27 Sep 2019
Type of victory matters
in America

Here’s your issue in winning fabulously with a lot of respect, love and glory. If you have noticed … till date, you have won in almost all lawsuits, investigations and impeachment moves. But this winning came after a long phase of demonization and ridicule. Why? Because this is the ongoing cycle:

  • The Establishment creates malice … via leakers, via lawsuits, via books, via Democrats, via Republicans, via media and on and on and on.
  • We show you the malice … SM Networks get activated in analyzing what is going on.
  • Wait for response … everyone waits for the appropriate response from your side.
  • Appeasement and favors … everyone expects you to do the right thing in managing this malice. But what everyone sees is that … most of time you resort to appeasement and favors for this Establishment instead of standing up to them. During this waiting period and appeasement time … more and more demonization is carried out.
  • SM Networks intervene … coz these favors won’t do shit … Trump has to be saved. If he won’t step up then they have to step up … because that’s the right thing to do for America.

In this cycle of events … what the Establishment has figured out is that …

  • We can hammer Trump as much as we want … he will not do anything to us … except for favors and appeasement.
  • SM will intervene and help him out somehow eventually
  • At least, we get to ridicule, demonize and hammer Trump again and again whenever we want … it’s a great way of dropping him in the polls

This is the ongoing cycle. You are winning but with a lot of humiliation. You are lagging in the polls even when you are doing great as President. Because you never stand up for what is right against Establishment pressure. The moment you get to know that there is Establishment involvement … you are ready with favors … ready to bomb some country … allow Netanyahu to bomb any country … it is this response that upsets everyone in the equation.

The Establishment is so weak right now that little school children are going around hammering the NRA … speaking in town halls … demanding actions and policies against the NRA. And the Establishment can do nothing about it. This is your biggest drawback in responding to any Establishment based crisis. It is because of this that Warren is being brought in the game. Look at her campaign … right from day one she has been hammering the top 1% … the corporations … wanting to breakdown companies and advocating jail for malicious bankers. The reason why she has SM Groups in her favor is that … this is what we need at this time … a little bit of courage to stand up for what is right. You have to have courage to point out what is wrong and where it is wrong.

Right now, impeaching Trump is the wrong thing to do. SM will support you … because we support you on this move. But when you see the overall picture … is this what we are going to put up with for the next 5 years? These malicious criminals keep insulting the President … and the President remains dead silent … keeps doing some favor or the other … and we have to remove the problem for him because that’s the right thing to do?

I mentioned that some SM Groups drag their feet in order to help you and this is what their concern is. We spent 3 years in this cycle … is this supposed to continue for the next 5 years? If we are endorsing and supporting Trump for 2020 … so that he gets re-elected … are we going to get the same President who will repeatedly get humiliated and still continue to do favors for them? I know it might be embarrassing for you … but it is embarrassing for everybody. Everybody in this equation … millions of entities that are activated to help you across the country … everyone feels embarrassed that:

  • A bunch of criminals attack and humiliate our President
  • Our President, instead of fighting back, he will do favors for them
  • They laugh and humiliate him even more because he doesn’t know what is going on
  • And then we have to intervene in order to save the President because he is not from the same Satanic Establishment
  • The problem goes away … the President thinks that these criminals helped him
  • And this cycle repeats again and again and again

This is happening since 3 years repeatedly … they are asking me … if we move in Trump’s favor … are we going to have to put up with this same humiliation again and again and again for the next 5 years? What am I supposed to tell them? On one hand, we have Warren … who is jumping on every toe to fight all bankers, all Establishment elements and all corporations … she is in it 100%. Yes, she has issues in her policies … but that can be fixed very easily. If I tell them … leave Warren and stick with Trump … are you going to put them through this humiliation again and again for 5 more years?

See … this is election time. Everything is tested and decided one year ahead of time. SM doesn’t wait one month before to decide who should win. I think I told you this before … what is going to happen one year from now … it is planned and decided today. Your actions, policies, behaviors, management skills, courage, initiatives today … will help us decide who will win after one year. This is how it works. Everything is planned, tested and decided on year in advance … and then it is appropriately put into place.

