30 Sep 2019
Impeaching Trump favors the Establishment
in America

If we follow the impeachment track then this is what happens:

  • Democrats impeach a Republican President
  • And then Republicans will be keen on impeaching the next Democrat President

What Democrats don’t realize is that:

  • Trump is not creating any disaster
  • There are no war or economic disasters under Trump
  • Trump is running a clean Presidency … except for some itsy-bitsy glitches
  • Yes, Trump has not stood up to the Establishment and America is getting stalled under his Presidency but … still that is not an impeachable offense … morally yes, but legally no.

Warren has disasters in her policies:

  • Warren is following many Socialist policies
  • They are massive economic disasters
  • Her entire Presidential campaign is becoming “false marketing”
  • And if she implements those policies … she will be branded as a fraud … she will face charges of defrauding America by taking us into an economic catastrophe

What do you think that Republicans will do when Warren will launch her Socialist disastrous policies? Do you think that the Establishment and Republicans will sit back and watch? No my dear friend … Warren launching disastrous Socialist policies is a fantastic opportunity to:

  • Put the entire blame of America’s economic failure on Elizabeth Warren
  • Impeach Warren … a Democrat President
  • Brand her as a fraud and try to push her into jail
  • Warren becomes a fantastic “blame donkey” who will be branded as a fraud and a criminal
  • By whom? Who is going to brand Warren a fraud and a criminal? A fraudulent and criminal Establishment … using the Republicans.

Impact on the People Centric Movement
As a whole if you see … Trump and Warren … both of them are fantastic candidates brought into the White House to follow People Centrism … to do great things for the people and to stand up to the Establishment.

  • But if one People Centric Republican President gets impeached and
  • Another People Centric Democrat President gets branded as a fraud and ends up in jail
  • Then what is going to happen to the People Centric Movement?

Exactly … this path that the Establishment is designing:

  • Using frustration against Trump
  • Using his lack of leadership
  • Using Democrat’s eagerness to take the White House
  • Using Trump’s inaction and favors for the Establishment
  • Using Democrats against Republicans
  • Using Republicans against Democrats
  • Using all of us against each other

This track helps none other than the Establishment. Once the Republican President gets impeached and the Democrat President goes to jail … what the Establishment is going to say is:

  • Look … these guys can’t run the country
  • It was a total waste and a terrible idea to pull outsiders in the White House
  • One guy couldn’t do anything
  • The next guy created only economic disasters
  • This is “class warfare”
  • This entire movement of “people, people, people” has been a failure
  • Standing up to the Establishment is not good for America
  • It is destroying who we are as a Nation
  • And thus … Mitt Romney, Jeb Bush or Newt Gingrich should be President … they should lead America with stability and security

Do you see where we are headed? We cannot afford to root out each other … it will only work in the Establishment’s favor. Rooting out a People Centric Republican President will only provide all of the motivation needed to root out a People Centric Democrat President … who will probably be Warren. And trust me … she has disasters under her hood right now. She has tons to learn. If she moves ahead with the implementation of those Socialist policies … she will be branded as a fraud and the Republicans will have “real evidence” against her. We simply cannot afford to lose one President to impeachment and another President to jail.

The Establishment will obviously love it … not only they are:

  • Impeaching and jailing People Centric Presidents
  • By using ourselves against each other
  • But they will get to suppress and demonize the entire movement that is happening across the country
  • They will again run their shit-show using their puppets in the name of stability and security
  • Failing us is a victory for them
  • Fighting among ourselves creates a victory for them

That’s why I said … create a “working margin”. Do not be consumed by your own Party’s interests. Once someone gets elected … let them run the course of their tenure. There is no problem in challenging them … speaking out loud … pulling them on a better track … doing good things together … there is no problem with that. But never ever want jail or impeachment for each other … unless, there is a massive catastrophe of war or economic disaster being carried out by the other person.

We need to look ahead … look 10 steps ahead and see how these moves will affect American leadership through different Administrations. Democrats need to chill and use the right amount of pressure. Firstly, there are very less chances that Trump will be impeached. Secondly, if he does get impeached then it can be disastrous for Warren’s Presidency. Thirdly, as a whole, none of this is good for America or the people or anybody.

Warren can screw up everything
Warren should worry about the disasters under her hood and not worry about Trump’s impeachment. In fact, this is the first time that full-fledged disasters are being designed and promoted via a Democrat candidate. Till date, we had to save America from only Establishment run disasters or disasters started by George Bush who was a Republican. Hillary never made it to the White House because she would continue on the disastrous wars. It is the first time that a Democrat candidate is coming up with full-fledged disasters in her policies.

While we save Trump from impeachment … our worry is … how do we stop the disasters that Warren is coming up with? She is marketing all of these disasters in the name of “fighting for the people and standing up to the corporations” … the whole thing is false marketing and misleading the people. If Warren launches these fraudulent policies and if she is branded as a fraud … then it is going to backfire on our work that we have been doing for more than a decade. Currently, Warren is not only a threat to America but she is a threat to our work as well. If she doesn’t learn then she can screw up everything.

We know … she is being given a lot of support because there are high chances of her working with us … but what if she doesn’t? What if she goes ahead with these disastrous Socialist policies? In this scenario, not only she becomes a fraud but she becomes a threat to everyone. Trump didn’t have any Socialist policies with him … nor does he have any Socialism in his policies right now. Trump is not marketing Socialist policies by saying “people, people, people”. Anything that Trump is doing doesn’t backfire on our work … nor does it create a disaster for America. The worst thing that is happening under Trump is stalling. Removing the stalling to facilitate a disaster is simply crazy.

Impeaching Trump is not the right path for America.

  • Remove the stalling from Trump
  • And remove the disasters from Warren

These tracks will help America. We should quit jumping and supporting tracks that favor the Establishment just because of partisan politics. We should quit rooting out each other. Rooting out each other is not the solution.