08 Oct 2019
The US never betrayed the Kurds
in America

Here is how you answer the question on Kurds. Its all over the news that … “Kurds fought with us against ISIS … they risked their lives … we supported them and now we are stabbing them in the back … this is betrayal” and bla bla bla. The answer to this is … we never promised a country for the Kurds … we never promised a territory for them. We were there to protect them from ISIS and we full filled our mission … we successfully protected them from ISIS. And we will continue to make sure that there is no large scale atrocities against them via Turkey or via Syria.

America is living up to its promise … we protected them yesterday and we will continue to protect them. But what we will not do is allow the creation of separate states and countries to create more instability in the region. Kurds have to be under Turkish territory or Syrian territory. This is what will stabilize the region.

“Betrayal of Kurds” is a reverse application
Actually, it was the Establishment plan to support the Kurds in favor of Israel. Israel has been getting oil for as less than $10 per barrel from these war zones while the world was paying $50-60 per barrel. They did this by providing military support for the Kurds. Now, using these wars, Israel wanted to create a separate country for Kurds in these oil rich areas. If Kurds get a separate country for themselves then Israel gets a free supply of oil from this region.

Israel pulled us into these wars … made us kill hundreds of thousands of the people there and got tens of millions of people displaced … while it was minting money in the process. This propaganda of supporting the Kurds is supporting Israel’s theft and loot in the war zones. This is the main reason why Israel pulled the US to support the Kurds in the region … hoping that were will be separate countries created … Syria would be split … and it would get a free supply of oil for life.

This term “betrayal of Kurds” is designed as a reverse application. It is actually Israel that feels betrayed because it is losing oil rich areas in a close by region. Turkey taking over Kurdish areas in Northern Syria is Israel losing its free supply of oil and its plans are getting screwed.

Why is the Establishment Media in the US crying over a tiny population of Kurds in the Middle East? Hundreds of thousands of people were getting killed … they did not cry for them … but for Kurds, they are whining about it all over the news. What is so important about the Kurds? Its Kurds that are not important … it’s the free oil supply that was important for Israel. That’s why this Establishment Media is whining about Trump’s move to pull out US troops. This move kills three malicious Establishment interests in the region.

  • Separate country for Kurds. This is something that was never promised to the Kurds. So, America or Trump is not betraying anyone. US pulling out troops ensures that the area is controlled by Turkey or Syria … making sure that there is no further division in the area.
  • Free Oil Supply for Israel. Since these areas will be controlled by Turkey or Syria … there will be no country for Kurds and thus there won’t be any free supply of oil for Israel.
  • Kills support for Terrorism. The Establishment was keenly involved in major terrorist operations in the Middle East. Making sure that Establishment supported entities, like the Kurds, don’t have a country of their own … ensures that armies of terrorists like ISIS are never created again. Erdogan and Assad will make sure that ISIS never rises again from these zones.

President Trump made a good decision in pulling off troops from Kurdish zones. It will only stabilize the region. And yes, a country for Kurds was never promised … we protected the Kurds … we full filled our promise and we will continue to make sure that they are treated well under Turkey and Syria.

Establishment trying to mislead us
“Betrayal of Kurds” is only Establishment propaganda designed to mislead us again:

  • Into thinking that Trump made a wrong decision
  • Into thinking that Kurds are under risk
  • Into thinking that we are creating a disaster
  • To maintain our troops in the region
  • To continue to drain taxpayer money by the tens of billions
  • Only so that the Establishment benefits from the same
  • So that a new country, that will provide free oil for Israel, is created
  • So that, terrorism can be started whenever the Establishment wants
  • So that the region becomes more unstable

The whole thing is garbage propaganda. We should have never been there in the first place. What President Trump has done is right.