05 Oct 2019
The Legal Perspective to Manage the Impeachment Ukraine Scandal
in America

Okay … its not a great idea to call foreign countries … and ask them to investigate your political opponents at home. You should not be the one to do it. If you did it once then it can be taken care of … its not an impeachable offense … but it is simply not good politics. They can’t impeach you for it but at the same time, it is not good politics.

The investigation of politicians can be done via:

  • The FBI and other intel agencies
  • Department of Justice
  • Political committees

But you should not be the one to make these calls directly and publicly. Here is a legal point to help you with this … the President runs the Executive Department … the Department of Justice is one of those departments … thus you can call for an investigation against anybody on American soil and in some cases even abroad. Just like the President can tell the Justice Department and Security Agencies to go after MS13 gang members for their criminal activities … similarly the President can send any of his Executive Departments after any criminal … including Joe Biden and his son.

Technically and legally … you can do this … you have the authority to do this … simply because the Justice Department is under the Executive Branch and being the President … you run the entire Executive Branch. This should be your point of argument. This will help you ward off impeachment from the legal perspective.

They can try to make this illegal by:

  • Quid pro quo … they can say that … you pressurized or blackmailed foreign leaders to do this. They cannot prove this because the President of Ukraine has already said that there was no pressure.
  • Election Interference. They are also calling this as “election interference”. This is again a false term being used at the wrong place. They are trying to take the meaning of this term just to suit their perspective.

What they are trying to say is that …

  • Trump called for an investigation against Biden
  • Biden is the leading opposition candidate
  • If Biden is convicting or charged for anything then it helps Trump
  • Therefore, this is election interference

This is actually a “bad application” of the term Election Interference. If anyone is a criminal … if he has corruption charges against him … if he has broken the law … then obviously he should not be running for office … forget about running for President … he should not be running for any public office. This is what the law is. It doesn’t matter if Trump called for an investigation or if anybody investigated him. If Biden has broken the law then he should not be running for office.

Misuse of the law
Condemning Trump’s call for investigation of the Bidens and calling it as Election Interference is actually misuse of the law. If Biden is genuinely a criminal … then protecting Biden and allowing him to run for President … is not in the best interests of the law. If anyone knows that … a candidate for the President of the United States has broken the law … has been involved in corruption or any kind of illegal activity … then it is all of our duty … to make sure that a proper investigation takes place and to make sure that we are not placing criminals in the White House or in any public office.

This is how the law functions. The law literally states that “criminals cannot run for public office”. Now, protecting criminals and allowing criminals to become the President … is actually misuse of the law.

What is Election Interference?
Calling for an investigation on the possible crimes of any candidate or of someone holding any office is not Election Interference. Technically and legally … it is Election Interference only if:

  • The voting process was tampered against Biden
  • The voting machines were tampered against Biden
  • The vote counting was tampered against Biden

If the voting process was intact … if the voting machines were intact … if the vote counting was not affected then there was absolutely no Election Interference. Now, apply this to the current case where they are claiming that President Trump pressured the Ukraine President to interfere in our elections.

  • Firstly, there was no pressure
  • Secondly, the request had no connection to the election at all

If Trump had told the Ukraine President to rig the votes, to alter voting machines or to change the voting process against Biden … then this would be election interference. Since there was no election at all … there was no voting at all … there was no vote counting at all … how the hell can anyone interfere in an election that did not even take place? The election is still one year away.

You need to fight your legal battles correctly and don’t allow the opposition to “derive things” and make up laws that don’t exist. As far as the law is concerned … President Trump did absolutely nothing illegal. It is not a crime to look into a crime … it is not a crime to investigate a crime … calling for an investigation is not a crime. But at the same time, it is not good politics.

Foreign Power Involvement
Another issue that they are claiming is Trump invited a “foreign power” to investigate Biden. This is also nothing wrong. There is always cooperation between the FBI, CIA, Interpol and many Security Agencies around the world … to go after criminals, to investigate and to find the truth. This is how all Security Agencies function today … if anything is connected overseas then we work with their Security and Intel agencies. This is a very very routine procedure in managing crime and criminals.

To investigate is not a crime … to call for an investigation is not a crime. But if Trump called a foreign power to tamper with the voting process and vote counting … then it is foreign involvement for Election Interference. This is something that did not happen and President Trump is simply being blamed for stuff that did not happen.

The Legal Basis for Impeachment
Let me make it simple for you … their allegation is that:

  • Trump pressured a foreign power to interfere in our elections

This is their statement … they claim that you broke the law and thus you are impeachable. They have to prove two points in this:

  • Pressure. There was no pressure … they can’t prove it.
  • Election Interference. There was no request for any kind of election interference activity. This section is actually a false statement.

Forget about impeaching you … if Biden broke the law then he has to drop out of the race. Calling for an investigation is not a crime … investigating someone is not a crime … in fact, it is following the law.

Benghazi – Investigating Hillary
A fantastic example for this is Hillary and Benghazi. She was also a Presidential candidate who had actually won the nomination. But she was repeatedly investigated for her role in Benghazi … something that had happened overseas. There was a committee formed and she was being interrogated on live television during the Presidential race.

Nobody called it “Election Interference” and nobody said that … the Benghazi investigation should be dropped. In fact, many people were hoping that she would be indicted and drop out of the race. It was not election interference if Hillary was being investigated for a crime … then how is it election interference if Biden should be investigated for a crime?

Forget about impeaching Trump for calling this investigation … Biden can be put on a seat and investigated on live television if he has genuinely committed a crime in Ukraine. It is in perfect accordance to the law. It has already happened for Hillary just 3 years ago. Just because Trump is connected to something … it doesn’t become illegal.

What to do?
Pull in your legal team and these are the points that you need to work on.

  • Pressure. There was no pressure or blackmail of the Ukraine President.
  • Election Interference. The election did not even happen … it is still one year ahead … and no activity was suggested that would affect the votes or the voting process. Thus, this is not election interference.
  • Investigating crimes and criminals. No Democratic country in the world allows criminals to run for office … let alone be President. Calling for Biden’s investigation was not against the law but it was following the law. If Biden broke the law then the American people have the right to know it.
  • Kill Derivations. Don’t allow your opposition to derive whatever they want. Investigating a crime is not the same as election interference. This is misuse of the law.
  • Impeach you for what now? Where on Earth is the legal case to impeach you based on this?
  • Separate Election Interference and Investigating Crime. Go full scale in the media … use Hillary’s example … and separate the two concepts of … election interference and investigating crime. Both of them are totally different. You cannot allow your opposition to make up crime against you. This is too naïve.
  • Connect Hillary Benghazi with Biden’s Ukraine Scandal. This way it becomes a problem for Biden and not for you. You have not broken any law. Trump should not be impeached based on nothing … it is Biden’s crimes that should be looked into.
  • Foreign Collaboration. There is no law that says that you cannot work with foreign government or intel agencies to investigate crime. In fact, this is the norm and it is routinely done.
  • Counter Propaganda Strategy. Don’t sit there only playing defense. You need to have your own counter propaganda strategy to manage all of this whistleblower activity.

Work on this line … it will help you from the legal perspective. Keep in mind … there is no case for impeachment … no law was broken … you did not commit any crime. Don’t allow a hoax to exist and don’t allow a hoax to come after you. The whole thing is bogus.

Lastly, it is not a great idea for you to call for an investigation of your political opponents directly. It is not illegal but it is not good politics either. If you want the investigation then use other agencies who are responsible to do so.