervenes to protect these countries from any kind of military intervention … then the only route that America has … to support the Kurds is … weapons and funds supply. America cannot bomb these countries but they can sit back and supply the weapons and funds. But then this is exactly how the civil war in Syria started … via American funds and weapons. American funds and weapons led to the rise of ISIS.

President Trump had to terminate all weapons and funds supply in these wars zones in order to defeat ISIS and end terrorism. If America takes sides with the Kurds then their only option is to provide help is via … weapons and funds supply … but this will again take us into new civil wars and again lead to the rise of terrorism.

Turkey will demilitarize Kurds with or without American support
This is what America should keep in mind … a Kurdish civil war will tear apart Turkey. There are 18 million Kurds living in Turkey. Any weapons supply to Kurds will create a race based civil war where millions of people can get killed. Turkey will never sit back and wait for it to happen. Turkey’s priority is protecting its country from a massive civil war. If America takes sides with the Kurds … these countries will immediately approach Russia and start demilitarizing the Kurds with Russian support.

It is Russia who stabilized Syria from terrorism and with Russian support all 4 countries of Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran can easily demilitarize the Kurds.

World Leadership in the Kurdish Crisis
We need to look at 10 steps ahead from several angles in order to decide how we will lead the world. It was America who created the War on Terror … which led to the creation of armies of terrorists … let alone solving anything. It was Russian intervention that helped in the solving of this massive multi-trillion dollar crisis that destroyed half a dozen countries in the process. What America couldn’t do in decades … Russia did that in months.

When we decide how we are going to manage the crisis … we should know that we are not alone in leading the world. Russia has become a key world leader. It is not wise to lose key world leadership to Russia again and again. We have to take the right stand so that the problem is solved collectively … and preferably under American leadership.

The Establishment and Party Politics misleading America
America is already suffering in world leadership. Trump is offering to mediate in the Kashmir crisis and the Indian FM is saying … “no thanks, buzz off”. Why? Because the world is seeing the blunders that we are making … it might be via the War on Terror or via Trump’s dealing of the Palestine issue. We are trying to provide help and countries are saying … “thanks, but no thanks”.

American leadership should not be consumed by party politics or Establishment misleading … both of them can be disastrous for world leadership. We cannot sit there and oppose Trump when he is actually making the right moves and at the same time … we cannot allow the Establishment to mislead us into disasters. Both of these factors can backfire on America on the world stage.

In International relations … especially when it comes to war crisis … civil wars … rebellions … armed conflicts … creation of separate states … race and religion based issues … it is always better to keep logic and facts above everything else. And work on moves that stabilize the region with minimum casualties and damage. If America leads the world towards peace and stability … then we can regain the trust that we have lost.