24 Sep 2019
Not the time to impeach Trump
in America

No, now is not the time to impeach Trump. Impeaching Trump now will be a favor for the Establishment. There have been 3 major events that lead us to war with Iran. Trump has avoided all of the 3 events and he did not fall for the war propaganda. This makes him the best Republican to lead the country right now. There is absolutely no guarantee what Mike Pence will do in the same situation.

  • Trump has already understood Establishment malice
  • He is successfully avoiding wars
  • He is maintaining the peace and stability in the country
  • And he is taking appropriate measures to combat Establishment malice in war zones

This level of understanding cannot be expected from any other Republican that will replace Trump if he is impeached. In all war zones, Trump is taking the right moves:

  • In North Korea
  • In Afghanistan and
  • Now also for Iran

His moves in Syria were wrong … but after that, his moves in all 3 countries have been on the right path.

  • They combat Establishment malice
  • They derail war moves
  • They weaken the Establishment in repeated attempts for war
  • And they maintain the peace and stability

You yourselves can take a look at how his moves disable and eliminate Establishment malice.

  • North Korea. His moves were historic in creating never before relations between the North & South Koreas. His peace initiatives and talks with Kim Jong Un were historic to the extent that nobody fears North Korea even doing any testing activity now. Before, if North Korea did any testing activity then there would be fears for war.
  • Afghanistan. The strategy has been very recently given to him of how to involve Russia to stabilize Afghanistan and to deal with the Taliban. But Trump is already working on bringing back troops from Afghanistan and Taliban leaders are already meeting the Russians. This will lead to the stability of Afghanistan, a country in chaos since 20 years.
  • Iran. To manage Establishment malice and events that are pointing to a war with Iran … Trump is sending troops and intelligence officers to combat this malice … and not to start a war. Managing these war events and securing our allies in the Middle East disables Establishment malice.

Trump is tactically and fantastically disabling Establishment malice that would otherwise push us to wars. No Republican, at this moment, can show this type of leadership and understanding.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez
This is what you need to know about AOC, who is trying to push for Trump’s impeachment. AOC is a student of Bernie Sanders, an Establishment Socialist Jew. She comes from the den of Establishment malice that she herself doesn’t understand.

  • What to take from her? The noise making from her is just fine. We need leaders who will standup and fight for the people. Let her make as much noise as possible for the people. Sometimes, she makes noise against Israel and the Establishment ... that is also nice ... allow it.
  • What to leave? Don’t take any of her policies or actions. They will be Socialist disasters that will work only in favor of the Establishment.

She is a socialist disaster working in favor of the Establishment … take a look:

  • Medicare for all. A Socialist program that will cost the American people $30 Trillion designed by Bernie Sanders. Even Warren doesn’t realize this and she is saying “I am with Bernie!” In the name of cutting costs for healthcare, they will create an economic catastrophe.
  • Green New Deal. The costing for this deal for American taxpayers is going to be anywhere between $50-100 Trillion. This is again designed by AOC … your for people’s champion.
  • Impeach Trump. This is another Establishment objective being actively pushed via AOC within the Democrats.

The majority of AOC’s activities are in accordance to Establishment’s ideology and objectives … and she doesn’t know it. She is running Establishment propaganda within the Democratic Party … and she is being given a national level publicity. She is a complete disaster and she should only be allowed to “talk” because that is her right. We should never be foolish enough to accept and follow any of her actions or policies. If you are thinking of accepting any of her policies or action … then screen them 10 times … because she is a byproduct of the main Establishment exploitation ideology. She comes from the main den of the malice. There will only be two things in such politicians.

  • All of their sound bites will be “people, people, people”.
  • But the actual implementation of their actions and policies will be a disaster for the people.

Trump and AOC
Trump is not a total disaster for America because he doesn’t come from the Establishment den of Satanism, exploitation, Socialism and Communism. Trump is a simple businessman who loves his country and he loves Christianity. Trump is able to use commonsense and save his country from wars and disasters. The last thing we should do is … listen to a Socialist who will create a massive economic catastrophe and remove a President who is protecting and saving America.

