04 Oct 2019
Counter Propaganda Strategy against Impeachment and Whistle Blowers
in America

Its Plain Propaganda
The good news is that … this whole impeachment thing is plain propaganda. There was no crime committed … there was no impeachable offense … and you will win in this impeachment move. The only reason such propaganda gets support and mileage is because you have remained inactive about the Establishment crisis in the country … otherwise, such propaganda would have been squished very easily. The first thing you need to do … to handle such issues is … don’t remain inactive against a major crisis that is plaguing the country. Secondly, you need to run a counter-propaganda strategy against such impeachment moves and whistleblowers.

Impeachment Propaganda Objectives
If you want to win against this impeachment move then you need to first understand its objectives. The impeachment can definitely be failed but even then … they will win in this:

  • Pull Trump down in polls. You are a President who is under an impeachment inquiry during election year. Obviously, this move is designed to pull you down in polls and affect the 2020 election results. Democrats are claiming that “Trump is taking help from Ukraine and China for his re-election” … but they themselves have launched a fake impeachment inquiry where nothing wrong happened in order to take down a Republican candidate. Even if you win the impeachment move … even then this false propaganda will create unnecessary baggage for you in the elections.
  • Pull down Biden and help Warren. Another thing that you might not have noticed is that … Bernie is gone and only Biden is left in the race for Warren to win. In this Ukraine scandal … you are hammering Biden severely … Biden might lose against you but who will win eventually? Exactly, Elizabeth Warren will win.

Right now, Elizabeth Warren has exhausted all of her routes to pull public support. All of her speeches, policies and campaigns are “I am nice … please vote for me … I am nice … please vote for me … I am nice … please vote for me”. With that approach, she is ending up in third place only. It is not selling much because she shows no understanding of the ongoing crisis nor does she have actual solutions for the same. But she has some strong support groups, which believe that “she will definitely work with us … we will give her all the help that she needs and that she needs to be brought to the top.”

So, the easy way of doing that is … knock out the first and second guy from the race … then the third guy automatically becomes the first guy. Bernie is already out … the only one that is left is Biden … if you knock him out then you are actually doing Warren a favor. If Biden gets knocked out then you will be meeting Warren in 2020 face to face. That will be a little bit difficult to win … given your “no action and only favors” approach for the Establishment when Warren is promising to take down the Establishment almost every single day.

Impeachment is not the main focus of this propaganda. This propaganda is actually configured to design the result of 2020. It is actively helping in taking down Trump and Biden … while helping Warren in the process.

What to do? Firstly, don’t sit idle and waste time … don’t come off as the guy who was “only favors and no action” against the Establishment. Secondly, understand and manage this propaganda.

Leaders create the flow
Leaders don’t go with the flow … leaders create the flow. Leaders don’t get swept away by the waves … leaders create the waves. Observe yourself … what is your position? Did you create the flow or are you going with the flow? Is the wave carrying you or did you create the wave?

This impeachment propaganda is the wave and you are getting carried by the wave. You are defending and attacking … and playing along as expected according to the wave. If the country is the Ocean … and if your opposition creates a wave targeting you … then you should be able to respond back with “tidal waves” against your opposition that they never imagined would happen. Let me show you a small example.

Winning Tactic – Publicize a Bigger Catastrophe
If you play along with their propaganda then they will win. Your winning tactic here is a “counter-propaganda” … publicizing a bigger catastrophe. Here is where Assange and Snowden come to your rescue. These are the characteristics of both of these guys:

  • They are public heroes
  • They are the heroes of whistleblowers
  • They have showcased genuine crime to the extent of genocides
  • There have been massive cover-ups of the information revealed by them
  • No investigations were carried out
  • No subpoenas … no public hearings … no political committees
  • No actions were taken to address the crime and crisis shown by them
  • These heroes were branded as traitors

This is something that happened in the past Administration. But now, if there is any leak or whistleblower in the Trump Presidency or Administration then:

  • This guy is not a traitor but a hero
  • He gets book deals and gets to be on TV shows
  • He gets full protection and political support
  • The itsy-bitsy information that he reveals is used for impeachment propaganda
  • It was nothing but it is treated as a crime and an impeachable offense

What you should note about yourself is that:

  • The Trump Presidency is a victim of spying, leaking information and false propagandas.
  • There is a drastic difference in how whistleblowers were treated before and now.
  • There were massive cover-ups of massive crimes against the masses but today there was no crime but it is being treated as an impeachable offense.

