16 Sep 2019
Terror events that point to Iran are a “war trap”
in America

Quit trying to jump for war. Right now, both the Establishment and the Democrats are shocked at the massive “Political Giant” that Trump has become.

  • They are shocked that there is peace and stability under Trump
  • They are shocked that there is no warmongering and insecurity under Trump
  • They are shocked that Trump has won in all lawsuits and investigations
  • They are shocked that Trump has won against all impeachment efforts

They are just absorbing what the hell is going on and how this “one person” has withstood it all and won it all. The obvious next moves will be to take away your victories … to show that you are a failure … to take away the success that surrounds you. That’s why you are seeing these moves made:

  • Hey, you know what … we should investigate this or that.
  • How about we give a push for impeachment?
  • How about we create some terror events and push Trump for war?

All of these moves are designed to test and destroy your successes.

  • If you start warmongering, you eliminate the peace and stability
  • With warmongering and threats, you bring back insecurity and instability
  • The new investigations will again recreate the de-legitimization of your Presidency

Iran is not the main target
Iran is not the main target of these recent terror events … it might be the ships or the oil facilities being attacked. “The moment Trump makes the mistake of starting a new war then he is toast.” If you see all 2020 Democrat candidates then none of them are pro-war. Nobody wants a new war. All of them are about reforms and fixing the crisis in America.

The moment you start war mongering … the moment you start a new war then your Presidency is toast. They get a legitimate reason to remove Trump from office. It might be via impeachment or via 2020 elections. Iran is not the main target here … it is the Trump Presidency that is the main target here.

Right now, there is absolutely nothing that they can use to terminate your Presidency via impeachment or in fact, you have very strong grounds to even win in 2020. Warren’s policies are a disaster … she doesn’t know anything. Biden is the only guy using commonsense among the top Democrats and Biden is way behind you in the game. This makes you the most suitable candidate to lead America.

The peace, the stability and keeping America First … makes you the most suitable guy to lead America. You screw in this equation then the next guy immediately takes the lead beyond you. Right now, you are doing great … don’t make any blunder or fall for war traps. Right now, your position is of a “Massive Political Giant” … hold on to it … don’t screw it up … you have a much bigger game to play using this fantastic status. You still have to show the world what Trump can do.

Terror events that point to Iran are a war trap
You can understand this from the chemical attacks in Syria. Assad was winning … he had Russia, a world superpower on his side … the rebels were getting defeated … there was absolutely no reason for Assad to use chemical weapons on the rebels. It would only mean an American intervention that would adversely impact his lead in the war. The Establishment knew this very well … and they used chemical attacks in rebel areas … blamed it on Assad … only to invite a response from America. So that their War on Terror does not get over … so that the war and chaos in Syria continues.

The Establishment created terror events as heinous as “chemical attacks” … innocent people were killed using chemical weapons … only so that their target, Syria, could be framed for the same. This is the kind of low lives we are dealing with. They use chemical weapons on innocent people to frame their targets … just to promote war and chaos.

Terror Events – Missing step to a war with Iran
We already warned about this before … the only thing that is missing in the Establishment’s buildup of war against Iran are “terror events”. That’s the only missing step. And if you see … this criminal Establishment is already working on it.

  • Sending of a US Drone into Iranian airspace so that they shoot it down
  • Attacks on ships in the Middle East using drones
  • Attacks on Saudi oil facilities again using drones

Who will be the next target in all of this … Iran, Iran and Iran. In all 3 events, the automatic target will be Iran. These guys are such low lives that they use chemical weapons on innocent people … do you think using a few drones is something difficult for them?

Technology Usage
The interesting upgrade that they have made in their events is the use of “technology”.

  • Manipulating a US Drone to fly in Iranian airspace requires the use of technology
  • Sending armed drones to attack ships in the Middle East needs technology
  • Using armed drones to attack oil facilities needs technology

Understand who is behind this … understand what they want from this and then play your moves.

