01 Oct 2019
Need to save Elizabeth Warren from her ignorance
in America

Elizabeth Warren might be thinking that … “she is ready to be President … she will get the nomination … she will win the elections … and she will be a phenomenal President” … but no, no, no … she doesn’t know that the majority of the people across SM Networks are giving a rating for her ignorance.

Ignorance Rating

  • Needs to learn. The people who like her are saying that … “she needs to learn … she will learn … she is a wonderful and nice person … of course, she will learn and change.”
  • Fraud Misleading People. The people who are shocked at her Socialist policies … seeing her marketing and supporting these disastrous policies are saying … “what is wrong with her? Why doesn’t she use commonsense? Doesn’t she know that all of these are disasters? Does she even know what Communism and Socialism is? Why is she being a fraud that is openly misleading the people?”
  • Pigeon with the Plague. And people who love Trump are saying that … “she is a pigeon with the plague. Her speeches are all nice and lovely … but her policies are totally disastrous.”

This is the rating that Warren is getting for her Presidential campaign among the SM Networks. Let me detail this a little bit so that she understands what is going on.

The Pigeon
The pigeon with the plague … this is an interesting term. Let me explain this. What they are saying is that … this is the pigeon side of Elizabeth Warren:

  • Daddy was a janitor
  • Mommy did odd jobs to support the family
  • She didn’t have money for college … there was struggle in her life
  • However, she graduated … became a teacher and now she is a Senator running for President

It’s a typical American success story … moving from struggle to success. Everybody loves this … this is the beautiful white pigeon that Elizabeth Warren is. In fact, she is using all of these points to promote herself on the campaign trail … which is working quite well for her. She is getting support because of this typical American background.

Frontend Marketing
Another good part of her frontend marketing of her Presidential campaign is that …

  • She says that she is running for President because our country is working for the top 1%
  • The country is working more and more for the top thinner slice … for the rich and the corporations who hire armies of lawyers and lobbyists
  • The middle class Americans are struggling
  • And Elizabeth Warren plans to change all of that
  • America should work for everyone
  • She is promising big structural change

See … this is also a fantastic objective … to start with. If you ask Warren, why she is running for President … then this is what she says. So what the people are seeing is that … this beautiful white pigeon … who faced struggles in her life … she is championing the cause of the middle class Americans … and she wants to change the country for the good.

So far so good … everything is nice and lovely. She nailed the problem statement … but now, the problem is with her actions and policies. Here is where the fraud and the plague comes into action.

The Fraud and the Plague
Her background, intentions and objectives are very good. But she has no freaking idea of what is wrong with America or how to fix it. And not only that … she is jumping, supporting and marketing “massive Socialist disasters”. Take a look:

  • Medicare for all. A Socialist program designed by Bernie Sanders … that will cost $30 Trillion to the American taxpayers.
  • Green New Deal. Another Socialist program designed by AOC, who is a student of Bernie Sanders. This program will cost American taxpayers anywhere between $50-100 Trillion. If you ask Warren … how are you going to pay for all of this? Then she throws some punch lines like “I will make the rich pay for it … the corporations will pay for it. The middle class should not suffer.” What she fails to understand is that … the total wealth of America is $98 Trillion including everybody. Only these two programs will wring America dry from every dollar that it has … they will drain the complete country’s wealth. This is what Socialist programs do … in the name of solving the crisis, they create disasters for the people.
  • Ultra Millionaire Tax. Now, she is marketing another program of taxing the Ultra Millionaires of America. I wonder where are all of these millionaires when the entire country’s wealth has been drained? Her policies don’t show simple commonsense or even simple Maths.
  • Renewable Energy. She wants to fight for renewable energy and shutdown all oil companies and fossil fuel operations in America … because apparently she is a climate change champion … the Green New Deal tells her to do so. Not only she is going to drain all of country’s wealth in just two Socialist programs but she is going to shut down oil operations worth trillions for America.
  • $15 per hour minimum wage. After she has drained the country’s wealth … she wants all small businesses and farmers to double the minimum wage for their employees and start paying at least $15 per hour. There is no money in the country and she wants to make sure that people get double the salary … because she is a people’s champion.
  • Legalize Marijuana. She wants to legalize Marijuana in America because she wants to end incarceration of people for drug usage. There are 60,000 people dying in America due to drug overdose … legalizing Marijuana is literally giving tens of thousands of Americans the death sentence.
  • End the Opioid Crisis. She wants to fight the Opioid crisis because she wants to be the people’s champion but it is plain hypocrisy when she herself legalizes Marijuana and she has given the death sentence to additional tens of thousands of Americans.
  • End Corruption Now. Another great punch line from Warren … but why do we need corruption when she herself is going to drain the entire country’s wealth to the corporations.
  • Breakup BigTech. She has picked 5 companies that she wants to break into two. This is not structural change and breaking 5 companies won’t change anything.

What you are seeing here is a wonderful and beautiful white pigeon … in person she is wonderful and beautiful … but what she is going to do … that is going to be disastrous for the people and the country. All of her major policies literally has “impeach me” written all over it.