If you work on the Assange and Snowden cases well … then it will help you to respond to the current propaganda and all future whistleblowers throughout your Presidency. How to do this?

Change your stance
First and foremost … change your stand against Assange and Snowden. The Republicans, the political advisers, legal advisers and bla bla bla … all of them will tell you that Assange and Snowden are traitors and they pose a threat to National Security … all of that is bullshit. Always keep in mind that:

  • Who is up for re-election? Trump is up for re-election not these advisers.
  • Who is getting demonized? Trump is getting demonized and not these advisers.
  • Who are the leaks against? The leaks are against Trump and not these advisers.
  • Who is getting impeached?
  • Who needs the votes?
  • Who needs the public support?

Yes, it is you … the President of the United States, Donald J Trump that needs public support and not these political or legal advisers. So, screw their advice and do what is best for you. All you need to do is change you stand against Assange and Snowden. You might have any personal differences with Assange … it doesn’t matter. Put personal conflicts in the back seat … this strategy will help you ward off impeachment, kill the current propaganda and consolidate your stand for 2020. Personal differences and friction are not worth holding on to. Even if Assange makes a statement against you … it will only backfire on him … because you are his savior and nobody will like his badmouthing. You will have the upper hand.

Support will backfire?
Someone might tell you that supporting them will backfire … but that’s garbage information. These guys exposed genuine large scale crimes being committed by the government. They are public “heroes”. To the extent that … when Obama pardoned Chelsea Manning … he got enormous support. No one demonized Obama … everyone congratulated him … everyone said it was the right thing to do … and Obama ended up basking in the glory of the success of Assange and Manning. Obama ended up being a hero helping a hero. Take a look at both of these cases.

Case One – Julian Assange

  • Hero of Whistleblowers
  • Exposed a genocide in Iraq
  • He provided genuine evidence of the crimes
  • There was a massive cover-up
  • No investigations, no committees and no public hearings
  • He was branded as a traitor

Case Two – Edward Snowden

  • Exposed spying at a National Level
  • You are also a victim of spying and leaking
  • He provided real evidence of the crime. Just because the government is doing the crime, it does not mean that it is not a crime.
  • No investigations, no committees and no public hearings
  • He was branded as a traitor

If you change your stand and launch a campaign to help these two “public heroes” then it will help you win at several levels.

Winning at several levels
What you are doing here is using a simple tactic of “comparison”. Right now, in the current ongoing propaganda:

  • Everyone is checking if Trump broke the law
  • If Trump did something wrong
  • You are being compared against a clean sheet of the law
  • And if there is a slightest glitch … they can scream … impeach, impeach, impeach!

Why are you allowing yourself to be compared to a clean sheet of the law? Why you are allowing yourself to go through the microscope? Why are you allowing others to hammer you on every possible glitch? You have to put a “comparison shark in the tank”. A comparison shark that will eat away everything that they pitch against you. And that shark is … Assange and Snowden. If you work on the strategy correctly then it will help you win at several levels:

