27 Sep 2019
The radical different treatment of Whistle Blowers under the Trump Administration
in America

Let’s help President Trump win the media battle. Here’s the bottom line … you will come off winning in this impeachment move. You will not be impeached and you will still be the President of the United States. But when you deal with Establishment malice then you are not dealing with just one layer … you have to deal with multiple layers at several levels … and this will help you come off swinging and winning at several levels.

Media Disadvantage
Right now, you have the logic on your side and the support on your side to win the impeachment move. But the ongoing media demonization works in favor of the Democrats. They might not succeed in impeaching you … but they are definitely clamoring to pull down the fantastic image that you have in leading America. This impeachment move is creating media baggage. You have to take certain moves in order to win at the media level as well.

Locked in a box
Right now, you are playing full scale defense … you are following the exact path that they want you to.

  • You made a mistake
  • They blew the whistle
  • Media goes ballistic
  • Calls for inquiry and impeachment
  • You are playing defense
  • There are cover up issues
  • You will pull Republican support because this is party politics
  • SM will rescue you because this is Establishment malice

This path is highly predictable and the Establishment has already predicted and prepared for these moves. Don’t play their game … it will lock you in a box … it will lock you on their preplanned path. You need to think outside the box … think outside their system. This will not only help you play better but it will help you reverse their game on them … and come out swinging and winning.

Think outside the box
I will show you a simple way of managing “malice based crisis”. In school, one our teachers drew a line on the blackboard and asked … “how do you make this line short without touching it?” You are not supposed to touch the line … but make it short. Now, we are thinking … how do we make this line short without touching it? Then what he does is … he draws another big line right next to it and says … “hasn’t this line become short now?”

What you are doing right now is … being stuck with the first line. “Ow there was a mistake … the media is shouting about it … how do I get out of this … what are my defense moves” … and bla bla bla. You are allowing the first line to consume you totally … play better. You are supposed to draw a longer line on the blackboard and make the first line incredibly short and make it meaningless.

Radical different treatment of whistle blowers
Here is a winning card for you. Move the focus to the radical different treatment of whistle blowers under your Administration. Look at the treatment given to Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

  • They were branded as traitors
  • Their exposure was seen as a threat to National Security
  • They faced criminal charges of the worst kind
  • They were portrayed as the enemy of the American government
  • They were alleged to have broken laws and confidentiality agreements
  • They disclosures were condemned saying that “they made it difficult for American diplomats to work abroad”
  • They made the functioning of the government officials very difficult and hampered international relations
  • One guy is in jail having lived 5 years in an Embassy and another guy is living in Russia
  • No one followed the “truth or facts” revealed by these whistle blowers
  • There were no investigations or inquiries
  • Politicians were silent and did not give them support
  • There were no calls for resignation or impeachment of those exposed by these whistle blowers
  • Massive cover up operations were carried out to conceal what was exposed
  • Those exposed walk around free of any wrong doing
  • When in reality, Assange had exposed the killing of more than hundred thousand “civilians” … not in war zones, not the army or soldiers … these were 100,000 civilian deaths
  • Everything was covered up and those who exposed this were treated as criminals

And now … take a look of the exact opposite that is happening under the Trump Administration.

  • Whistle blowers are given full legal protection
  • They come on live TV and give interviews
  • They write books or help in writing books against the President
  • They are given red carpet treatment by politicians
  • Every bit and bite of what they exposed is fully studied and publicized
  • Legal action is demanded against the Trump Presidency and everyone involved
  • Politicians rally to follow the law
  • Inquiries are setup and impeachment moves are made
  • When in reality, what Trump or his officials have done is absolutely nothing … its basic tic-tac-toe … no one got hurt … no one got killed … there was no massacre or war or disaster
  • But they pretend as if there was a nuclear war and Trump is trying to cover it up

Do you see this radical different treatment of whistle blowers during the Democrat Administration and now? Yes, this is Establishment malice. In both cases, it helps the Establishment.

  • Assange and Snowden exposed Establishment malice … that’s why they were treated as traitors
  • The Establishment hates Trump … that’s why these whistle blowers are given red carpet treatment

In both cases, it helps the Establishment.

Winning Card
The good news for you is that … the Establishment is not what it used to be. They will play games owing to the ownership but they cannot defend themselves or win. They can always be defeated and they will not be able to do anything to you. This is how you play this card.

All you need to do is reverse your stand on Assange and support the information that he released.

  • Just use your supporting media channels and say … “how about we take a look of what Assange had released?”
  • He is also a whistle blower … why are we treating him like a criminal?
  • Why isn’t he getting the equal opportunity and voice that these whistle blowers are getting?
  • 100,000 civilians died … where is the accountability for this?
  • Who is responsible for this?
  • Who tried to cover it up?
  • Where are the resignations, impeachment or jail terms for these crimes?

What you are doing here is … drawing a long line on the blackboard so that the current line becomes a tiny dot … the Ukraine issue becomes totally meaningless when compared to what Assange had released.

Look at the comparison
This will help you win the media battle. What the people will do is … there will compare the two problems.

  • On one hand, you have a President calling for information on one American citizen … on the other hand, we have the US Administration getting a 100,000 civilians killed and covering it up.
  • Look at the scale of the crime … what you did cannot be even considered as a crime … and what Hillary tried to cover up was an entire massacre of innocent people. It was a cover up of a genocide.

If the Establishment and the Democrats want to play this game of:

  • Something wrong happened
  • There should be an investigation
  • Nobody is above the law … the law must be followed
  • There should be no cover up
  • Those responsible must be impeached

Okay fine … reverse their game on them. Let’s see how far they want to play it.

Don’t sit there taking the punches
The moment you play this card … your phone will start ringing … from Establishment elements and also some Democrats. They might use some of your sponsors to tell you …

  • Don’t play this card
  • Don’t support Assange
  • It is not good for America
  • We love you, we support you … we didn’t mean any harm
  • And bla bla bla

Well … is demonizing and ridiculing an American President in international news … is this good for America? Putting a microscope on his every activity … every word … every tweet … every meeting and demonizing him for nothing … this is good for America? This is in the best American interests? All of this is bullshit … they are demonizing you in the media when you did nothing wrong. It was simple party competition … it could have been handled behind closed doors. They chose to play this card … not only they went along with the story but they also called for impeachment. This gives you a 100% right to play your card.

But play at the same pace
But when you play this game … it is advisable to play at the same pace. If they are backing off then you also back off. If they are backing off in their offense then you also back off from your offense. If some Establishment elements start crying over it … just tell them … “there won’t be any actual action … it is simple media management”. The American people need to know the truth … of who is who … and who is clean and who is dirty.

You are a massive political giant … especially because you are totally clean. This is your advantage … don’t allow anyone to fling dirt on you for nothing. Play your cards … you will win.