28 Sep 2019
Trump fights self-imposed ridicule
in America

This is what President Trump doesn’t realize … he is fighting self-imposed ridicule.

  • It is self-imposed aggression
  • Self-imposed humiliation
  • Self-imposed lawsuits
  • Self-imposed impeachment moves

Yes, all of these are things that Trump has supported, encouraged and imposed on himself. He keeps saying that … he is worst treated President ever … no President has faced so much aggression in US history … but he doesn’t realize that he himself has created the configuration to enable this.

You have basically designed two teams:

  • Establishment Team. This team sucks up to the Establishment, bankers and Netanyahu … supports war propaganda … allows Netanyahu to go around bombing other countries … promises to protect and safeguard the Establishment. This is done thinking that “it is the Establishment that is protecting Trumps from jail and impeachment”.
  • SM Team. This team follows works that don’t affect the Establishment in America … like North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, Venezuela and other international affairs.

What Trump basically thinks is that … since he has support from both teams in America then he should be the strongest President ever. He should not have any problems … everything should be smooth … there should be no issues in the country. But this configuration that Trump has designed … it is practically like this:

  • Team Evil. Trump is promising support and protection for the evil in the country. These evil elements know that Trump will not take any action against them … if anything bad happens to Trump … he will only come with favors for them. Thus, they keep hammering him again and again … gaining more and more favors … ridiculing him again and again.
  • Team Good. This team sees that … okay fine, a few good things are happening at in the international sphere under Trump … but the entire evil Establishment still exists that keeps humiliating him.

What Trump should realize is that … no one created this configuration … he himself created these teams and built this configuration. This idea probably originated from his hotel management tactics of having two teams and using the strengths of both teams to do better work. It might have worked for his hotels … because both of the teams were competing in doing what is best for his hotel … thus he could pick the best ideas. But this concept is a massive failure when it comes to the country and when he is supporting good and evil at the same time.

Victories along with humiliation
The reason why you get victories along with humiliation is because … this is not a hotel … we are dealing with a nation here … we are dealing with 330 million American lives. You were chosen to lead this country and take the people into a fantastic new era. You were chosen to save your people from malice and abuse. And thus, many a time, saving Trump was saving America. SM intervened again and again to save you from Establishment malice:

  • Because … initially, you were new in the game and you did not know
  • Because it was Establishment malice against an innocent person
  • Because you were chosen to do what is great for America
  • Because there were many many expectations from you
  • Because you were not a part of a malicious, criminal and Satanic Establishment
  • Because you did not setup these exploitation systems
  • Because you were facing too much aggression
  • Because an attack against you was an attack on our work
  • Because impeaching you would be failing us in one of our victories
  • Because it would be a victory for a criminal Establishment
  • Because there was no appropriate replacement for you
  • Because other Republicans would only be a disaster
  • Because putting you in the White House saved America from Hillary
  • Because you were not creating nuclear wars
  • Because you were not destroying America with a war with Russia
  • Because at least one or two of your policies were right

The victories that were you were given were because of this. You can see there are more than a dozen reasons why you were protected. But in all of these “dozen reasons” … do you see any place where you were given support because “Trump is fighting against the Establishment”?

  • Where Trump is fighting against bankers?
  • Where Trump is fighting against corporations?
  • Where Trump is fighting against oil companies?
  • Where Trump is fighting against media companies?
  • Where Trump is fighting against Establishment monopoly?
  • Where Trump is saving America from malice, abuse and exploitation?
  • Where Trump is fighting for the people?

This is a major complaint from many SM Groups about Trump leadership … that’s why I am letting you know. Everyone is actively involved in running, managing and directing the country’s path. And what they complain is that … the past 3 years have been about:

  • Saving one person
  • Protecting one person
  • Helping and guarding one person
  • From all angles and all malice
  • And this person hasn’t been fighting for the people at all
  • In fact, this person keeps on taking the humiliation from an evil Establishment and keeps doing favors for them
  • We are serving and saving Trump … but he is not fighting for the American people.

America locked and stalled
Not only you have put yourself in cycles of abuse and humiliation but in the overall picture … it has locked and stalled the entire country. The critical person that we put in the White House has become extremely limited and restricted … his role has been throttled to a maximum extent … the entire project is suffering … the movement forward is extremely limited … the entire country is locked and stalled.

And the only thing next that happens is … save Trump from the next Establishment crisis. Everybody in the media, intelligence, political and legal spheres have to forget what to do next for the country … we have to leave the progress of the country aside … we have to leave the elimination of abuse and exploitation of the people aside … and everybody has to focus on saving Trump. They are asking me … how many more years of this?

Pro-Warren Groups Rejoicing
Do you know that the Pro-Warren groups are literally rejoicing the coming end of the Trump Presidency? They are rejoicing the fact that:

  • Now, we will actually get a President that will take up the fight
  • We will actually get a President who will fight for his people
  • A President who is not afraid of the corporations or bankers or oil companies
  • A President who will kick ass
  • A President who we will proudly protect and fight for
  • A President who will give us, the people, phenomenal victories
  • A President who will revolutionize America

Doing great in International Politics
You are doing great in International politics. You are passing the test with flying colors when foreign policies are concerned. You are 10 steps ahead of Obama. Obama was a fantastic President during his time … he was the best choice and the best President during his time. You are doing better than Obama … that is good. But the main crisis that 330 million Americans face has remained untouched in your Presidency. We told you this before … wars was a crisis that Obama faced … he handled it well. The main crisis that you face is “Establishment malice and exploitation”. It is in this sphere where you have to show leadership … you were literally chosen to solve this crisis.

But instead of solving this crisis … you have created a configuration where you repeatedly get humiliated and abused … you take no action … and SM Groups have to intervene to help you. This configuration is your own creation … you set that up yourself. The Establishment didn’t tell you to do it … we didn’t tell you to do it … Obama didn’t tell you to do it … SM didn’t tell you to do it … you have created this configuration yourself. You are facing self-imposed ridicule.

Biggest problem of the Trump Presidency
This configuration is the biggest problem of the Trump Presidency. It is not the Establishment … we are already kicking their ass … they are failing in every sphere. Its not the wars … its not North Korea or Iran … its not the Democrats. It is this configuration that you have created of “appeasing the Establishment whenever you are abused” … it is this that is stalling the country. It is because of this that you are not standing up for your people & country and fighting against Establishment malice in your own country. It is because of this that you are silent against the bankers, corporations, oil companies and Establishment monopoly.

Evaluation between Trump and Warren
Right now … everyone across all networks … they are evaluating … the type of leadership that America should move forward with. This is why we are telling you about this. You did a fantastic job of managing the situation in the Saudi oil facilities … it was a good job. But then Warren would also do the same … she is not a warmongerer … she is also a very peaceful person who hates wars. It is this key difference of how you would manage Establishment malice back home … it is in this area where she is ranking incredibly strong.

Pro-Warren groups are literally rejoicing the end of Trump Presidency … and eagerly waiting to see Warren’s fight against the Establishment that will change America for good. We know … there are issues in her policies … but we can change that easily. This is something that should have happened under your Presidency … but you have setup a weird and unexpected configuration that does not help anyone. You seriously need to focus on what you are going to do about this configuration and how you are going to slide towards the people. It is a must for you to make a change in your strategy and how you deal with Establishment malice. If you want to remain President … it is a must for you to stand up and lead your country.

Victories will always be there for you … but we have to start winning for America and the people … and not just for one person. This is what’s more important for everyone.