18 Oct 2019
Trump, the Political Giant, gets a fantastic tactical win in Syria
in America

Congratulations to President Trump for the ceasefire agreement with Turkey … it creates a fantastic tactical win in Syria. There were hundreds of politicians … including the Republican majority and thousands of media outlets warmongering and fear marketing about the Kurds in Syria. These entire networks of politicians and media outlets were pushing for radical actions in two directions:

  • Worsen relations with Turkey. Many of them were suggesting drastic actions against Turkey … as if Turkey was carrying out some genocide in Syria. Turkey is a NATO ally and the closest friend when compared to Kurds and Syria. Turkey is only concerned about the heavily armed Kurdish militia lining up along its borders. The only thing they wanted to do was push away these armed groups.
  • Arming and helping Kurds. On the other hand, we had suggestions to maintain troops in the conflict zone … if any Americans were killed in the operation then the whole thing would take an adverse turn. Trump was totally right in pulling off troops from this zone of friction and keeping American soldiers safe. Sending tens of thousands of troops to help or protect Kurds would be simply ridiculous … and it would create an unnecessary cost for nothing.

Advice in both of these directions was drastic and radical. In the entire scenario … not a single American life was being hurt … no American infrastructure was being damaged … it had absolutely no impact on America. President Trump was 100% right in staying away from this conflict militarily.

Not only he managed this crisis without deploying any troops … but he showed fantastic use of diplomacy … of getting engaged with Turkey and negotiating a ceasefire. He showed a fantastic display of patience, diplomacy and power … at a time when he is under immense impeachment pressure back home. Anyone who says that Trump has a thin skin should kick himself in the nuts … because this level of performance is simply spectacular.

Trump, the Political Giant
There were literally hundreds of politicians pitched against Trump … and thousands of media outlets against him … and all of them were wrong. President Trump chose logic and facts … and stood by his decision … despite all of the negative pressure. Here is where you are seeing … one person … defeating hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … using nothing but facts, logic and commonsense.

It is a shame that the media doesn’t give due recognition to President Trump where it is required.

  • Where Trump is making the right decision
  • Where he is using tact
  • Where he is maintaining peace and stability
  • Where he is not blowing up trillions in wars
  • Where he is keeping our soldiers out of harm’s way
  • Where he is using fantastic diplomacy
  • Where he is sticking to the right facts and logic

President Trump should be supported … his right moves should be acknowledged and encouraged.

Kudos to you Mr. President! You were 100% right on this issue … all of these hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets were nothing but noise makers who were misleading you with ridiculous suggestions. You used commonsense and came out winning.

Create cooperation with Turkey, Syria and Russia
Well, you have 5 days of ceasefire. This is what you need to do. Allow Russia to mediate between Turkey and Syria. Some people might be advising Assad against Turkey … that is a NATO member and an American ally … and bla bla bla. But these are the good things that Turkey has done and can do for Syria.

  • They have already taken 3.6 million Syrian refugees. This is a huge favor for the Syrian Government.
  • Turkey has supported 3.6 million Syrians with food, shelter, finance and also absorbed many of them in business and education.
  • Turkey can be critical in demilitarizing the Kurdish militia and bring more territory under Syrian control.

Kurdish Militia – A common problem
Right now, Turkey or Syria are not the problem. The Kurdish Militia is the common problem for Turkey and Syria. Turkey sees millions of these Kurdish militia lining up along its border as a threat. While Syria sees a huge section of its country and oil fields under the Kurdish Militia control. Demilitarizing this Kurdish Militia is in the best interests of both countries. If you use Russia to coordinate between Assad and Erdogan on this common interest then it will lead to a lot of regional stability.

Wherever Turkish forces move … Kurds will either flee or run to Assad for help. Here is where Assad can tell them to demilitarize and be a part of peaceful Syria. Today or tomorrow someone has to demilitarize the Kurds … its gonna be Erdogan or Assad … but if both cooperate then it will give better results.

Trump – Leading America
Apart from that … always keep in mind that you are the President of the United States. The media is not the President … Pelosi or Schumer are not the President … Lindsey Graham or Mitt Romney are not the President. It is Donald J Trump that is the President of the United States. You have been chosen by the people to lead. You have been chosen by the people to be the Commander in Chief. It is going to be your decision and your strategy that will lead the country. There is absolutely no reason for you to bow to the media pressure or Democrat pressure.

As long as your logic and facts are right … things will fall into the right place with time. You have to fear no one … you have to worry about no one. If the media or Dems cry too much against you … just use it against them. Show the people how ridiculous their advice is and pull public support in your favor. You have shown a fantastic display of patience and diplomacy. You were spectacular.