Moving down Bernie, using Warren
Now, here is the interesting part. If it is Socialist policies that are good … if America wants Socialist policies … then Bernie Sanders should get the nomination and not Elizabeth Warren. But the Establishment itself will never want Bernie to get nominated because all of these disasters will point to the Jewish Establishment. Here is where Warren becomes the perfect “carrier pigeon”.

  • She has the perfect and clean background to market all of these disasters in the name of doing good.
  • And when the disaster occurs, Elizabeth Warren gets to take the blame.

When Warren implements these policies … then she becomes the target, very tactically removing the Establishment from the scene. Currently, she is being the perfect Establishment puppet … who is all clean on the frontend but total disastrous in action and policies.

Levels of disasters
If Warren implements these Socialist policies then these are the different levels of disasters that will happen:

  • First Woman President. It will backfire on the “First Woman President”. A woman was given the Presidency and within 2 years there was an economic disaster and she got impeached.
  • Democrats. Since, she is a Democrat President … her blunders will backfire on the entire Party. Republicans will get an immediate boost. Pro-Trumpers will not sit silent and allow the Establishment to move in Jeb Bush or Mitt Romney into the White House. Trump will immediately capitalize on Warren’s impeachment and make a move to get his Second Term. Now, how humiliating it is going to be for the Democrats when Warren gets impeached and Trump leads the country again?
  • People Centrism. The Establishment will try to target the concept of People Centrism as Warren has used many of our punch lines and problem statements … and then created this disaster.

Warren’s failure will be a disaster for other interconnected entities as well … mainly the Democrats. She doesn’t realize that she is standing starkly opposite many things that surround her.

  • Communism and America. America has been actively fighting against Socialism and Communism since the past 100 years. The last thing that is going to happen is … America is going to go down because of Socialism … that is never gonna happen.
  • People Power. Our entire movement is about People Power … it is about empowering people … it is about stopping exploitation and abusive systems. There are millions of entities across America activated in this program … that actively support and protect People Centric leaders and activities. The last thing that we are going to allow is one person who doesn’t know anything to destroy the work that we have been doing since the past 10 years.
  • Democrat Party. Your own party is about the people. The last thing that your own Party will want is abuse and exploitation of the American people.

We literally handpicked you, support you and guide you … because you are a good person. We need people like you in key leadership positions. But no way in hell are we going to sit back and allow you to destroy what America is … to destroy our work … and to destroy who Democrats are. You need to wake up and realize the blunders in your policies.

The White House is not a school where you can make a speech and walk away without any responsibility or accountability. As a school teacher, you can say whatever you want in the class and it will not have an impact on your country. But as President, you have 330 million lives depending on you … on your policies and on your leadership. Everything that you do as President has accountability associated with it. It is not a school where just punch lines and speeches will make you a good teacher. This is real life … this is theory put into practice … it is real time action. Please wake up from your punch lines and see how your actions will impact your people.

A sorry too late
Elizabeth Warren is a nice person but she has shown a tendency to jump into different skins while chasing shiny objects.

  • Indian Heritage. Firstly, she claimed Indian Heritage … only God knows for what reason. She is now going around and saying sorry for the same. People won’t bother about this much
  • Hillary’s Vice President. She was offered the VP position by Hillary Clinton and she jumped for this offer. Hillary was a war maniac and a monster. If she was picked by Hillary as VP … then she would be going around and apologizing for this as well.
  • Socialist Disasters. Now, she is running for President and jumping for the Green New Deal and Medicare for All … that are massive Socialist policies. She has issues with many of her policies. But the sad part of these Socialist programs is that … it will be a sorry too late.

No one will be interested in your sorry if you go ahead and implement these disasters in the country.

  • Not only you will get impeached
  • But there is no more being a Senator any more
  • There is no more being in American politics any more
  • Because you will always be the lady that unleashed an economic catastrophe in the country

Why write this now?

  • Stop disasters. Our specialty is stopping disasters before they occur. We warn well before in time to stop major systemic disasters. This time it is the Democrat Candidate that is carrying the disasters.
  • Impeachment move. Democrats are thinking of impeaching Trump to help Warren … what they don’t realize is that … it is Warren that has impeachable policies under her hood that will be catastrophic for the country. There is every possibility that Warren will get impeached and Trump will get his Second Term after that.
  • A lot of growing concern. Many people like her … but there is a lot of growing concern on many many of her policies. It is a must for her to learn and change.
  • One year ahead. There is sufficient time for her learn and change. There is nothing lost yet … nothing bad has happened yet.

Locked in a box
The interesting thing is that … Warren is locked in a box.

  • Disaster if she moves ahead. If she moves ahead with these policies then it will be a disaster for the country, for Democrats and for her Presidency.
  • Empty platform. But if she removes all of these policies then her Presidential platform will become empty. She will have nothing to campaign for.

Warren is locked in a box from both sides. That’s why we told you many months ago … learn and change … get yourself out of the box.