26 Sep 2019
Trump has won immunity from jail and impeachment
in America

This might be a little bit surprising for the Democrats ... especially during the current impeachment scenario … but yes … Trump has won immunity from jail and impeachment. Why and how? I will show you.

People-Centric Movement in America
There is a massive people-centric movement in America that is defeating the Establishment on almost all fronts. The Silent Majority Networks are very actively involved in the intelligence, legal, political and media spheres. The fantastic victories that you are seeing about this movement is that … Establishment puppets are successfully being defeated and only “People-Centric” leaders are being brought into the White House.

You might think that … “hey, where the hell is this SM Networks … they don’t have any presence at all”. Well, that’s the fun part of it and that’s the advantage that they have. But I will show you their presence and activities on the frontend … especially where the White House is concerned:

  • Who won between Obama and Mitt Romney? Obama … because he was People-Centric.
  • Who won between Trump and Hillary? Trump … because he was People-Centric.
  • Who is moving up in the Democrat Presidential race? Elizabeth Warren … because she is People-Centric.

Forget about the past … even right now … all Establishment puppets have got a crushing defeat in the Democrat Primaries. Biden and Warren are clean that’s why they are ahead in the race. Bernie Sanders is defeated … Tom Steyers is defeated … Howard Schultz is removed from the race … all of them were Establishment puppets and miscreants … that’s why they will never even move close to the White House.

Based on this movement … there will always be a People-Centric candidate in the White House … doesn’t matter it is Republican or Democrat. The common enemy out there is the Establishment … Republicans are not the enemy nor are the Democrats. In fact, every President we will put in the White House will be from the same “People-Centric” team. It will always be People First for these Presidents … doesn’t matter Democrat or Republican. We are from the same team.

Trump is 10 steps ahead of Obama
What the Democrats don’t realize is that … Trump is 10 steps ahead of Obama. Obama took 4 years to fire Hillary Clinton and then he took 4 years to allow Russia to lead. Obama did not end any wars … nor did he wipe out ISIS successfully. Wars reduced but continued … terrorism reduced but continued because Obama never canceled the funding in war zones. It was President Trump who stepped up … with a single stroke of a pen … he cancelled all funding in war zones from America. And in his first ever international visit … he went to Saudi Arabia … in just one speech he cancelled all funding coming from the Middle East in these war zones.

President Trump eliminated all of Hillary’s malice of 4 long years in just one speech. In one hour, he did what Democrats couldn’t do in 8 years. Terrorism vaporized … wars vaporized … because of this fantastic move of President Trump. Because of Trump’s People-Centric leadership … we are having this peace, progress and growth … owing to which we are able to focus on reforms for the country in education, healthcare and infrastructure.

Not only did he wipe out terrorism and end wars … but he kept America First by putting American Energy first and putting American Manufacturing first. He stood up to China, Europe and the world to keep America First. He has done stuff within hours that Obama had never done during 8 years of his Presidency. He is far ahead in the game and he is technically 10 steps ahead of Obama.

Personal and Political Baggage
What we should always keep in mind is that “Trump is not the enemy”. Trump is not a bad guy … in fact, he is really a nice person … in many ways … he is phenomenal. The common enemy that we are all fighting is the Establishment … it is their malicious and exploitation systems that are draining trillions in wealth from the country … and they are creating malicious war events that are designed to destroy America.

We have to keep in mind that … all political parties and all Presidents will have some baggage. It is not about Trump being above the law or Obama being above the law. It is not about … you scratch my back and I scratch your back. We are facing “systems of abuse” here … we are dealing with network-based abuse here … and their abuse and exploitation is far beyond any personal issue. We cannot allow our leadership to be consumed with personal baggage.

The Obama Administration has baggage of genocidal wars and trillions of taxpayer money being wasted. Warren might think that … “hey, I am all clean … I have not broken any law. The law must be followed and those who break the law must be punished”. But what she does not realize that … she is running “false marketing” right now. She is saying “people, people, people” but in reality she has drastic Socialist systems that will drain the country dry. If she goes ahead with those policies … she will be branded as a fraud and face charges of defrauding America by misleading them into an economic catastrophe.

No one is all clean here … we are living in times of massive misleading and terrible systems. Obama was misled into disastrous wars and Warren is being misled into disastrous economic policies. If we start using the stick of the law then the American Congress will be empty. You will never get a leader that will be all clean in every angle possible.

Establishment gimmick – Personal attacks
In fact, this is an Establishment gimmick. As per their ideology, all of their disastrous and terrible systems must be running thinking that “it is the right thing to do”. As per them, the entire War on Terror that killed millions of people and rendered tens of millions of people homeless was “the right thing to do”. But when we put People Centric leaders in the White House … then they will put the microscope on every Tweet … every speech … every meeting … trying to criminalize or finding the least possible fault that they can.

This is exactly what Trump is facing since day one … in fact, even before entering the White House … the demonization was in full-swing. This shitty Establishment is thinking and challenging that … “hey, you defeated us in getting into the White House … now, let us see how long you will remain there”. They are sitting there rattling the Trump Presidency in one way or the other. We have failed all of their independent moves of lawsuits, investigations, impeachment and committees.

