19 Oct 2019
Military support for Kurds will create civil wars in 4 different countries
in America

Let’s give President Trump a quick overview of the Kurdish problem and why the Establishment is choosing to support Kurds. The Jewish Establishment hates America and they suggest the worst possible path for America … the worst possible policies, the worst strategies and the worst path … where we will always be consumed in fights, conflicts, friction, wars and mass spending. They will think of the worst scenarios for other countries and come to America … and promote it as if that’s the best thing to do. They destroy other countries using America … its destruction for other countries and stagnation & depletion of wealth for America.

US Support for Kurds
Today, you are seeing the Establishment media going bonkers over Kurds.

  • Turkey is invading Syria!
  • Turkey is attacking Kurds!
  • Kurds fought with us against ISIS.
  • Kurds are our brothers.
  • We must protect the Kurds!

Firstly, where was all of this media noise when we were invading Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria?

  • Where were the cries for support of the Afghans, Iraqis, Libyans and Syrians?
  • Where were Pelosi and Schumer when Hillary was bombing Libya?
  • Where were Pelosi and Schumer when hundreds of thousands of people were being killed in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and Syria?
  • Why the sudden affinity towards the Kurds? Who the hell are the Kurds and what the hell have they ever done for America?
  • Why are we throwing Turkey, our NATO ally for the past 50 years, under the bus?
  • Just because Kurds fought against ISIS in the past 4 years … we are supposed to throw our NATO allies of the past 50 years under the bus? Everyone fought against ISIS and not just the Kurds. This is outrageous, stupid and ridiculous.

The Democrats are just getting carried away with the Establishment Media noise … because they are getting some anti-Trump pointers to talk about. What Democrats don’t realize is that … providing military support for Kurds today will take us into a civil war in 4 different countries. They have no freaking idea why this malicious Establishment is pushing for support for the Kurds.

Background info on Kurds
Let me give you some background information on Kurds. Kurds are not just one or two million people … they are a massive population of more than 40 million people spread over 4 countries.

  • Turkey – 18 million
  • Iran – 8 million
  • Iraq – 5 million
  • Syria – 2 million
  • Others spread around the world

The issue that all of these countries have about Kurds is that:

  • It’s a backward community
  • Illiteracy, crime and violence is common
  • To add to that, separatist agendas are promoted
  • They are involved in anti-government activities
  • They create a lot of race based issues

Now, take a look of how they are placed in these 4 countries:

Yes, all of them are clustered together … even though they are in 4 different countries.

Turkey’s problem with Kurdish Militia in Syria
By looking at that figure … understand Turkey’s problem with Kurdish Militia in Syria.

  • There are already 18 million Kurds living in Turkey
  • Turkey is already providing all amenities for them and they are living in Turkey as Turkish citizens
  • Turkey is already putting up with the crime, violence, separatist agendas and anti-government activities with the current Kurds itself

Now, to add to this … what Turkey is getting is:

  • Fully armed Kurdish militia lining up by the millions right next to its border
  • If Assad doesn’t demilitarize these Kurds and they go ahead with a creation of their own country within Syria … then Turkey will end up losing a huge section of its own territory if these 18 million Turkish Kurds join the Syrian Kurds.
  • They are already living right next to each other … a separate state for Kurds in Syria … means oil sales for them … huge financial supply for them … creation of a massive military for them and then they will obviously support the separatist movements within Turkey.
  • This will turn into a civil war for Turkey having to fight a Kurdish State in Syria and its 18 million Kurds inside Turkey.
  • Turkey will be worst affected if a Kurdish State is created in Syria. The entire country can break apart.
  • And then this civil war will move into Iraq and Iran as well. It will consume 4 different countries in a civil war.

Understand the Buffer Zone
It is because of this scenario that Turkey is saying that … we need a 20 mile buffer zone … between Turkey and Syria. And they specifically want to settle down Syrian refugees in this zone … only to separate 18 Million Turkish Kurds and the 2 Million heavily armed Syrian Kurds. Turkey is trying to save its country from a civil war.

The Establishment push in America
Now, you will understand what the Establishment is doing in America.

  • They are promoting the worst possible option in America via its media
  • They are using Establishment political puppets to promote the most destructive and divisive option possible
  • This option of providing military support for Kurds will result in the division and civil war in 4 different countries of the Middle East … 2 of them being our allies … Turkey and Iraq.
  • They are pulling us into another never ending civil war that will be spread over 4 countries … that will involve 40 million Kurds.
  • We are supposed to say … go to hell … to all of these 4 countries and support the Kurds and blow up trillions of American taxpayer money in these civil wars?

This is what they are pushing you towards. It will be a massive lengthy civil war that will take the lives of millions of people and cost us by the trillions and we have to throw our own allies under the bus to make it happen. This is simply bonkers and totally crazy.

