29 Sep 2019
Break the game to win the game
in America

Here’s the thing with Establishment based malice … you don’t play their game. They have designed the entire game so that they always win. The best way to win against the Establishment is to “break the game”. If you play along then you keep taking moves that they have already predicted and prepared for … you only help them win when you play their game. But when you step out of the system … think outside the box … then you can formulate a bigger game and literally dismantle the entire game that the Establishment is playing. That’s how you win.

Example: War on Terror
We won against a trillion dollar Establishment that has hundreds of politicians and tens of thousands of companies in their control. How? We vaporized the War on Terror. How? We won because we didn’t play their game. We literally dismantled the entire game itself.

If we played their game saying … “no, Muslims are good people … Islam is a religion of peace” … then they say … “okay fine, we already knew that you would say this … now here is one more terror event carried out by a Muslim … now, defend your argument.” Instead of just playing defense … what we had to do was:

  • Step out of the system … look at the entire game that the Establishment had setup
  • Expose this game that they had designed
  • Predict their next moves
  • Show exactly who was behind this … how they were carrying out these events and what they wanted out of it … how they were benefiting from all of this
  • Exposing this helped key leaders stop playing their game … instead we worked on dismantling their game
  • Controlling the media, using commonsense, using logic and investigations, rooting out Establishment puppets and by using global support

We dismantled the entire game by fully exposing the miscreants behind this, their malicious intent behind this and how they are benefiting in every phase of this.

Current impeachment move
SM Networks will move in and save the President from impeachment … but even if that is done then who won? It is the Establishment that is winning in humiliating our President … consuming our time in impeachment where there is no requirement for the same … and stalling the entire country while we are consumed in this. It is their game … you are playing the game … they are sitting there and enjoying the show. Why should we allow a bunch of criminals to humiliate our President and consume us in this shitty show?

Anti-Trumpism is an Establishment deviation tactic
Why do you think we keep telling you … “dismantle Establishment monopoly … dismantle Establishment monopoly”. This is exactly what will help us eliminate all of their malice at the domestic level. If we dismantle them then we dismantle all of their games. President Trump, the Trump Family and the Trump Presidency is itself the biggest victims of this Establishment malice.

Take a look of how anti-Trumpism is stalling America:

  • Everyone is attacking one person
  • Everyone is putting lawsuits on one person
  • Everyone wants to investigate one person
  • Everyone wants to impeach one person
  • The entire media is about one person
  • And then …
  • Everyone has to save one person
  • Everyone has to protect one person
  • Everyone has to save one person from impeachment
  • Everyone has to save one person from jail
  • Everyone has to maintain one person in the White House

America has mostly been about “one person” since the past 3 years. Now, in everything that happens against Trump or for Trump … please show me:

  • Where is the benefit for the American people?
  • By demonizing Trump are we helping the people in any way?
  • By ridiculing Trump are we shining light on some crisis that the people face?
  • By impeaching Trump what is the good that is going to happen to the people?
  • Saving Trump from jail is saving one person … where is the good for the people?
  • Saving Trump from impeachment is saving one person … where is the good for the people?
  • Maintaining Trump in the White House is saving one person … where is the good for the people?

America is stalled since several years … being against Trump is not doing any good for America … being against Trump is not doing any good either. The whole anti-Trumpism is a “deviation game” that is only stagnating and consuming America. There is no good for the people here.

“No action and only favors” Configuration
What you should realize is that … this entire anti-Trump propaganda exists mainly because Trump himself has designed a configuration of “no action and only favors” for the Establishment. If America has to move forward … if this crisis has to be resolved then we have to:

  • Expose Establishment malice
  • We have to break systems
  • We have to break structures
  • We have to start fighting for the people

America cannot afford to remain consumed around “one person”. The fight for the people needs to begin. We have to snap out of these shitty games that the Establishment designs for stalling us, deviating us, leeching us and to continue to maintain us in a stagnant phase. We don’t have to play their games … we need to launch much bigger games … where we hold them in our palms and dismantle their structures.

This is exactly how we won the War on Terror … it was the biggest deviation game that the Establishment has ever designed. We dismantled the whole thing.

America’s Direction
If you look at what is going on … all of the people centric leaders rising from the Democrat side … all of them are anti-Establishment. Why?

  • Because President Trump didn’t make the move to dismantle this criminal Establishment
  • And this is the need of the hour … that is going to eliminate the debt crisis and take America into a new era

If we get Trump re-elected in 2020 … and if he continues to remain in the “no action and only favors” configuration for the Establishment … then we get 4 more years of everything being about “one person”.

  • Because again Trump will be the best Republican to lead the country
  • Trump will be the most knowledgeable and experienced Republican
  • Mike Pence will be a disaster
  • Saving Trump will be saving America
  • Because America cannot be trusted with another Republican

We will end up spending 4 more years in this cycle of … humiliation and saving Trump … humiliation and saving Trump … humiliation and saving Trump. Saving Trump is not a bad thing … but where is the good for the people? That’s why we keep telling President Trump … please step forward and lead … your people need you … your country needs you … there is lots and lots and lots of work to do. When you start doing good things for America and the American people then:

  • Everyone will love saving you and protecting you
  • Because saving you means phenomenal things for the people
  • Protecting you means protecting fantastic policies for the people
  • Helping Trump will become helping America
  • Saving Trump will become saving America … in its true sense

It is you who have to take a lead in this and make it happen. It is because of your configuration that you are being held back … you need to make a few changes and step forward … and you can win fabulously.

Trump can be “living American treasure”
I don’t think that you have noted this.

  • Business. When you did business … you made billions off it. You are an extremely successful businessman.
  • Celebrity. When you entered the entertainment industry … you got an extremely successful show. You were a successful celebrity.
  • Politics. And when you entered politics … you directly became President … that too, a very successful President.

There is no living American citizen that can say that … he is billionaire businessman, a successful celebrity and a successful President. Right now, you are already entering a zone … where you are a “living American treasure”. There is no living American citizen or perhaps in American history itself that can claim such phenomenal success in all three fields of business, entertainment and politics.

Don’t let the anti-Trumpism take you down. You are doing good … actually “excellent” for a first time politician. You can get all of the respect and glory that you deserve … it can happen … all you need to do is help your people … save your country … because this is the key crisis that you need to address. Choose good over evil. And trust me … you will be treated as “living American treasure” for life. Don’t miss your shot at this … this is a very very rare opportunity that one in billions of people get.

This is the perspective of the Pro-Trump groups in the SM Networks … that’s why they love you, adore you, protect you and they would love to see wonderful things happen under your leadership. But the Pro-Warren groups see it like this:

  • Business … Trump ran his business for himself
  • Celebrity … Trump became a celebrity for himself
  • President … Trump is running the Presidency also for himself

They literally got fed up of waiting for Trump to change … fed up of waiting for Trump to lead and they are rallying for Warren. The making of this “American treasure” that everyone wanted to see … it has already broken in part to favor Warren. Its an extremely thin line … where Trump can be defined as a fraud and a scam who supported and protected an evil and criminal organization while his people and country were burning in debt … but another face of Trump can be … of a stunning and fabulous living American treasure. The key difference is of “good and evil”. All you have to do is choose good and step up for your people … and there will be mind-blowing victories on a platter for you.