Now, what they are doing is … pushing the Democrats and trying to use the Democrats to do their dirty work … that is based only on hate and jealousy. There is no good result at the end of the day for the people from their actions. Democrats must not get carried away with Establishment misleading and propaganda … these assholes have been failed on every front possible. This is one of the last routes that they are trying to exploit.

Unite for People
All People Centric leaders must unite for the people … irrespective of their party. We can never be the hands of a Satanic Establishment and abuse each other as per their wish and enjoyment. Trying to impeach Trump over a phone call … it is exactly that. These assholes are sitting there and enjoying this shit show. One People-Centric party is trying to tear down another People Centric President … it is only fun for them.

And this serves as a “deviation tactic” for them. They keep the country’s media, people and politicians consumed with bullshit activities that has no benefit for the people or the country. The dozens of investigations, the tens of millions spent on these investigations and the years lost in these investigations … please show me, where is the benefit for the American people in this?

The anti-Trump agenda has been nothing but an additional deviation tactic from this malicious Establishment. We have to grow up a little bit … rise above ourselves … and unite for the people. We have to analyze things from the people’s perspective. If Trump is genuinely doing something that is disastrous for the people in terms of war or in terms of trillions in wasteful expenditure … then yes, take all measures to stop him. But we have to create a “working margin” to allow the proper functioning of the Presidency.

Allow a “working margin”
No one is perfect … there will always be some kind of mistakes because of:

  • Lack of knowhow
  • Establishment misleading
  • Establishment’s malicious events
  • Bad advisers
  • Party rivalry
  • Personal interests
  • Personal background

All of the above can lead to mistakes or breaking of the law or being in the grey area. For example:

  • Trump’s Pornstars … how the hell does it affect the people or the country? Its his personal background which is nobody’s business.
  • Don Jr. meeting with the Russians … okay, small mistake but Russia is providing fantastic world leadership that is creating peace and stability for the world. We should get over it and put this under the rug.
  • Ivanka’s email scandal … they tried to equate Ivanka with Hillary on this. The difference between Ivanka and Hillary is of heaven and hell. Hillary entered politics to wage wars and kill millions of people … Ivanka entered politics to stop wars and save lives by risking her own life.

Some mistakes or even entering the grey areas happen … we have to cover for each other. We have to create a “working margin” where it is fine to make mistakes. We will cooperate behind closed doors … help each other … and keep moving forward.

It is incredibly important for Democrat and Republican People-Centric leaders to come to an understanding on this cooperation. MAKING MISTAKES IS FINE. We cannot the Establishment to make a mockery of our Presidents. Every time it is going to be new candidates coming out of the systems … everyone will have their own baggage … everyone will have their own learning curve. It is a must for us to cover for each other.

We cannot allow the Establishment to use us against each other. The creation of the “working margin” will allow us to do that. It will create a lot of breathing room for the current President … it might be Democrat or Republican. They will know that … if something goes wrong then we have their back. Even if the Establishment uses some other politician or media outlets to keep creating this “good for nothing noise” in our country … then we have to figure out a way to hammer it down.

Allow healthy competition
While we protect our leadership from the Establishment’s malice, stalling, deviation and divisive techniques … we have to allow healthy competition.

  • Allow the debate on policies
  • Allow questioning each other’s decisions
  • Use the media for healthy conversations and debate
  • Collectively work towards moving forward

What we don’t do is:

  • Try to tear each other down
  • Try to put each other in jail
  • Try to impeach the other candidate
  • Try to destroy someone’s political career

This is what the Establishment would want. “Never allow People-Centric moves … never allow People-Centric leadership … always maintain them against each other … always use one against another … always keep them fighting with each other.” This is the Establishment's thinking. This is not how the country is going to move forward. This is plain entertainment for the Establishment where we are cutting each other’s throats.

Trump is immune from jail and impeachment
President Trump has managed to do fantastic things for America … while he was put under malicious dozens of investigations … while he was being internationally demonized … he wiped out terrorism … he ended all wars … we have a record-breaking job growth ever … American Energy is in its best form ever … he is fantastically managing all war events … despite all aggression, he is 10 steps ahead of Obama.

Owing to this fantastic performance under terrible pressure … almost all SM Groups unanimously believe that Trump must be protected from jail and impeachment. He is doing the best that any President has done till date … and there should be no reason why we should consider jail or impeachment for President Trump.

Yes, there might be some places where Trump has made some mistakes or entered the grey area … help him … cover for him. Manage party rivalry behind closed doors. What President Trump is doing is for every American citizen … it is helping everyone in America. It makes all of our responsibility to protect and help him … especially when something goes wrong.

It is a must for all of us to:

  • Protect each other and help each other … support each other in moving forward
  • Use logical thinking in providing better options
  • Use logical thinking in preventing disasters from happening
  • Design “working margins” to create breathing room for each other
  • Collectively hammer out Establishment malice against each other
  • Never consider impeachment for each other (except in cases of massive catastrophes)
  • Always protect and support each other

This is how we are going to move forward. This is how we will overcome this shitty Establishment. This is how America is going to win.