You succeeded with Iran. You showed a lot of patience, intelligence and restraint in doing what is right. In foreign policy, you have scored 100%. Elizabeth Warren cannot score any higher than this. What you have done in Iran … there is nothing better that she can do. You won the test in flying colors. You did the opposite of what the Establishment wanted and that issue vaporized. Do you even see anyone talking about the Saudi oil facilities now? The whole thing simply vaporized because you pulled the right moves and you won.

In the next test … you are being tested on Domestic issues. How do you stand up to Establishment malice when America is concerned? When your Presidency is at risk … when you are put under pressure … and there is Establishment malice involved … how does Trump respond?

  • Is Trump going to be the same novice leader from year one? When he didn’t know anything?
  • Is he going to respond out of fear?
  • Will he follow the same path of favors and appeasement?

Your decisions now … they are going to help everyone see:

  • How much has Trump learnt?
  • How much is he ahead in the game?
  • How well can he handle Establishment pressure?
  • How he is going to fight back?
  • How he is going to stand up for himself and his country?
  • Is Trump going to be better than Warren?
  • Is it worth holding back Warren and help Trump win in 2020?
  • Will Trump lead America much better than Warren?
  • Is Trump a changed man that will give us much better changes hereon?

There is no doubt that they will help you win in this impeachment move. But the type of victory is also very important.

  • Does Trump think that he won because he did favors for these criminals?
  • Does Trump think that he won because he bombed some countries?
  • Does Trump think that he won because he allowed the bombing of some countries?
  • Did SM Groups had to do all of the work?
  • Did Trump show a fight?
  • Did Trump pull every string possible to fight this malice?
  • Or did Trump pull every string possible to favor these criminals?

This helps them understand the type of leader we have in the White House. We know that you are following a dual strategy of supporting both parties:

  • The Establishment and
  • The SM Networks

But the issue with this is that … the Establishment has been defeated on almost all fronts … and we have to move forward. But if you keep supporting, protecting and favoring the Establishment then:

  • Your leadership comes under question
  • All policies and reforms under your Presidency come under question
  • And they ponder whether this should continue for another 5 years or not … because it would make it difficult for America to move forward

Making things easy
I will try to make things easy for you. I will create a configuration where:

  • You will get victories
  • You won’t need to fight any Establishment element
  • And you also get respect and honor at the same time
  • No one needs to feel humiliated or embarrassed at any phase

I think you have made a separate team that:

  • Favors the Establishment
  • Appeases them
  • Promises them protection and
  • Helps with their war propaganda also

Firstly, it was a mistake to even form this team. Because these guys are misleading Satanic assholes … doesn’t matter how many favors you do for them … they will still stab you in the back. Secondly … now that you have setup this team and made commitments that you should never have … this how you should manage them:

  • Verbal – Frontend. Just tell them that … “This is just politics. It is just verbal arguments and reasoning. There will be no actual action taken on them. It is simple partisan politics management.” Obama did that in 2008 and Warren is doing the same thing right now. Nothing bad is happening to them … and it is only helping them.
  • Policies – Backend. As of now … you don’t need to take action against them but at the same time … don’t start any bombing operations or massive favors either. You are speaking the truth that you will not take action against them … because you will be working on an America First agenda … helping to build the People’s base.

This way you can manage your Establishment friends … campaign boldly and fearlessly … and do some great things for your people. As long as you are going to remain silent on Establishment malice and disasters … no one will look at you with love, respect and honor. You have to at least step forward “verbally”.

  • SM Networks. Do not be afraid because you are already protected by SM Groups.
  • Establishment. You are not taking any direct action against them. It is simple verbal speeches and arguments.

There is no pressure on you from any entity except protection. Stepping forward verbally on Establishment based malice:

  • It will bring out a new Trump that everyone will love
  • It will skyrocket your image and poll ratings
  • You will be able to crush every move made against you with overwhelming force
  • You will have undivided SM Support
  • No one needs to feel embarrassed … not you and not anyone else
  • The new victories that you will be getting … they will be phenomenal

And trust me … like I said before … there is an alternate way of working on the current crisis … and you can do this without any direct attack on the Establishment. All you have to do is create People Centric policies that will create a new people based platform.

You are managing wars and maintaining the peace excellently. You have got 100% marks in your first test. Everybody loved your victory … it was the right thing to do. Now, in this second test … please prove that you are better than Warren. All I need you to do is … step forward verbally at least.