  • Protective Shield. Firstly, this “comparison shark” will help you and become a protective shield for you against all of the itsy-bitsy stuff that will be leaked in the future throughout your Presidency. This comparison shark will simply eat away everything unleashed against you.
  • Kill Propaganda. It will become a fantastic tool to kill the propaganda against you. Remember that … first it is the propaganda and then it is the impeachment and investigation moves. If you kill the propaganda then no more impeachment and no more investigations.
  • Win against impeachment. It will easily help you win against the current and future impeachment moves to a great extent.
  • Pull public support. Everyone knows that … what Assange and Snowden have done … it was right and that they were victims of power. But if you use your power to protect them and forgive them … then you gain enormous public support. You become a part of their success stories.
  • Heroic Image. You instantly create a heroic image for yourself … without really doing much.
  • Helps in 2020. Since you are on the right side where the masses were abused and killed … then a lot of righteousness surrounds you. Till date, no major political figure has stood up for Assange or Snowden in America. If you take this initiative then it will be stunningly impressive.
  • Helps with infrastructure and border wall. Did you know that $10-50 Billion a year is being pumped into the NSA? If you terminate this spying program then you can divert a lot of that funding for American infrastructure and the border wall.

How to work on it?
Don’t go out there and write an Executive Decision on it instantly. Relax, this is a political game. You have to fully capitalize on it … get the people involved in it … get fantastic recognition for it … shoot down all of the propaganda against you using it … and then you make a final decision on it.

Stretch it real nice … throughout the 2020 campaign … market it to the fullest extent possible … from every angle possible … with every single detail possible … showcase every single flaw possible … every single American in every single town and city across America should be aware of it … then after one year of marketing … then act on it. Why do it like this? Because that’s what they are doing to you … they are marketing every single glitch that they can find about the Trump Family and Presidency … across the country to every American in every city … through several years. Its their tactic reversed on them. These are the phases that you should follow.

Phase One – Marketing
Here is where you are going to create the wave.

  • Full scale marketing. Release the information from Snowden and Assange … step by step … day by day … release the “footage showing the killing of civilians” … and ask why was this covered up? Was there no truth to this? (Sample: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zYTxuW2vmzk)
  • Pondering and questioning. In this phase, you are not taking any action … you are just questioning … you are seeking answers. Release the scale of spying … the data being collected … the cost to American taxpayers for this activity … the insecurity for personal lives, corporate information and government employees because of this spying activity.
  • Create the debate. Question how could something like this be allowed? Question how could 100,000 civilians be killed and no one knew it and how could no one stop it? This is real stuff that happened and all of it will work to your advantage. Right now, you are doing nothing and they are creating a mountain of malice for you. You have every right to use the mountains of malice that happened before … to create your own propaganda. You can create your own wave.
  • Your Stand. If they ask your stand about Assange and Snowden … say that “I am thinking of supporting them because this is massive crime that happened”. Don’t take any action yet … just create more and more debate and discussions. It will put everyone in a fix as to what the hell is going on. And when they compare it with the itsy-bitsy stuff that they talk about Trump … then the people will realize who is right and who is wrong.

Phase Two – Investigate
After a few months of nice marketing and publicity. See if you can pull up someone for an investigation … probably, Hillary Clinton. Run this show in comparison to the aggression that you face from them. If they go easy … then you go easy … if they hype up something against you then you hype up stuff against them. This works like a shield to kill propaganda against you. Any time they try to catch your glitches … just restart this propaganda. In this phase, you can have some:

  • Investigations
  • Open public hearings
  • Some subpoenas
  • Full-fledged publicity to all of the above

Phase Three – Actual Action
You can do this before the election or after the election. Doing it a little bit before the elections would be more helpful.

  • Shut down the NSA spying division … redirect funds to infrastructure and border wall
  • Full pardon for Assange and Snowden … a hero’s welcome for both of them

We are not targeting any Democrat in particular or any Establishment entity in particular. The whole thing is propaganda management. The actual action that will be taken is the pardon and protection for two individuals. That’s all its gonna be in action … but its gonna have a lot of benefits for the Trump Presidency.

Advantages for the Trump Presidency

  • Helps you to kill the current propaganda
  • Helps you to change direction and the talk in the country
  • Helps you to win the impeachment move
  • Helps you to get full public support
  • Helps you to gain mileage for 2020
  • You don’t have to knock out Biden … this tactic does not have Biden involved
  • You end up becoming a hero for standing up for what is right and forgiving two people

You can win … if you do it right.