20 Oct 2019
“Support for Kurds” is a genocidal-wars-jail trap for Trump
in America

Kurds are on the other side of the Ocean … how the hell is this a jail trap for Trump? Details will follow … not only it’s a jail trap for Trump but the Establishment doesn’t give a rat’s ass about Kurds … they are only pulling Kurds in a genocidal trap. Take a look.

Justifying jail for Trumps
Who wants jail for Trumps and why? There are two groups in America that want jail for Trumps … that is the Establishment and Pro-Warren SM Groups. The Establishment basically hates Trump since day one and they want him gone. Right now, they are pretty weak and the only thing they can do is design malicious traps for Trump. But it is the Pro-Warren groups that hate Trump and want him in jail. There are lots of reasons why … but here are just a few:

  • They see Trump as a traitor who has been stealing from a building on fire.
  • Trump wants to be treated like a King with loyalty, respect and adoration but his actual actions are of a thief in a burning building.
  • He has been busy filling his bags with cash while his people and country are burning in debt.
  • He knows all of the criminals behind this loot of the country and he chose to appease them and do a long list of favors for them.
  • Instead of fighting for his people and saving his country … he has chosen a policy of “no action and only favors” for the criminal Establishment.
  • He treats the Presidency like a trillion dollar lottery and tries to exploit every opportunity where he can milk some money for himself.
  • The only person that Trump cares is for himself and doesn’t give a shit about anybody else.

And the list goes on and on and on … but there is no strong reason to toss the US President in jail. Especially when warmongers like Hillary and Bush who have killed a million people … they walk free and why should a President who is maintaining peace and stability in the world … why should he be put in jail? The logic doesn’t fall into place.

The objective of these “war traps” are to design a jail trap for Trump … so that he jumps into a war and starts killing people. The moment Trump equates himself to Bush and Hillary … jail can be justified for Trump. Not only his Presidency can be terminated but he can also be sent to jail … based on war crimes, genocide, blowing up of taxpayer money, financial crimes, profiteering and bla bla bla. This is just one side of the coin. Take a look at the other side of the coin … that will help in making it happen.

The Kurdish Civil Wars – A Genocide Trap for Kurds
It is the Jewish Establishment that we are dealing with … since when do they like Muslims? Kurds are Muslims … and if you see the entire War on Terror propaganda … it was an anti-Muslim and an anti-Islam propaganda. To the extent that the Establishment went on air criticizing the Quran and the religion itself. Now, the same Establishment Media is being used to show a lot of loyalty and support for Kurds … who happen to be Muslims. All of a sudden Kurds are our “brothers”. The Jewish Establishment is calling “Muslims, our brothers”. And we have to fight for them … protect them … and even turn against Turkey, our NATO ally. What the hell is going on?

The truth is that … all of this is bullshit. This initial support for Kurds is actually going to take Kurds into a genocide trap. The Establishment doesn’t give a shit about Kurds. They are just using them to create civil wars in 4 different countries. Take a look at the pic below.

Support for Kurds will lead to civil wars
America is being pushed to support Kurds via the media and political puppets. There are about 33 million Kurds living in Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. All of these are established countries with their own governments and leaders.

  • Kurds have been revolting in these countries wanting a separate state for themselves.
  • And now the Establishment is pushing America to support the Kurds. We are being pushed to support treason, sedition and creation of separate states in 4 Middle East countries.
  • If America supports Kurds against Turkey … we are supporting a civil war between Kurds and Turkey.
  • If America supports Kurds against Syria … we are supporting a civil war between Kurds and Syria.
  • The Establishment is pushing a “race based” issue to create division and conflict in the region.
  • And the moment we start arming the Kurds or start supplying financial support in this conflict … the whole thing will turn into genocidal wars.
  • There will be civil wars all over again in the Middle East … and this time it will not only be Syria … but it will involve Turkey, Iraq and Iran.
  • In no way, the Establishment is trying to help the Kurds … they just pulling them in massive civil wars and they will get squished by Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran. And America is supposed to finance all of this.

Establishment Interest in Kurdish Civil Wars
Here is how the Establishment and Israel is going to benefit from these Kurdish Civil Wars.

