13 Oct 2019
Pro-Warren Groups: America is in a hostage situation under Trump
in America

Understand the opposition and its moves
When you are in politics … you need to understand who your opposition is and what moves they will make. Not only you should have the winning moves … but you should also be able to manage all moves of the opposition. In fact, we study the opposition in such detail that we predict their moves years ahead of time. Check this:

The “Impeach Trump” train on its way


We wrote this article on 30th January, 2017. This was in the first month of your Presidency. You just became President and one of the first things that you were getting to know was that … people will try to impeach you. It might have surprised you at that time … you might be thinking … “what the hell … I just became President … I didn’t do anything wrong … why the hell should I be impeached?”

Well, its been almost 3 years … look around yourself … is it true or not? We told you this 3 years ahead of time … you had 3 years to take care of this issue … but what did you do? Nothing. And the bad news today is that … 3 years ago, it was only the Establishment that wanted to impeach you. But today, you have 3 different layers of forces that want to impeach you:

  • The Establishment
  • Democrats and
  • Pro-Warren SM Groups

The Establishment is pure malice and betrayal. But the Democrats and SM Groups are making strong arguments for your impeachment.

Trying to help you
First and foremost … I know that you are under stress and pressure … you need to quit looking for only “positive information” from us. This is not leadership. Looking for only positive comments, praise and compliments … this is not called leadership. Intelligent leaders look at both sides of the coin and then make the right moves. We love you and you are currently the best in the game … but you have to understand who your opposition is … what they are doing … why they are doing it and how you can win against your opposition. It is then that you can become a “winning leader”.

A winning leader is not made through only praises and compliments. A winning leader needs to know who to lead correctly in a crisis. A winning leader needs to know how to handle the opposition. If you cannot have the patience and intelligence to even know what the opposition is thinking and what they are working at … then how you will make any correct moves? It will always be the opposition that will win. If you want to win then you have to understand them and surpass them. Its easy.

How do you think we won against the Establishment? By just praising and complimenting Obama? If we were consumed only in blowing Obama’s horn then who the hell would talk about the Establishment, their techniques, ideology and methods? Who would show all of the malice that was pitched against Obama? Obama succeeded because … he very patiently and intelligently understood his main opposition and then he made the right moves. Obama didn’t succeed because we were busy blowing his horn. He succeeded because he understood and tactically made the right moves in a crisis.

Old Lady in the House
Let me give you an example. There is an old lady in the house … there is a burglary and some items are stolen from her house. Now, what would this old lady want? She would want that … she remains safe … that there are no thieves around her house … she doesn’t want trouble … she wants to live peacefully. If a common citizen or an old lady wants this … then it is totally fine and understandable.

But when you are a Mayor or Governor or the President … then is only wanting this okay? When you are a leader then your job is to find out who the hell are these thieves, root out their bases, end their criminal activities for good and keep your people safe as much as you can. This is your responsibility as a leader. You are the President of the United States … the most powerful man in the world … and if all what you want to do is be safe, have no trouble, live peacefully and get praise all the time … then how are you any different from the old lady in the house?

Now, the White House is under attack … it has been continuously under attack since the past 3 years again and again and again. You yourself are a victim of these attacks. What have you done? Have you identified these criminals? Do you know who they are and how they function? Did you root out any of them? Did you end any criminal activity? Did you bother to fight against these criminals to keep your people safe? You are the President of the United States and how is your response any different to an old lady in the house?

Opposition Concerns
This is what you should know about Pro-Warren SM groups.

  • 10% of SM Groups = 10 times of Establishment power combined
  • 100% of SM Groups = 100 times of Establishment power combined

SM Networks run America … there are millions of entities interconnected with each other. Pro-Warren groups might be only 10% but in reality it means … tens of thousands of groups spread over intelligence, legal, political and corporate networks. And they are not criminals … they are your own very American citizens.

Till date, we were talking more about Pro-Trump groups … because there wasn’t much opposition activity from the Pro-Warren groups. We are trying to help you in this impeachment scandal that you are in … in order to help you … you have to understand … who all are involved … and how you can deal with each layer.

If it was pure Establishment malice then we would have crushed it. But your removal from the White House has Pro-Warren Group support. Keep an open mind and understand this.

Trump holding America hostage
Their biggest concern is that … “Trump is holding America hostage. Till date … trouble came for Trump … we had to save him … trouble again came for Trump … we had to save him again … we saved him again and again and again … but Trump never stepped forward to end this Establishment crisis despite being given complete information.

The only reason we could not remove Trump from office was because he was the best candidate in the field … the next guy would be a disaster. Thus, we had to put up with a Trump … that would never take action, who kept supporting criminals and kept minting money in the process. Removing Trump meant a complete disaster for the country … it was as if … Trump was holding the entire country hostage. If we removed him then it would be a disaster and we had to keep on putting up with his favors for the Establishment and self-benefiting activities. We thought that putting Trump will take America to new heights but we ended up in a hostage situation.”

Remove Trump and end America’s hostage situation
They are loving the fact that Warren is in the game … they specifically brought her in the game for this … to crush the Establishment … something that you never stepped forward to do. And they are providing her the strongest support possible … just so that … they can remove Trump and end America’s hostage situation. They see America as taken hostage by a guy who will never step forward for the American people.

This is the opposition that you are facing. In this situation … they are not criminals … they see you as a criminal and they want to save America by getting rid of you. This is not routine Establishment malice that we can shoot it down. These are your own American citizens who don’t want you in the White House.

Help with the impeachment
The issue is that … we can help you win the impeachment based on the Ukraine scandal. It is easy to win this. But when you look at the key opposition that you are facing here … then there can always be more leaks, more whistleblowers and more damning information. We look at 10 steps ahead and this is where we are headed. How will we manage more leaks, more whistleblowers and more damning information?

The deal with China is under scrutiny
By the way, talking about leaks and whistleblowers … your deal making with China is under very close scrutiny. The Establishment and many groups are watching this deal for Presidential Profiteering because:

  • “China ripping off America” has been your punch line and the very basis of your Presidential campaign.
  • You have been putting more and more tariffs on China.
  • There is more than $500 billion of trade deficit with China and if you make a deal … remove tariffs … without addressing the trade deficit issue
  • Then everyone is going to assume that Trump got paid … there can be leaks and this deal can be investigated for Presidential profiteering.

Managing Opposition Layers
There are easy ways of managing the Establishment and Democrats. But when it comes to Pro-Warren SM Groups … then you have to show some kind of leadership against the Establishment monopoly. The way we can help you with this is … we can create several configurations where you can lead against Establishment monopoly and remain fully safe at the same time. This will help you to hold off Pro-Warren activity against your Presidency. They are your people … your leadership will help to bring them in your fold. Just understand their concerns and try to address the same … this is what good leaders do.