11 Oct 2019
Netanyahu supports Kurds. King Criminal supports Petty Criminals.
in America

Netanyahu Warns Against Turkey's Ethnic Cleansing of 'Gallant Kurds'; Vows to Assist

So, Netanyahu wants to help Kurds … sure, sure … please take a few million of these “Gallant Kurds” in Israel and give them full citizenship. Obviously, you genuinely love Kurds … they are brave and they fought ISIS … and you really really want to help them … and you really want to save them from the “ethnic cleansing”. So, obviously, you don’t mind taking a few million Kurds in Israel, do you?

Of course, you mind … because you are a fraud, who has no intention of helping the Kurds. Your help is not about the Kurdish people at all. All you want is a new country to be carved out in the region for the Kurds so that Israel gets free oil supply for life. That’s what you are interested in. The lives of the Kurds is just a tool for you to get that done.

Trump’s media strategy is missing
President Trump made a good move by allowing Turkey to create the buffer zone … but the move was sudden and it has no media strategy. If you make any sensitive or critical move … you should always have a media strategy first. First, prepare your speakers and favorable media outlets with the right talking points … and then come into action publicly. This helps you deal with things at the media level.

If you don’t have a good media strategy then the Establishment will try to use the media noise to change your decisions or to show you in bad light. However, here are some talking points for you.

Talking Points – Turkey’s Buffer Zone
Right now, the Establishment media is trying to show Turkey as the bad guy and Kurds as the victims … which is not true at all. In fact, Turkey is the good guy and the Kurdish occupation and activities are illegal and criminal. Take a look.

  • Illegally Occupied Lands. Syria had war all over its country. Kurds occupied whatever land that they could get and settled there. These are not purchased lands or legally owned lands.
  • Illegally Occupied Oil Fields. Heavily armed Kurdish groups have illegally occupied the oil fields in these zones. All of these oil fields belong to Syria and the Syrian Government.
  • Heavily Armed Criminal Gangs. The whole scenario in Kurdish zones is of “war lords” right now … with heavily armed criminal gangs owning and controlling whatever they can … till whenever they can.
  • Illegal Oil Sales. These armed criminal gangs are selling oil at whatever price that they can get … for their own self benefit. The common Kurds in these areas get zero benefit from oil sales. All of these oil sales are illegal and criminal as they belong to the Syrian Government … it is not for warlords to sell to whoever they want … for whatever price they want … for their own self benefit. A huge segment of these oil sales have gone to Israel.
  • Illegal Statehood / Country. These criminal heavily armed warlords want a country for themselves … so that these illegally occupied oil fields can become theirs and they continue to mint money for life. And Israel wants this to happen because it is getting free oil from these warlords for military support.
  • Lined up along Turkish border. And guess what … all of these heavily armed criminal gangs are lined up along the Turkish border. All of this illegal occupation, armed control and illegal sales are happening right next to the Turkish eastern border.

The Turkish Nightmare
Now, this is what’s Turkey’s nightmare is … today or tomorrow, the Syrian Government will make an initiative and take over these Kurdish zones. Turkey is already hosting 3.6 million Syrian refugees. If the Syrian Government makes the initiative against Kurdish zones … then guess where will all of these Kurds go? Yes, millions of more Kurds will flow into Turkey. Turkey has no capacity to manage the current 3.6 million refugees … let alone taking millions more.

The only thing that Turkey will do in that scenario is … channelize these Kurdish refugees to Europe … creating a multi-million refugee problem for Europe all over again.

Turkey’s Buffer Zone
But instead of that happening … what Turkey is doing is … it is itself creating a buffer zone or a safe zone … all across its eastern border … and it will settle these millions of Syrian refugees in that buffer zone. This is a “win-win solution” for all parties involved:

  • 6 million Syrian refugees get homes … it will be Syrians living on Syrian land.
  • Turkey is paying for the military operation and the creation of the buffer zone. America is not investing a single penny nor is the Syrian government investing anything in this.
  • The threat of armed Kurdish gangs is removed for Turkey as it will control the buffer zone.
  • Kurds in other territories will immediately run to the Syrian Government for support and cooperation. Other Kurdish territories will come under Syrian control.
  • There will be no further refugee crisis … as Turkey’s 3.6 million refugees will be moved into the buffer zone and Kurds will have a deal with the Syrian Government. There will be no outflow of refugees from Syria.
  • Other Syrian refugees can also return to this massive buffer zone being created by Turkey.

This is a fantastic move and it helps everyone in the game …

  • It helps Turkey
  • It helps Kurds
  • It helps the Syrian government
  • It helps Europe with no further refugees
  • It helps 3.6 million refugees in Turkey
  • And it stabilizes the region

Turkey is actually the good guy in the game
Right now, Turkey is being demonized in the US media … but it is all false propaganda. If you look at the facts, then Turkey is the good guy in the game.

  • Firstly, Turkey took 3.6 million Syrian refugees. They provided food, shelter, jobs, business opportunities and even financial support for millions of these refugees.
  • Secondly, they are rebuilding Syrian territory for 3.6 million Syrian refugees with their own money in the buffer zone.
  • Thirdly, this move is pushing the Kurds to reconcile with the Syrian Government. This will bring massive Kurdish territories under Syrian control. Turkey is actually helping Syria take over Kurdish territories without a fight … without a battle … without any bloodshed … with simple negotiations. It’s a tiny strip of land that Syria is giving for the buffer zone but in return it is getting massive territories without any fight. It is in the best interests of the Syrian Government to coordinate with Turkey on the Kurdish issue.
  • Lastly, Turkey is not invading anyone. All of this land … all the way till Saudi Arabia belonged to the Ottomans. It was forcefully taken away from Turkey during WWII. Turkey is not taking anyone’s land … this land belonged to Turkey for hundreds of years.

Israel and Establishment Media going bonkers
Everything that is mentioned above are true facts. Even then … Israel and the Establishment media are going bonkers over Turkey’s buffer zone because … this buffer zone means:

  • No more Statehood for Kurds
  • No more new country for Kurdish warlords
  • No more free oil supply for Israel
  • No more terrorist training zones for Israel
  • And no more division of Syria

Fought along with us against ISIS
What’s great about that? Who didn’t fight against ISIS? Everybody fought against ISIS. Turkey fought against ISIS … Iraq fought against ISIS … Syria fought against ISIS … Iran fought against ISIS … Russia fought against ISIS … America fought against ISIS … Europe fought against ISIS … every possible country fought against ISIS. Fighting against ISIS doesn’t make Kurds any special than others in the region.

What was special about Kurds is that … Kurdish warlords channeled oil at the rate of $10 per barrel to Israel while the world was paying $50-60 per barrel. This accounted for 70% of Israel’s National oil requirement. This is special about Kurds and this is what the Establishment media is being used to protect. The US media is being used to protect criminals involved in criminal activities in war zones. Why should we fall for that?

President Trump should have a media strategy with the right talking points so that they support his decisions. He should have a team of speakers in his favorable media outlets … and market the right talking points. Right now, the media is running a one sided show. The King Criminal is supporting Petty Criminals … and we are all supporting that. It is simply ridiculous. Trump should take the right facts and use them correctly.