25 Sep 2019
Impeaching Trump is a disaster that will facilitate several disasters
in America

Bill Clinton’s impeachment followed by Bush’s War on Terror
If you want to understand what is going on then you should look at attempts to impeach Bill Clinton and what followed after Bill Clinton.

  • Demonization. Bill Clinton was repeatedly demonized using the Monica Lewinsky scandal.
  • Impeachment. He faced a lengthy battle for impeachment.
  • War on Terror. The demonization that a Democrat President faced was used to pull George Bush in power … and the War on Terror was launched.
  • Fantastic President. In reality, Bill Clinton was a fantastic people-centric President who created record breaking job growth.

The impeachment of Bill Clinton was designed to follow a massive disaster … that was the War on Terror. It is the repetition of the same pattern on President Trump.

Democrat’s Argument – Trump broke the law?
The Democrats are arguing that the President broke the law via “one phone call”. Okay fine, if this is how they want to play it … then how about the war crimes of Hillary GodDamn Clinton? Hundreds of thousands of innocent people were killed during the last Administration and hundreds of billions of weapons just “disappeared”. Isn’t killing innocent people a crime? Isn’t the disappearance of hundreds of billions of American taxpayer money a crime? Shouldn’t there be an investigation and punishment for this scale of crime?

Where is the damage from Trump’s phone call?
Taking a microscope and screening every Tweet and phone call is easy. But where is the damage from Trump’s phone call? There is no disaster for the people or the country … and it is no match to what was done in the previous 8 years of the Democrat Administration. It is strongly advisable for both parties to wash their dirty clothes in private … and not give full-scale national level publicity to party rivalry.

Democrats don’t understand that this impeachment move is a massive blunder for themselves. It will bring very limited damage to Trump but it can bring enormous levels of problems for the Democrats … to the extent that you will come under Trump’s mercy. Take a look.

Disaster at several levels

  • Ongoing war events. Firstly, there are ongoing war events against Iran and Trump is managing them fantastically. Removing Trump at this critical time can be disastrous for America as we have no idea what the next Republican President will do.
  • Consolidate Trump. The impeachment move will be widely seen as a “foul card” being used to win in 2020 which will only consolidate Trump’s base … as the impeachment will be failed.
  • Hands of Satan. It is only out of hate that the Establishment elements want to impeach Trump. And when Democrats are following Establishment objectives then they are only being the hands of Satan. Trump is doing absolutely nothing that is disastrous for America or the people. Being the hands of Satan backfires to an enormous extent.
  • War Crimes Investigations. It will give Trump the motivation to initiate war crimes investigations into what happened in the previous Democrat Administration. Hundreds of thousands of people were killed and trillions of taxpayer money was wasted. The Establishment is incredibly weak today and they cannot stop Trump or protect you in these investigations.
  • Line of Democrats up for jail. These investigations can put a long line of Democrats up for jail. Trump can easily say buzz off to those advisers who advice against this move. Right from the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, to everyone involved … Trump can start demanding accountability for every innocent life lost in every country targeted.
  • Mountains of Baggage. Democrats are trying to target Trump for simple phone calls and simple meetings with Putin … but they should realize that they have mountains of baggage … and if Trump opens this Pandora Box and starts a public show of investigations against every Democrat involved … then attacking Trump will backfire on the Democrats to an enormous amount. Instead of impeaching Trump … which will be failed … it will be highly unpredictable what will happen to a lot of Democrats.

Well, this is not the only problem that will happen via impeaching Trump. Here is the long list of disasters that will be unleashed via impeaching Trump.

Coming disasters under the Democrats
Democrats don’t realize that impeaching Trump is a disaster … nor do they realize the long list of disasters in their policies that will be unleashed after impeaching Trump.

  • Frontend Slogans – People, people, people. Elizabeth Warren has “people, people, people” all over her policies and slogans. But she does not realize that she is copying catastrophic policies from Socialists like Bernie Sanders and AOC. Her major policies are total disasters. The Establishment is loving the impeachment of Trump and the unleashing of disasters via Warren.
  • Medicare for All. She is copying Bernie Sander’s Medicare for All program … it costs $30 Trillion. In the name of cutting costs for healthcare … she will create an economic catastrophe.
  • Green New Deal. This program costs $50-100 Trillion. In the name of fighting Climate Change, Warren wants to unleash another economic catastrophe via the Green New Deal designed by another Socialist, AOC.
  • Ultra Millionaire Tax. She wants to tax millionaires by 2% to fund many programs. Sounds good but the problem is that there won’t be any millionaires left or in fact, any money left in America after she implements the above two policies. She will get a national debt of $25 Trillion … Medicare for All is $30 Trillion … Climate Change $50 Trillion … total cost & debt is $105 Trillion. The total wealth owned by entire of America is $98 Trillion … she is already $7 Trillion short. Now, where are these millionaires when there is no money left in the country at all? She was a school teacher … I am sure she was not teaching Maths. Lol.
  • Renewable Energy. Some moron is pushing her for renewable energy and abandon oil resources worth trillions … while pursuing her Green New Deal. Here, America is going to lose resources worth trillions.
  • $15 per hour minimum wage. This move will kill small businesses, raise cost of living and only helps China. It will move even more industries to China.
  • Legalize Marijuana. In order to fight over incarceration … she wants to legalize marijuana. 60,000 Americans are dying due to drug overdose … legalizing Marijuana is literally giving them the death sentence.
  • End the Opioid Crisis. Her call to end the Opioid crisis is hypocrisy when she just multiplied the crisis by legalizing Marijuana.
  • End Corruption Now. She has a plan to End Corruption Now but interestingly the Establishment will not need any corruption now because she will herself hand over $105 Trillion to them legally via her own policies. Lol.
  • Breakup Big Tech. She wants to break up 5 companies into two. She doesn’t realize that the Establishment owns tens of thousands of companies which they manage pretty well … and they can very easily manage the two companies that you will form after the breakup.

If you see Elizabeth Warren … she is a massive economic catastrophe at several levels that she herself doesn’t realize … and she is campaigning for all of these catastrophes in the name of “people, people, people” and in the name of fighting against the corporations. She is not fighting any corporations … she is currently the “darling of the corporations” … owing to her lack of knowhow and ignorance.

By demonizing and impeaching Trump … it is this that we are going to facilitate:

  • Economic catastrophe in healthcare … in the name of Medicare for All
  • Economic catastrophe for everyone … in the name of fighting for Climate Change
  • Abandoning trillions of oil reserves … in the name of Climate Change
  • Full-scale legalization Marijuana … multiplying deaths and drugs related crimes
  • Hiking minimum wage … only to kill small businesses and ship more jobs, manufacturing and technology to China
  • She is planning to do all of the above … in the name of people, people, people and fighting corporations

Do you see Trump doing any of the above? Nope. President Trump is facing exactly what Bill Clinton faced.

  • Trump is managing war events excellently
  • Trump is running very good people centric polices of America First, American Energy and Tariffs
  • Trump is maintaining world peace and breaking economic records
  • They want to remove him and replace him with a long line of disasters

Warren is a disaster and she has a lot to learn. This is her current status. Impeaching Trump today is a disaster that will facilitate a long line of disasters for America. The good thing today is that … the Establishment is very weak and there will be no repetition of Bill Clinton … in fact, all of the moves can be reversed. I think that the Democrats didn’t calculate this well.