21 Sep 2019
Helping President Trump avoid solutions that are 1000 times worse than the problem
in America

Firstly, we must congratulate President Trump for his peaceful, smart and highly diplomatic way of handling the recent crisis of Saudi oil facilities being attacked. The President was simply excellent in responding and managing this crisis. Well done Mr. President!

Two interesting things that you need to watch about the media and this event are:

  • The story disappears the moment Trump is on the right track. The attack on Saudi oil facilities was headlines with the blaming on Iran, evidence pointing to Iran and even some media outlets were saying that Iran’s Supreme Leader authorized the attack. The warmongering was pretty much at a considerable scale. But the moment, President Trump changes track … opts for investigation and a security buildup in the Middle East … then the story disappears from the headlines. Why? Because now they have to congratulate and appreciate the President on his patient, intelligent and tactical moves! Lol. The Establishment media will try to push the President for war … but the moment he responds with patience and intelligence … the story disappears. Lol.
  • No warmongering from Fox News! Now, this is a first. There was absolutely no warmongering or misleading from Fox News. All headlines were kept clean … there was no push for war … “Fox News” was on a peaceful path! Now, that’s a great change to see. Thanks for supporting the President by maintaining the calm.

Distinguishing between terror events and war events
Let’s help the President lead in times of crisis. The Establishment will design solutions that are actually 1000 times worse than the problem itself and they will mislead you on this path. I will give a basic structure that will help you manage “terror events” … this structure will always help you come out winning.

War Events
These are some “war events”:

  • A country actually declaring war against America or another country. The leaders, the King or the President … actually calling for war openly and publicly.
  • Sending of an army, navy or fighter jets against any country or again America. This is again a verified sign of war. If they have declared aggression against you or your allies and they are sending their army … then obviously they want war.
  • Preliminary strikes. If anyone strikes you or your allies via any means … and they are accepting that they carried out these strikes … then it is a sign of a conflict.

What are not war events:

  • A country’s hateful rhetoric against America or its allies. This is not a sign of war. Being a Democratic country we should understand the people and leaders have the right of speech and opinion. If they don’t like us or don’t like our allies … then it is their legal right. Hate is not a war event … someone disliking you is not a war event.
  • Building up defense systems. If a country is building its defense systems. It might be nuclear or missile systems. Again, it is not a sign of war. It only means that a country is building up its defense systems. The campaign against Iran’s nuclear program … it is only “fear marketing”. Netanyahu has been doing this fear marketing since 10 years … he himself is toast right now. But Iran has not attacked anyone or used WMD on anyone. It is all fear marketing.
  • Buying Russian Defense Systems. This is also not a sign of war. It just means that they are shopping around.

Identifying Terror Events
We have not broken down the Establishment yet. So, there may be chances of more events being created. This is how you identify terror events.

  • Blame Iran. If any terror event is created and the blame is on Iran … then there is a 95% chance that the Establishment is behind it. Because that is the only country left on their list now. The blame game on Afghanistan is over … the blame game on Iraq is over … the blame game on Libya is over … the blame game on Syria is over … now, its Iran’s turn. Simple logic … why isn’t anything being blamed on Iraq or Libya or Syria anymore? Why is everything pointing to Iran now? Exactly … because Iran is the next Establishment target.
  • Iran doesn’t claim responsibility. If you see in all of the terror events … no one claimed responsibility. Saddam Hussein didn’t claim responsibility for anything that happened in America … Gaddafi didn’t claim responsibility … Assad didn’t claim responsibility … but even then we blamed them and attacked them. This is Establishment malice … they will lead you into solutions that are 1000 times worse than the problem. They literally create “terror events” to push you on this path. It is very very easy to plant evidence that will point to Iran.
  • Event Design. See how the event is designed … if the event is designed in such a manner to blame Iran then again you will know that it is the Establishment behind it. An example: Chemical attacks on the rebels in Syria were literally designed to blame Assad. The event was designed in such a manner that the blame should fall on Assad and he should face American aggression. Now, they attacked Saudi oil facilities using weapons from Iran. Who is the obvious target here? Iran. What should be the next step as per this event? Bomb Iran. This is an Establishment setup. It is malice. It is not a war event … it is a terror event maliciously planted by the Establishment.
  • War next? Another factor that you should see is … is war next? Is war the next step as per this event? If they are showing “war as the solution” in the next steps … then know that they are going to pull you in a massive catastrophe. They will put you in something that is 1000 times worse than the problem that you are facing. This is again a sign of Establishment malice and misleading.
  • Trillions in spending? Another key factor that you should see is … do the next steps involve trillions in spending that belong to the American taxpayers? Then again it is a problem.
  • Killing by the millions? Does the next step involve where millions of people will die? Doesn’t matter which country it is … ours, theirs or our allies … will millions of innocent people die? If this is there in the next steps then know that they are trying to push you into something that is 1000 times worse than the problem.

