15 Sep 2019
Drone strikes on Saudi Oil facilities are from the Establishment
in America

I guess the Establishment just realized that the tide in America has changed from wars to reforms. The Establishment is itself consumed with so many ongoing simultaneous programs that it lost the track of war. So, just to show the world that they still have the ownership and control over the corporations & technology … they carried out the recent attack on Saudi oil facilities.

Repeat Pattern – Use of Drones
The use of terrorists has been exhausted already. It is becoming more and more easy to track the use of terrorists in these terror events to the Establishment. So, the new tactic that is being implemented is the use of drones.

  • Ships were attacked in the Middle East using drones … the attacks were blamed on Iran
  • Saudi oil facilities are attacked using drones … again the attacks are being blamed on Iran

In fact, Iran had come to the rescue of the ships … saved onboard passengers and crew members … but this footage was used to show that Iran was on the crime scene, to justify the blame on them.

Actual Evidence
Here is the tricky part of the Establishment’s terror events … the events are carried out in such a way that there is no actual evidence of who carried it out in the first place. It is just a “blame game” run on the preplanned target. The target that has to be blamed is decided even before the event occurs. The entire execution of the event and its related publicity is carried out as per this plan.

If you look at the truth at the ground level then:

  • Where is the evidence that Iran carried out this attack?
  • What investigation was carried out that allows us to believe this?
  • Where is the proof for this allegation?

This has been an issue with all terror events since the past 18 years. The event, its actual culprits and its related propaganda has no connection at all … other than a preplanned path of war and terror.

Investigate the drones
This is what needs to be done. This is not the first time that drones are being used to attack our Middle East allies. We have to carry out an investigation:

  • To determine who owns these drones
  • Who operated them and from where?
  • Who manufactured these drones?
  • Security footage for the path and travel of these drones
  • What was the point of origin of these drones?
  • What was the point of control for these drones?
  • It is unlikely that the drones flew across international borders … what are the possibilities of launching these drones from within the city?
  • How were these drones brought inside the country?
  • Where was the ammunition purchased from?
  • What type of ammunition was used?
  • Compare these drones to the drones used in the attack on the ships
  • Do the drones have the same make and model?
  • Did they use the same ammunition?

If the drones are totally destroyed then this is proof that the Establishment is behind this. Just like most of the time, the terrorists were being killed on the site itself … it is the same pattern of destroying the drones to destroy the evidence that will connect to the Establishment.

This is the line of investigation that needs to be launched. This will give us more insight into the activities of the main criminals behind this. This line of investigation will bring us closer to the main criminals … and this will put fear among the criminals … and deter such activities again.

Firstly, they fail in their war propaganda. They fail in the very purpose of the event. Secondly, they get scared that they might get caught.

Drone Range and Capacity
This is what you need to keep in mind about drones. The maximum control range for a good drone is about 7 km. It is not that some guys can sit in Iran, send a drone to Saudi Arabia and carry out the attack while sitting in Iran. A drone cannot be controlled effectively over a range of hundreds of kilometers.

This means that the drone was launched from within 5-7 km range of the oil facilities attacked. It means that the culprits were inside Saudi Arabia and they were very close to the oil facilities. The blame game is on a country on the other side of the Ocean but the actual culprits were within 7 km range of the crime scene.

Intelligence and Investigation
The Establishment is moving from the use of terrorists to the use of technology to carry out terror events. But the solution for us is the same … the solution is the “use of intelligence and investigation” for these events. Our objective in such events should be to:

  • Find evidence of who actually did it … and not follow just blatant propaganda
  • Find actual proof of the exact criminals behind the event
  • Trace the connection to their command center

Our intelligence and investigations should help us to move to the second level to their command center … this will help us know exactly of who is behind these events. It help us to eliminate the entire command center itself.