Establishment’s main objectives with a war against Iran

  • Demonize Trump as a warmongerer
  • Impeach Trump or make him fail in 2020
  • Destroy Iran who is an arch-rival of Israel
  • Take the war into Russia and use Russia to destroy America and Europe

Trump, Iran and Russia … America and Europe … all of them are targets via a war against Iran. The scale of war can be unprecedented … nobody knows, how fast and how far it will expand.

Security – The solution to terror events
So now, what do we do? Do we just sit and do nothing while terror events are taking place? The solution to terror events is very simple. It is the same as dealing with bank robbers. Every bank knows that it can get robbed … therefore, the right solution is to implement “good security systems”. Take security measures and prevent such events from happening again. This should be your line of action.

  • Provide security for ships traveling in the Middle East
  • Provide security for oil facilities in Saudi Arabia
  • Provide security for all public places in the Middle East

Attack on our allies in the Middle East will be a “war trap”. Based upon the current interests of this criminal Establishment … our allies are under threat. Any event can be pulled off on any ally … obviously, it will be blamed on Iran. You should call all allies in the Middle East … all of them … tell them to ramp up security on all key points … especially oil fields and public places.

Scale of damage increasing
They are not under threat by Iran … but they are under threat by this criminal Establishment that wants to create large scale damage to them. If you have noted … the scale of damage is continuously increasing.

  • First … only a drone was shot down
  • Then … ships were attacked … millions in losses
  • Now … oil facilities are attacked … billions in losses

The scale is continuously increasing to more and more. Based on this pattern, the next attack can be much more devastating. Based upon the Establishment’s criminal thinking pattern … they think like this:

  • Okay so, there was no war with one drone
  • Aha … so they avoided the war even if the ships were attacked?
  • Now, let’s attack the oil facilities and see how they handle this!

If we successfully manage this … then the next attack will be even worse. They are just sitting there, testing us and seeing how much we can manage … seeing how far we can avoid war.

Intelligent Action
We should not fall for their “traps”. We know exactly who they are and what they want. They want a disaster for the Trump Presidency, for America and for the world. The best line of action is using intelligence with excellent security measures.

  • Secure all Middle East allies
  • Send them a strong security alert
  • Secure all oil facilities, ships and key points of high value
  • Secure all public places … places of worship and commerce

What this will do is:

  • It will kill the Establishment’s yearning to push Trump for war
  • Trump cannot be demonized or impeached via war
  • Since there is no war happening then they will lose interest in creating more events
  • Since we will respond to every event with more security … it will make it more and more difficult for them to create events

Successful and Proven Model
This is a successful and proven model of action against terror events. This has already worked in Syria. Tell me, why is the Establishment not designing any more events against Syria and Assad? Because their war propaganda against Syria has failed. Today if there will be any event also … even then there will be no war against Syria. The very purpose of their event was failed. That’s why there are no more chemical attacks in Syria.

Right now, the purpose of their events in the Middle East is to:

  • Kill this gigantic political figure that Trump has become and to get a good reason to terminate his leadership
  • Create a massive war that will potentially help them to expand the war into Russia

The best way to deal with these events is … not to go for warmongering … instead:

  • Deal with them as “high-end terrorists on the loose” in the Middle East
  • Keep on carrying out more detailed investigations
  • Keep on hiking security across the Middle East as they are the prime targets
  • Provide them with intelligence support and security systems
  • Never fall for the blame game
  • Never talk about war or promote war … and never even consider it as an option … unless Iran openly declares war and sends it army

Unless Iran is not declaring war and not sending its army for a fight … all of this is a trap and misleading. Deal with these events for exactly what they are … these are “high-end terrorists on the loose” directed by the Establishment. You are doing great till now … just manage these events by “hiking security and via intelligence cooperation”. There is every chance that more events will be created … hiking security is a must.

Once they know that you won’t go for war … then these events will automatically vaporize. Be an intelligent leader for your country … you are doing great till date. You are a fantastic Political Giant right now. Don’t mess that up. How terror events are managed and what will be the response … it is entirely up to you. Its your authority and leadership that will decide this path. No one can surpass you on this … it is your leadership that can maintain the peace and stability in America and the world. You have full authority here. Be wise and lead intelligently … you are already awesome.