19 Sep 2019
Pakistan keeps attacking India. Should Trump bomb and destroy Pakistan as well?
in America

There is some warmongering in the air. President Trump is being criticized for his peaceful and diplomatic path on the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities. Let’s help the President deal with these warmongerers with simple logic … so that he comes out winning.

Pakistan keeps attacking India. There is cross border fire … Pakistan sponsors radical groups in Kashmir … Pakistan sponsors violence, hate and division in Kashmir … to the extent that Pakistan is raiding Indian territory and it has occupied huge portions of Kashmir. All of these are open hostilities on a war footing. What is the solution here? Should Trump bomb and destroy Pakistan as well?

If there is any attack on the hundreds of countries that are American allies … should we just go out there, start bombing countries and destroying countries because they had bad relations with our ally? Is this what is expected from America? Is this how we are going to maintain world order and peace? Is this how we are going to lead the world?

Solution is 1000 times worse than the problem
If you look at Establishment misleading and malice … then the solution that they will offer for the problem … this solution will be a 1000 times worse than the problem itself. The War on Terror is a typical example. Two buildings went down and some people got killed … even if you went for a tit-fot-tat response and if the Taliban was genuinely behind this attack even then … we should have taken down a few buildings in Afghanistan and killed the same number of people and called it a day. They hit us and we hit back … the topic should have been closed with that.

But instead, the Establishment created a propaganda of fighting several countries, demonizing several leaders and an entire religion itself … taking us into 20 years of war … tens of trillions of debt … millions of people being killed … tens of millions of people losing homes … a worldwide refugee crisis. The “solution” that they proposed was a 1000 times worse than the problem itself. This is Establishment misleading.

Encash the crisis
This is not something that they did once … this is how they routinely function … this is a success formula for them … their mantra is “encash the crisis”. They will create the problem and put you on a path where they will keep on worsening the problem and keep on minting more and more cash from you. As long as the crisis exists … you keep on paying for it … that’s why the problem never gets solved and they keep making money off it. And that’s why they keep pushing you on such disastrous paths.

The entire ideology of Socialism and Communism was created based on this concept … to use some troubles that the people were facing … take the help of the people to get rid of the Kings and establish Communism. They used the fact that farmers were facing oppression from their landlords … these farmers were weaponized to fight against the King’s armies … but when Communism was setup … these same farmers who fought for them … they were starved to death by the millions. That’s the level of abuse and extortion that was implemented via Communism. These guys are fraudulent deceiving assholes.

Managing the push for war
The only thing that you have to tell all of these warmongerers … it might be the media outlets or military advisers or political advisers … tell them to give a “solution for the problem that won’t make things worse”. We don’t want a solution that is a 1000 times worse than the problem. If Iran was genuinely behind the attack then our solution or the measures that we take … should greatly restrict Iran from repeating this mistake. Bombing Iran will only take us into a full-fledged war which will only be a problem in itself that is 1000 times worse.

Tell them to function on alternate routes of restricting, controlling and monitoring Iran. You should take the lead here and push them to work on:

  • Using allies to restrict Iran
  • Building coalitions in Europe to control such aggressive behavior
  • Trade routes and restrictions
  • Financial routes and restrictions
  • Working with neighboring countries of Iran to control Iran
  • Providing enhanced security and intelligence cooperation to our allies in the Middle East

Doesn’t matter who it is … military advisers or political advisers … the formula should be that “the solution should not be worse than the problem” … the solution should help in solving the problem. If we start bombing every country that has bad relations with any of our allies then we would be involved in dozens of wars at the same time. That is no way to run America or the world. You can easily control such advisers with simple logic and win with logic.