16 Oct 2019
Turkish offense will not recreate ISIS
in America

There is a lot of debate that … “Turkish offense in the region will recreate ISIS … that the winners in this are Russia, Assad and ISIS … ISIS will re-emerge” and bla bla bla. All of this is bullshit. It is just partisan bickering to oppose President Trump’s handling of the issue in Syria. And all of this bullshit is generally from people who don’t even understand what ISIS is. Let me show you how ISIS will not be recreated.

What was ISIS?
Firstly, you should understand … what was ISIS? ISIS was created by Israel … created, directed and managed by Israel.  That’s right … Israeli politicians were directly involved in designing, managing and directing ISIS. It was not an Islamic Caliphate … it was an Israeli Caliphate. That’s the main reason why ISIS was hiding behind masks.

Not only it was designed by Israel … but its key leadership and training was being carried out by Israeli terrorists. All of this was done behind masks so that the world does not know who is who. Israel itself was sending ambulances and providing emergency healthcare services to these Israeli terrorists across borders in the war zones. A considerable section of ISIS was formed by Israeli terrorists.

Funding and Weapons Supply Terminated
The main reason why ISIS will not re-emerge is because … it thrived on US funding and weapons supply. Wherever American funds and weapons moved … ISIS multiplied. This was the direct correlation of the Jewish Establishment functioning in America along with Israeli terrorists and politicians at the ground level. But the first thing that President Trump has done as President is that … he has terminated all kinds of funding and weapons supply in these war zones. This is what led to the fall of ISIS and the end of terrorism.

As long as Russia is keeping an eye on Israel’s activities in these war zones and there is no movement of American funds and weapons in these war zones … ISIS will not re-emerge.

Who are these ISIS prisoners?
Most of these Israeli terrorists leading ISIS groups have already fled back to Israel … as Turkish, Russian and Syrian forces were advancing … the Israeli leadership kept on falling back. But if you want to understand who these ISIS prisoners are and how they are not a major threat … then you need to understand how they were recruited.

ISIS Recruitment Strategy – Fight or Die
The way these people were recruited in ISIS was … using the policy of … fight or die … either you join ISIS or you get killed. Why do you think that ISIS … that was an “Islamic” Caliphate killed tens of thousands of Muslims wherever it went? It was because these tens of thousands of Muslims refused to join this ridiculous terrorist group. They chose to die and take the bullet instead of joining these terrorists. This is a story that the US Media will never talk about. Tens of thousands of Muslims in several cities … took the bullet … died in execution-style … got buried in mass graves … but refused to join an abhorrent group such as ISIS.

But those who were weak and not so strong-willed … they chose to join ISIS.

  • These were regular villagers … who were not educated well and not very strong-willed.
  • To save their lives … they joined ISIS.
  • If they don’t fight and kill … they get killed
  • If they try to run away … they get killed

This is how ISIS hired and operated.

ISIS prisoners don’t reflect the main ideology
These ISIS prisoners don’t actually reflect the main ideology.

  • It was not their ideology
  • They don’t have any funds
  • Nor do they have any weapon supply
  • Nor they have the devious Israeli leadership backing them anymore

If you see … all of the tools that are required for the formulation of a terrorist group are not present. These people who are “ISIS prisoners” today … they were actually forced into this hideous terrorist group.

ISIS re-emergence from ISIS prisoners?
I am not trying to show sympathy to ISIS operatives or prisoners. The point that I am trying to address here is … the re-emergence of ISIS with the release of ISIS prisoners. Well, it is very very unlikely to happen … coz President Trump has already killed all routes of that happening again.

  • Russia is providing fantastic intelligence on the ground
  • Funds supply is terminated
  • Weapons supply is terminated
  • The ideological and leadership route is also cut off

Criticizing Trump’s tactical move in Syria … by saying that we are helping ISIS escape and that ISIS is going to come back … all of these are plain ignorant statements by leaders who don’t know shit.

Turkey’s Buffer Zone already showing good results
In reality, if you see … Turkey’s move to create a buffer zone is already showing very good results:

  • Turkey is getting additional territory to create a buffer zone that will host millions of Syrian refugees.
  • Kurds immediately went running to Assad for support … thus stabilizing the country even more under the Syrian government.
  • Thirdly, we are successfully killing the Establishment’s objective of creating a separate country for Kurds by dividing the region even more.

Its an ongoing 3 fold victory and a crushing defeat for the malicious Establishment. Trump is playing the right moves in Syria.

Turkish invasion a fantastic opportunity for Assad
Assad should not go with only “deal making” with Kurds. Plain deal making would be a waste of a fantastic opportunity. Assad should make these demands from all Kurdish territories:

  • Kurds should give up their weapons and ammunition
  • There should be absolutely no military confrontation with the Syrian Government hereon
  • Complete governance of Kurdish zones must be brought under the Syrian Government
  • All oil fields in Kurdish zones must be controlled and operated by the Syrian Government
  • However, Kurds will be given proportionate representation in the new Syrian Government
  • So that, the rights of the Kurdish people and their rightful concerns are fully addressed

This will be a win-win deal with Kurds and the Syrian Government. Kurds stand no chance against Turkey. Turkey’s current moves in Syria are a blessing for Assad. Assad should look at the full picture and use this opportunity for complete stabilization and overtake of these instable Kurdish zones.

If he is just “deal making” and jumping to fight Turkish forces to protect Syrian territory then it is a total waste of time and resources. Assad must aim at complete demilitarization and governance of Kurdish zones. Tactically working with Turkey on this can facilitate the same. Assad should realize that Kurds are:

  • Far bigger occupants in Syria
  • Far bigger military force inside Syria
  • Far bigger in number in Syria
  • Occupying far bigger territory in Syria
  • And controlling far bigger oil resources in Syria than Turkey.

Assad’s priority must be overtaking Kurdish zones rather than combat with Turkey.