President is the Commander in Chief
Doesn’t matter who the hell it is that is advising you … always keep in mind that … “you are the President” … the people chose you to lead the country. They trust you and you have been chosen to make the decisions. You are the Commander in Chief. You should take the stand, lead and direct all of your advisers. Don’t take their lead or advice. You should give them the specifications of what their advice should be … and how their solutions should be.

  • If their advice or solutions contain pointing of a terror event to an entire religion or country … then simply toss it aside.
  • If their solution contains war … toss it aside
  • If their solution contains trillions in spending of American taxpayer money … toss it aside
  • If their solution to the event involves the killing of millions of people … just toss it aside

And tell them that this is how you need the solutions to be:

  • It should not contain warmongering on any religion or country. Terror events must be treated as terror events … measures must be taken to address these events … but we should never go for war based on some events and blame games.
  • It should not involve the spending of trillions of American taxpayer money and
  • It should not involve the killing of millions of people … doesn’t matter which country it is

Solution Design
This is how you design solutions to address terror events. You are the President … you are the leader of the Nation … you instruct all of your advisers … for this event and all next events … that this is how the solutions should be:

  • Contain Media. Firstly, contain the media to control the push for war. Don’t allow yourself or any member of your Administration to go for warmongering. Germany successfully managed the crisis that they were trying to create using migrants in Germany. Establishment elements were trying to create events again and again using migrants to blame Angela Merkel’s immigration policies. One of the measures that she took was to … stop promoting these events in the media. The more they promoted these events, the more they were pushing Angela Merkel against her own policies. Once they see that they are not getting the required media coverage then their motivation to carry out more events fails. The first step would be to contain the warmongering in the media.
  • Enhance Security. Terror events should be treated as terror events. Establishment elements are a bunch of high-end terrorists on the loose. Security enhancements are a must so that such events are prevented from repeating again.
  • Enhance Peace and Stability. Millions of people should not lose their lives but our measures should protect the people … from such high-end terrorists. All solutions must enhance the peace and stability in the region and in the country.
  • Diplomatic Routes. In all such events, there is a 95% chance that the Establishment will be behind it and only 5% chance that Iran would take such aggressive moves. However if you have to deal with any country as a whole, then always opt for Diplomatic routes … like sanctions, trade and finance routes, using allies, creating coalitions and building pressure to control negative activities.
  • Controlled Costing. If you observe, the above doesn’t cost anything much at all. If there will be some cost for security systems and protection that the Saudis will gladly pay. The real solution costs American taxpayers zero dollars.

This is the real solution. In the real solution … there is no war, no insecurity, no trillions in spending and no killing of millions of innocent people … there is peace, stability, security and coalitions … at zero dollar cost to the American taxpayers.

We cannot allow this criminal and malicious Establishment to mislead us into solutions that are actually 1000 times worse than the problem itself … via blame games, fear mongering and blunderous decisions from our leaders. You are the President of the United States … you direct and instruct all of your advisers to work on these lines. You don’t need to take their advice thinking that they are the best. You are chosen to lead … you are the best … you instruct and you tell them what to do.

You did simply great in handling the current crisis. Congratulations Mr.President!