Trump and Change in Systems
Yes, we know, “Trump has not taken initiative in changing systems … his leadership is wasting time. Why do you help him when he only takes useful stuff from you and he has done absolutely nothing for you?”

Yes, all of these questions are there … but how is it wise to remove a guy when his replacement will be a total disaster for America? At least, Trump is stopping wars and doing what is right in these war zones. Given the pressure that is there in the White House, even this task is a miracle. To add to that … Warren is not ready. She is with “Bernie Sanders”. She is coming with complete Socialist economic catastrophes. She has to learn and change a lot.

First get a candidate that is better than Trump … who knows better, who can do better … and then consider his removal.

  • On one hand, you have other Republicans, who will destroy America via a catastrophic war because they don’t understand and cannot handle Establishment malice.
  • And on the other hand, we have Democrats coming up with economic catastrophes.
  • And you want to remove Trump, while there are ongoing war events in the Middle East … and replace him with a Republican that knows nothing?

It is a totally ridiculous time to remove Trump. If Trump doesn’t lead America in changing the systems and the other candidate is ready … then we can consider removing Trump. There is no way in hell, we should allow the replacement of Trump by any other Republican as of now. There is too much time left for elections for a Democrat to lead … there are ongoing war events … removing Trump can be disastrous for America. Right now, protecting Trump is protecting America … protect him.

When to consider Trump’s Impeachment
If the Democrats really want to impeach Trump then this is when you should consider his impeachment:

  • Disasters or Catastrophes. If Trump is launching any disasters or catastrophes … like war disasters or economic catastrophes … then you can say that … “okay, Trump needs to be removed and someone more sensible should take the lead”. But look around yourselves … what disaster or catastrophe has Trump unleashed on anyone? There are no wars and there are no economic catastrophes. And the truth is that … Trump is saving America from war and economic catastrophes.

And that’s the only justifiable reason for Trump’s impeachment.

Problems for Democrats with trying to impeach Trump
Democrats might think that it would be a great victory for them if Trump is impeached … but that’s a false assumption. It is only an Establishment objective to impeach Trump because they hate Trump. Now, these are the problems that the Democrats will face in trying to impeach Trump:

  • Impeachment will be failed. There is no SM support for impeaching Trump. It is only a bunch of criminal Establishment elements who are keenly pushing novice leaders like AOC to impeach Trump. Trump is currently the most qualified candidate that is managing Establishment malice excellently. Look around … almost all lawsuits, investigations and impeachment efforts have been failed against Trump.
  • Another victory for Trump. You will drum up the beats for impeachment and eventually you will fail … giving another victory for Trump. Today, Trump is a massive political giant only because malice against him has been repeatedly failed via SM Networks. If Trump is creating a disaster or a catastrophe … only then pursue impeachment … if you pursue impeachment for itsy-bitsy stuff like phone calls and meetings … then those efforts will be flushed down the toilet. The Establishment will give a lot of media publicity for these moves … but eventually it will be failed by SM Networks because it is nothing but malice.
  • Consolidate Trump for 2020. You are thinking that you will impeach Trump but instead you will end up consolidating his support base for 2020 with your failure in impeachment. The Senate is still Republican controlled and your impeachment will be failed … via this route as well.
  • Foul Play Baggage. Somehow, even if you succeed in impeaching Trump then it will be considered as “foul play”. The immediate next Republican candidate will use the “foul play card” to pull supporters on his side. Even if you win in 2020 … even then, the impeachment will be marketed as foul play by the Republicans. They will use this to their fullest extent in taking over the House and Senate. This impeachment will end up being baggage for you. Think ahead. Republicans had taken over the Senate and House during Obama … you will only end up giving them additional pointers.

Don’t get carried away with Establishment objectives and propaganda only because it suits your party’s interests. The Establishment has lost control over the process and they are very easily being failed again and again. The main banker puppet on banker soil, Netanyahu, has legal problems … his government has been failed repeatedly … to the extent that he has even lost the majority to another candidate. This is the level of defeat being delivered to Establishment puppets and propagandists.

There are better ways to win in 2020 … focus on that. Sometimes, playing fair is playing sensibly.