Races don’t get countries
You have to design a win-win solution here. Something that is good for the Kurds and something that is acceptable for all 4 countries. Firstly, if you are from a different race and if you are treated differently … you don’t get a country for yourself based on that. If this was the case … should we start creating a separate country for black people in America … a separate country for Latinos and a separate country for Asians in America? Just because Blacks, Latinos and Asians feel that they are not treated equally? Should we start cutting America and European countries based on race, color and language?

The demand for a separate state for Kurds is simply racist and ridiculous. You don’t get to demand separate states based on race just because of different treatment. Secondly, if the treatment of the Kurds is the problem … then that is exactly what should be addressed. Measures should be taken to address their concerns … they should get good schools, hospitals and good opportunities in all of these 4 countries. This is a genuine and peaceful concern that can be taken up and fought for.

Why should America consume itself in treason and sedition?
Civil wars and breaking up countries is treason and sedition. Why on Earth should America consume itself in acts of treason and sedition in other countries? We have our own problems to take care of … we have 330 million Americans drowning in debt. Why should we spend trillions in breaking countries apart on the other side of the Ocean?

It is simply beyond ridiculous where the Establishment is pushing us. We had enough of these stupid wars and civil wars. We are not going to be consumed in another massive civil war by making the stupid mistake of arming the Kurds.

Ceasefire is just step one
It’s a great thing that President Trump has done with the ceasefire. But if you want to come out winning in handling the entire Kurdish issue … then you have to understand the full picture.

  • Who are these Kurds?
  • What problems do the current countries have with them?
  • Why the Establishment is pushing America into this situation?
  • What will happen in the next steps if we follow the Establishment blindly?
  • How to manage the entities on the ground and come out winning?

The Solution – Kurdish Problem
The solution for this is not just telling Turkey to sit back and not do anything. Turkey is worried about this because it has 18 million Turkish Kurds living in Turkey as Turkish citizens. This civil war can tear apart Turkey. These are the measures that you need to take:

  • Don’t give a shit about the Establishment. The first measure that you need to take is … don’t give a shit about the Establishment. They have absolutely no powers in this zone. You are the President of America … you are the most powerful entity in America. They cannot harm you in any way for pursuing peace and stability in the world. And on foreign soil, no country wants Kurdish militia in their country … not Turkey, not Syria, not Iraq and not Iran. You are pursuing peace and stability for all … you are not pursuing civil war for anybody. The Establishment becomes totally helpless when you take this stand.
  • Turning our backs on Kurds. This is a bullshit punch line. We should have never been there in Syria and we are in no way interested in supporting treason and sedition in other countries. That is not what America stands for.
  • Demilitarization. You should yourself call for the demilitarization of all Kurds … in Iraq, Syria and Turkey. You should tell them to be a part of their countries peacefully. You should encourage all governments to work together in demilitarizing the Kurds in the most peaceful manner. When America itself will stand for demilitarizing Kurds then you will get instant support from the countries at the ground level.
  • Support for Kurds. The support for Kurds should be in the form of schools, hospitals, political participation and proper representation. Finance can be channeled to them for building homes, schools and hospitals … and not for weapons and destruction.
  • No breakup of any country. You should yourself call for peace and unity. You should yourself condemn the breakup of any country … doesn’t matter if it is Turkey or Syria or Iraq. America is not going to be a part of treason and sedition against any country. We have no time or resources to waste on bullshit.

Dealing with Turkey
When you talk with Erdogan … then you should talk on these lines.

  • You know the Kurdish problem.
  • You know their criminal, violent and separatist activities
  • You know about the creation of separate states
  • You know how it will adversely affect Turkey

And then take his own inputs of how to demilitarize the Kurdish population all across Syria, Turkey and Iraq. Iran knows how to handle their Kurds very well … you can leave out Iran. Discuss with him on these lines … tell him that … America wants to demilitarize the Kurds … America doesn’t support treason and sedition … America doesn’t want to break countries apart. And create a coalition with Erdogan and Assad to disarm and peacefully integrate the Kurds. Russia will help you in getting Assad on the same page.

This is how you will save 4 countries from massive and lengthy civil wars. Look at the full picture and make the right moves towards peace and stability. And make sure that everything is done with minimum casualties and you will come out winning. And if Democrats oppose you on this … just use their opposition against them. They have no freaking idea of what is going on … you are miles ahead in the game … use your superiority and hammer them real nice. Use facts and logic to show their stupidity. You don’t have to put up with opposition to truth and commonsense.

Fighting with truth, commonsense and logic will help you pull public support. Dems are getting carried away with the media propaganda. It is all bullshit advice in the media. Use the mistakes in the media and among the Dems in order to win. You will end up saving trillions of taxpayer money, stopping civil wars, stabilizing the region and also win the support of the American people. It will be a multi-level victory for you.