20 Sep 2019
Trump should tell the Saudis NOT to attack Iran
in America

Tell the Saudis NOT to strike Iran. It will be a major catastrophe taking that path. The reason why we are alerting you about this is because some SM Groups are concerned that … some people might mislead Trump into allowing the Saudis to strike Iran. They are worrying about this option because:

  • First the Saudis said that the Houthis attacked the oil facilities
  • And then your Secretary of State, Pompeo, claimed that the attack was from Iran
  • And then all evidence is being lined up to point the blame to Iran
  • Now even the Saudis are saying that it was Iran
  • Pompeo is saying that “this is an act of war”
  • And he is visiting Saudi Arabia

The sequence of the change in narratives … the blame being moved to Iran … the words of “war” being used … and your Secretary of State coordinating with the Saudis on this narrative … is clearly showing the possibility that Trump wants to use this event to blame Iran and start a war using the initiative from the Saudis. This is the concern. There are several groups who are concerned about this possibility because it could be disastrous.

Here is how it would play out:

  • The Saudis attack Iran
  • Iran will not sit silent and there is every possibility that it was not behind this attack and it is simply being framed
  • When Iran starts firing missiles then there is no stop to it. No one will take missile hits from Iran and say that “its okay, no problem”. It will immediately turn into to and fro attacks.
  • It will turn into a full-fledged war
  • Since the Saudis will not be able to manage Iran … America will intervene to help the Saudis. One thing you should know about the Saudis is that … fighting wars is not their strength … take a look at what is happening in Yemen … they are not able to take down a bunch of rebels since so many years, forget about dealing with Iran. Iran makes their own missiles, fighter jets and even nuclear research which the Saudis cannot. The Saudis will get a thrashing and America has to intervene.
  • The moment America intervenes … Russia will step in to protect its ally, Iran. Russia will not wait for the bombs to fall on Moscow. Russia will stop American aggression at Iranian borders itself.
  • Nobody will approve a nuclear war against Russia just to help the Saudis … nor will you. You yourself will not go with a conflict with Russia because that will be a suicidal war.
  • The end result will be Saudis getting a massive thrashing from Iran and then retreating … because Russia will not allow anything further than that.

It will be a massive level of humiliation for the Trump Presidency.

  • First you allowed the Saudis to strike
  • And then Saudis got a massive thrashing
  • They lost hundreds of billions of more infrastructure owing to Iranian attacks
  • And then you retreated because Russia intervened
  • It will be failure of catastrophic levels considering the damage and lives lost in the Middle East

And this is if … we don’t go for a war with Russia and we retreat sensibly. If we go for a war with Russia then entire of America, Europe and sections of Russia can turn into radioactive wastelands within weeks.

  • A sensible fight will be disastrous
  • A conflict with Russia will be catastrophic

Both options are terrible.

Maybe your team is not giving you the full picture and the options at work. It is a must for you to tell your Dad … tell him that Saudis must NOT strike Iran.

Here is some background info on Saudi Arabia. Which was the last war that Saudi Arabia fought successfully? Yeah, right … there was no Saudi Arabia for hundreds of years. There were a part of Ottoman Empire ruled by Turks. Saudi Arabia was formed just 50 years ago. They are lovely people but simple tradesmen. They are not into technology, wars, military or intelligence. Iran is very sophisticated and advanced when compared to the Saudis. Iran makes its own missiles, own fighter jets and even its own nuclear research. We protect the Saudis from countries like Iran, Iraq and Turkey. Coz all of these countries are quite sophisticated when compared to Saudi Arabia.

These countries never attacked Saudi Arabia because of American protection. But if you tell Saudis to attack Iran … Iran will immediately hammer Saudis viciously. But when you come to attack Iran, Russia will defend Iran. Russia will save Iran from American aggression. Why?

  • Because there was no evidence that Iran actually carried out the attack on Saudi oil facilities … other than the one sided war rhetoric
  • If Iran is attacked then it can respond
  • If America intervenes in this tit for tat … then Russia will not wait for the missiles to fall on Moscow … it will terminate American aggression against its ally at Iranian shores itself. Everybody knows very well that this is Establishment malice and they know very well the type of war that the Establishment wants.

Sending Saudis to attack Iran is like sending a sheep to attack a wolf … it will come back in shreds, that is if it survives. And picking a fight with Russia is off the table … coz it would be mutual suicide. We know about all of these options … some SM Groups are concerned that Trump might encourage Saudis to attack Iran … but the result will either be a disaster or a catastrophe … both of them will be terribly embarrassing and disastrous for the Trump Presidency. That’s why I told you … please tell your Dad … he should tell the Saudis NOT to attack Iran.