  • Israel – Weapons Supply. Israel’s weapons industry was doing a booming business during the War on Terror. They are just going to continue that during the Kurdish civil wars.
  • Debt and Deviation. The Establishment back home was minting hundreds of billions via American debt and interest. This will again continue by using slogans of “help the Kurds! Help the Kurds! Help the Kurds!” No one is helping the Kurds here … it is going to be genocide for them.
  • Destruction of the Middle East. The entire War on Terror propaganda was about destroying one Middle East country after another. The Kurdish civil wars will help them destroy 4 countries at a time.
  • Free Oil Supply. Israel will get its free oil supply from Kurdish zones.
  • Termination of the Trump Presidency. Finally, the Establishment gets a massive war under Trump with large scale genocide.
  • Jail for Trumps. They get to justify jail for Trump by equating him to Bush and Hillary.
  • Never ending conflict. There are 33 million Kurds in the region. This is a race based civil war and it will be a never ending conflict … tens of millions of Kurds will pour out of the region looking for refuge in other countries.

The Setup Design
Look at how the setup has been designed.

  • Massive Civil War. It’s a fantastic plan of creating massive civil wars in the Middle East on the pretext of supporting Kurds.
  • Overhyped Support for Kurds. The support for Kurds is being simply overhyped in America. Who are these Kurds in Syria? They are Syrian Kurds … Syrian citizens specifically. So now, why should America throw itself for Syrian Muslim citizens and turn against Turkey, our NATO ally? They are Syrian citizens … shouldn’t they live in peace in their country? Why are they holding weapons … why do they want a conflict?
  • Media and political push. This is not the first war based jail trap for Trump. There have been several before … the difference is that, there is a massive media and political push being given here … because it is a very juicy project for the Establishment. A lot of killing … a lot of war … a lot of money making and also the termination of the Trump Presidency.
  • Choose Turkey or Kurds? It’s a tricky trap … where choosing either side can be a disaster.

How to manage?

  • Kurdish Militia. The key problem here are the Kurdish Militia … heavily armed Kurds. Syrian Kurds are actually Syrian citizens … Turkish Kurds are actually Turkish citizens … Iraqi Kurds are Iraqi citizens. The citizens of these individual countries need to live peacefully in their own countries without conflict.
  • Hostage Situation. Managing the Kurdish Militia is like dealing with a hostage situation. If some armed men take over a building having their own demands … then how would you deal with them? Obviously, they have to give up their arms and come to peaceful negotiation and live peacefully in the country. This is how a hostage situation is properly rectified. The Kurdish Militia issue should be rectified exactly on the same lines.
  • Help the hostage takers? No way in hell … should America be pushed to take sides with the hostage takers. It will only result chaos in the country.
  • Demilitarize the Kurds. Proper measures should be taken to fully demilitarize the Kurds and properly integrate them in their respective countries with least casualties.
  • Managing Casualties. Just like a hostage situation … if the Kurds don’t give up the arms and they don’t demilitarize … then obviously, you have to prepare for some casualties. These casualties will be far lesser than a genocidal war between two countries, where the casualties can be in millions.
  • International Coalition. President Trump should take the lead in creating an international coalition to disarm the Kurds in Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran. He should ask the leaders of these countries to step forward and use the media to promote the need for the same. A media strategy should be put into place … so that we don’t allow the Establishment media to run havoc and create chaos while we are working on a peaceful path for stability in the region.
  • Domestic Coalition. President Trump should also involve Senior Republicans and Democrats on this plan … show them what will happen in the next 10 steps if we provide military or financial aid to Kurds against any country. He should pull all Senior Leaders on the same page and they should make public statements to endorse this approach.

If you follow these steps then you can easily kill the Establishment’s malice at all levels … in the media, in domestic politics, international politics … you save countries from civil wars … you successfully integrate Kurds in their countries and come out winning.

Buy time from Erdogan
If you need some time … speak with Erdogan and buy more time from him. Tell him … this is the political strategy we are working on … extend the ceasefire and let us collectively work on it … so that he doesn’t bear the entire media pressure against him. If things are done in a collective manner, it is easy to kill the Establishment media’s misleading.

Till date President Trump is doing great in foreign affairs … simply fantastic. This is happening under your Presidency. Don’t allow Democrats to run this show. Share with them what is going on and try to make them a part of your team. You can come out winning.