17 Oct 2019
Opposing Trump on Syria will create a strong re-election platform for Trump
in America

The Establishment media is going ballistic on Trump regarding Syria … saying that “Trump is unhinged … Trump is unchained” and bla bla bla. There are Establishment political puppets like Lindsey Graham criticizing Trump’s stand on Syria. Democrats are saying “Kurds, Kurds, Kurds”. But what Democrats don’t realize is that … opposing Trump on Syria will create a strong re-election platform for Trump.

This is what the Democrats should note:

  • Re-election Year. We are headed towards a re-election year soon. And people don’t like wars … nobody likes wars. In fact, Obama won in 2008 by standing up against wars and politics of fear.
  • Being anti-Trump. Being anti-Trump on everything will backfire … especially when Trump is making moves towards peace. By opposing Trump’s peaceful moves … you will end up being on the wrong side. Thus giving Trump the support of the people. You simply cannot stand there and oppose everything that Trump does. It can backfire on you.
  • No bloodbath. Turkey is not creating any bloodbath or genocide. Turkey has made its intentions very clear that they see armed Kurdish gangs lining up against its border as dangerous for them. They are simply creating a buffer zone which will be utilized to settle millions of Syrian refugees. This is not an invasion or bloodbath or genocide. It is simply pushing away armed Kurdish gangs away from the Turkish borders.
  • No Troops. Our US troops are safe and Trump is not deploying any additional troops there.
  • Saving Trillions. By not getting involved in this conflict, Trump is tactically saving the lives of thousands of our soldiers and saving trillions of our taxpayer money.
  • Creating Stability. Turkey’s moves are pushing Kurds to cooperate with the Syrian Government. It is actually creating more stability and cooperation in Syria rather than death and destruction.
  • Establishment Propaganda. The Establishment media propaganda against Trump’s withdrawal of troops is only creating a platform where Trump will come out winning. Trump will be the guy who used commonsense … did what is right … stabilized the country … saved trillions of taxpayer money and did not deploy tens of thousands of our troops. Trump will be the guy standing up for peace and stability … while the media was warmongering.
  • Re-Election Platform. The people don’t like war or warmongering … doesn’t matter under what pretext it is. All of the above pointers will help Trump to show how wrong the media is … how wrong and opposite the Democrats are … that Democrats oppose everything that Trump does without using commonsense … and it helps him create an entire re-election platform out of that.

The advice to Democrats is that … when Trump does something that is right … then acknowledge it and support it. Why should things be wrong simply because Trump is doing them? Just because Trump is doing something … it does not mean that it is wrong. Just being against Trump on everything will backfire … especially when Trump is making tactical and peaceful moves in war zones. Your opposition will consolidate his victory and put you in bad light.

Secondly, don’t fall the Establishment media propaganda. Just because the media is making noise, it does not mean that Trump is wrong. He is right on this move. The Establishment is freaking out because it is losing Kurdish territory in 3 ways:

  • Turkey. Turkey is getting rid of Kurds from its borders.
  • Syrian Government. Kurds are running to Assad for protection and thus losing territory to Syria.
  • No new country. If Syria and Turkey coordinate well … then all Kurdish zones will be either under Turkey or Syria … and no new country will be formed which the Establishment wanted. This is why they are freaking out. It is not because Trump did something wrong.

All of the moves that the Establishment is promoting in the US Media that:

  • Kurds fought with us
  • Kurds gave up their lives
  • Kurds fought against ISIS
  • They are our brothers
  • We stabbed them in the back
  • We turned our backs on them
  • This is betrayal
  • This is lack of leadership

All of this is bullshit. Israel or the Establishment don’t give a rat’s ass about the Kurdish people. Everybody fought against ISIS not just Kurds. In fact, these heavily armed Kurdish gangs have occupied oil fields illegally and they have been selling oil illegally that belongs to Syria. It is an illegal occupation via armed gangs of Kurds.

Now, this situation is being rectified by the powers in the region. Trump is making the right decision by staying out of it and allowing these areas to be stabilized under the right leadership.

  • It doesn’t make any sense to fight against Turkey that is our close NATO ally
  • And it doesn’t make any sense to show leadership in an enemy country, Syria that is a close Russian ally

It doesn’t make sense to show leadership in enemy countries:

  • Where we are not wanted
  • Where we will always be the enemy
  • Where we will always lose lives
  • Where we will always end up spending trillions of our taxpayer money

If you continue to remain against Trump on this … he can simply turn this whole situation into a fantastic re-election platform. He has both opposition forces here:

  • The Establishment Media and
  • The Democrats

He can show that he is doing what is right for America and American interests … while all of these noise makers are wrong. You are ending up giving him a massive win. This will be another win for Trump against two networks pitched against him. One person defeating hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets … it is a pretty darn impressive victory.

Pointers for Trump
Well, you are doing great by not getting involved directly in this issue. This is how you can manage it from the backend.

  • Minimum Casualties. Tell Turkey that casualties should be a minimum.
  • Russian Mediation. This issue can be best resolved with Russian mediation. You can create fantastic stability in the region when Erdogan and Assad coordinate in dealing with the Kurds. Use Russia to mediate between the two.
  • Full demilitarization and governance. Assad will be interested if he will get full demilitarization and governance over Kurdish zones in Northern Syria. He can get this without a fight if he works with Erdogan. Kurds are a no match against Turkish army. They will simply flee or tie up with Assad.
  • Buffer Zone. The only thing that Erdogan needs is a buffer zone to settle the 3.6 million Syrian refugees that it has. See if Assad can cooperate on this. If you can get this cooperation then it will be a smooth operation.
  • Kurds bigger issue than Turkey. Assad should realize that Kurds occupy more land, are more in number, have more armed soldiers, have taken several oil fields than Turkey has. Working on this configuration will help Assad solve a bigger crisis.

Work on this strategy as far as Syria and Turkey are concerned and at home … start using your opposition noise against them. Democrats and the Establishment Media are dead wrong:

  • Use their advice against them
  • Use their call for war and deployment of troops against them
  • Use their demonization of Turkey, a NATO ally, against them
  • Use their call for an intervention in an enemy country against them
  • Use their warmongering against them
  • Show the expenditure of taxpayer money and use it against them
  • Show the casualties that will result in a full-fledged conflict and use it against them

Don’t change and fall under pressure … you are right and your opposition is wrong. You are heading into election year … this will be a very strong point for you.