18 Sep 2019
Why ridicule our own President and spare Netanyahu?
in America

Here’s the thing about elections in Israel. It’s a banker owned country and a banker run country. The Democracy part of it is only a frontend show … to make the people of Israel and the world believe that Israel is actually a country and not just a plot of land owned by the Rothschilds.

The majority of the Israeli people don’t like Netanyahu. But he keeps winning because the voting process and vote counting is rigged in favor of whoever the bankers want to win. It doesn’t matter if the other guy gets more votes or if more people like him … the number of votes will be rigged in favor of the Banker candidate.

And even if Netanyahu is replaced … there are very less chances that the new guy will not be a warmongerer. There are lots of chances that the policies and approach of the new guy will overlap with Netanyahu by 90%. Its mostly a waste of time paying attention to Israeli politics for now.

The issue that needs to be addressed as far an American Leadership is that … Israel and Netanyahu have absolutely no control over American elections or the White House. We have already chucked them out from legal, intelligence and political spheres. The only thing that Netanyahu will do is mislead America into new wars. That’s his main banker given job … to keep on misleading America into more and more new wars.

Why they use Netanyahu for this job is that … as far as America is concerned:

  • Israel is untouchable
  • American leaders cannot go after Netanyahu or Israel
  • The moment they go after Israel or Netanyahu, it is branded as Anti-Semitism

So they can come, mislead and maintain you in disastrous wars that will:

  • Blow up trillions of taxpayer money
  • Risk thousands of lives of your soldiers
  • Destroy other countries and
  • Kill millions of innocent people

After all of that …

  • The American President is humiliated
  • He is also put under investigations, if possible
  • The UK Prime Minister was grilled again and again for his role in the war in Iraq
  • Hillary was grilled again and again using Benghazi as a pretext
  • Bush is humiliated even 10 years after his Presidency
  • The leaders of America and UK face investigations and also jail
  • Bush was declared the Worst President in American History
  • Thousands of media outlets continuously demonize and ridicule your decisions for ages to come

But interestingly … the main guy who misled you into these wars was Netanyahu. It was him who came to Congress and said “take down Saddam and I guarantee you that it will stabilize the region”. These are his exact words when came to market the war on Iraq in the Congress. Listen to him:


Where is the outrage in Netanyahu’s war mongering and Israel’s misleading in these wars?

  • We blame Bush again and again and again for the War on Iraq … where is the condemnation of Netanyahu for misleading us into this war in the first place?
  • We condemn every politician who voted in favor of the Iraq War … but why don’t we condemn the politicians who are puppets of Netanyahu?
  • We ridicule Hillary for Libya and Syria … but where is the condemnation of Hillary being a puppet of Netanyahu?
  • Why are we in drop dead silence when Israel has again and again and again caused us losses to the tune of trillions with every war?

This is the main reason why the Bankers use Netanyahu for warmongering.

  • He can go in there and mislead America into ridiculous wars
  • He can create trillions in losses and create a total catastrophe
  • And then he can simply walk away
  • And not only that … the pro-Israel marketing in America is so blind … that they wil continue to give 5 Star treatment to Netanyahu, call Israel our greatest ally and then allow him to mislead us into another multi-trillion dollar war.

How ridiculous is that?

  • We will condemn our own Presidents
  • We will ridiculue the most powerful person in America, who is our own
  • We will carry out investigations and grilling of our own leaders and politicians
  • And we will remain in drop-dead silence … and not speak a word … against the main culprits who are misleading us into these wars and creating these catastrophes for us and the world?
  • Just because the anti-Semitic card will be used against us? And we are the most powerful country in the world.

Do you see how beautifully Netanyahu is functioning like Satan?

  • He walks in
  • He misleads and creates a disaster
  • He remains untouched
  • And then he walks in again with some more misleading and disasters
  • And the cycle never stops

This is the exact functioning of Satan … he remains untouched and keeps on misleading you again and again and again. And if something bad is going to happen and it will happen to you only … while the Satan remains untouched. This has been the case of Netanyahu since the past 20 years.

That’s why I say … for now, don’t bother about Israel too much. Israel and Netanyahu have zero influence in American leadership … we can easily overcome them. All we need to do is “not listen to Netanyahu”. Its just like managing Satan … if Satan tries to mislead then simply don’t listen. That’s the easiest formula of dealing with Netanyahu and Israel. And that’s why we need to pull in more and more Establishment independent candidates in more political positions in America.

Protect our Establishment independent candidates … increase such candidates all over the Senate and the House … let’s fix America first. And then dealing with Israel will be like tic-tac-toe.