02 Oct 2019
Thanking God that Obama will never be President again, lol
in America

I think we should write a page to thank the Obamas for their fantastic support and security. Since a few months … actually, I was thanking God that Obama will never be President again. Lol. My work involves telling the most powerful man in the world that … “hey, if you do this then it will be a problem … if you do that you might get impeached … if you do this then you might be jailed … if you do that then it will be a disaster”. Telling all of that to Trump was fine … but then when I saw the blunders that Elizabeth Warren was coming up with … I was like … goodness gracious, thank God, Obama will never be President!

I never have to tell Obama that he will be impeached or sent to jail. Thank God that I have good relations with at least the Obamas. And thank God, I never have to warn him of any disasters. Lol.

Leadership via facts and logic
There are a lot of fantastic and phenomenal works being done by using simple facts and logic … and via SM support. Works that have been otherwise impossible before … they are already being put into place. Thanks to the Security Shell provided by the Obamas … we were able to:

  • Fear and Insecurity. We were able to get rid of the fear and insecurity from American lives. There are no more politics of fear in America.
  • War on Terror has been vaporized.
  • The bogus concept Radical Islam has been vaporized.
  • Terrorism has been wiped out.
  • We are saving trillions that would have been spent otherwise on these ridiculous wars. You wanted to stop wars and end politics of fear. You said … yes, we can … and hell yes, we did.
  • Central Bankers ran with their gold to South China Sea thus liberating Israel from their hold.
  • Netanyahu is getting his ass kicked again and again.
  • Nuclear war in the Koreas has been stopped and the relations have been historically improved.
  • A war in Venezuela has been averted and sanctions are being used.
  • A war in Iran has been repeatedly averted.
  • Troops are coming home from Afghanistan and peace negotiations are ongoing.
  • We got a fantastic People Centric Presidential Team this time from the Democrats who have changed the direction of the country.

We are doing things that would have never been expected before. Thanks to your Security Shell … since you keep us safe … you are a part of all of our successes. We love you! Thank you so much for your help and cooperation!

Hairline away from phenomenal changes
Technically, we are just a hairline away from phenomenal changes for America and the world. We haven’t even started the main work and we are already getting more than a dozen fantastic accomplishments. The main work is going to be even more phenomenal.

  • Under Trump or Warren. We still don’t know under whose leadership it will be done … under Trump or Warren … we still have to see how it falls into place.
  • The Establishment is crumbling. Little children are going after the NRA and the main banker puppet, Netanyahu, he himself is getting his ass kicked on banker soil.
  • Incredibly easy to move forward. The Establishment is very weak and it is incredibly easy to move forward.

A lot of requests to help Warren
We are getting a lot of requests to help Elizabeth Warren … some SM Groups have already moved strongly in her favor. These are the reasons that they cite to help Warren.

  • Courage. She loves to kick Establishment ass … this is the first good thing about her.
  • No Establishment money. The second good thing about her is that … she is not taking any money from any Establishment element or PACs … making her very good material to kick the Establishment’s ass.
  • Our problem statements. She is using our punch lines and problem statements to market her Presidency. Everyone is liking that a good candidate wants to address the key problems in America. And that’s the only good thing about her.
  • Policies are a disaster. Most of her actions and policies are a disaster. Many groups are concerned about her policies and they keep pushing us to help her.
  • Economic Catastrophes. Her policies will lead to economic catastrophes. She is copying all Socialist policies.
  • Can face impeachment. She can face impeachment for defrauding America and creating an economic crisis. If she gets impeached then Republicans will make a move to get Trump’s Second Term. Pro-Warren groups don’t want that to happen.
  • Fed up of Trump. They are actually fed up of Trump. His entire Presidency is focused around one person. They want America to work for 330 million Americans and not just one person.
  • Favors and Inaction. Trump has designed a configuration where he favors the Establishment and doesn’t take any action against them.
  • Cycles of humiliation. Trump’s inaction backfires on him and he enters cycles of humiliation again and again.
  • Stagnates America. This inaction and cycles of humiliation only stagnates America. It doesn’t move the country forward at all.
  • Warren might lose the nomination. If Warren remain stuck on Socialist policies then she might lose the nomination itself … let alone becoming President. Biden will lose to Trump and we have to put up with cycles of humiliation and saving Trump for the next 4 years again. Nobody wants that.
  • Learn and overtake Trump. Right now, Warren is running in the opposite direction towards disasters. She needs to learn how to lead America in this crisis and overtake Trump. If she can overtake Trump in terms of doing good for the people then she can easily get the nomination and win the Presidency. We will show how. She has much to learn and change.

Many groups are saying … don’t bother about Warren feeling bad … this is not a personal relationship … the country is at stake … show her the blunders in her policies, so that she knows how much she has to learn and catch up. So, I am entering a zone where … the Republican President favors the Establishment and I write about his blunders … at the same time, we have a Democrat Candidate who has disastrous policies … and I am ending up writing against both of them. The need for your Security Shell couldn’t be higher.

Its not that Warren is a monster who will stomp on us and try to shut us down. She is a lovely lady. Hopefully we will be working with her soon … its possible. But safety first … its better to have you in the equation.

Trust me … the work hereon is very very easy. Any candidate working with us will totally kill it … they will see tremendous success. Right now, the Establishment is so weak and we have throttled all of their routes so much that … the only thing that they can do is … use us against each other. That’s why they are trying to use Democrats to impeach Trump. The Establishment has lost control of the process and it is facing defeat almost on every front. There will be fantastic changes soon in America and around the world … God willing.

And yes, once our work begins … we would definitely like to collaborate with the Obama Foundation and do some good things in Africa. We have a lot of things in mind for Africa. As a token of thanks … we would love to do a few good things for a few countries in Africa.

Thank you again and love you so much!