13 Sep 2019
Trump and Biden are the only major candidates using commonsense
in America

If you look at the major candidates, then Trump and Biden are the only candidates that are using commonsense in their proposals and leadership.

  • Trump. Trump has not gone for free education and free healthcare because as per current proposals and possibilities, the numbers simply don’t add up. It will be an economic catastrophe to the tune of trillions.
  • Biden. Interestingly, Biden is also playing the safe card … using commonsense … and not offering things that will cost trillions of additional money that we don’t have. This is one of the reasons why he is still maintaining his lead in the polls.
  • Bernie. Bernie Sanders is a socialist fraud who never gives out the numbers in his plans and he will take America into a socialist nightmare. The Establishment itself will not support his leadership in America because it will expose the Jewish connection to Socialist policies and ideas. So, forget about others supporting him and allowing him to be President.
  • Warren. And then we have Warren, who has jumped onto the “change wagon” … about creating new policies and making the country work for the people. But little does she realize that she has hopped into multi-trillion dollar disasters in the name of climate change and free healthcare. She has a lot to learn and reform.

Support Biden over Warren?
Some groups are wondering if I will support Biden over Warren. No, no … Warren is still a better candidate than Biden in the main battle against the Establishment. Biden must be showing commonsense for now but the White House is a shark tank … when things go tipsy-turvy that’s when the main test is. Biden is brittle and he is not someone who can handle a lot of pressure. There are a lot of chances that he may flip or get carried away. And this is what makes Warren a better candidate than Biden despite her multi-trillion dollar baggage.

Biden is in the lead only to help Trump
Biden is doing good, good for Trump. Its not good for him but it is good for Trump. Because Biden will lose to Trump because Trump is far ahead in the game with Tariffs, American Energy, No Wars and jobs. Biden still doesn’t understand the fight for American jobs and China’s fraudulent stealing of our jobs, technology, industries and wealth. This is multi-trillion dollar theft being committed in plain sight under the pretext of Global Trade and Free Trade.

When it comes to simply using commonsense and policies … Trump is several steps ahead of Biden. Trump has already withstood the test of time … he has won against hundreds of politicians, thousands of companies and dozens of investigations & lawsuits. In the battle against the Establishment, the worst is over for Trump. Trump becomes the obvious choice when it comes to Biden.

Warren needs to be open minded and flexible
Warren should keep this in mind … it is a must for you to be “open minded and flexible” … no one is supporting you for your policies or actions. Only few of your policies and actions are fine … all of the rest needs to be revised. Let me give you an example so that you understand. Do you know why there was an overwhelming support for Obama from SM Networks? Do you know why Obamas are highly respected and honored today … despite half a dozen countries being bombed right under their nose? Because Obama “dared to do different” … he accepted change … he accepted “logic and facts” … he chose to do what is right … what is right for humanity, his people and the world. He reversed his path.

That is not an easy thing to do. When you are the most powerful man in the world … making a full U-turn and a complete reversal of actions and policy is not an easy thing to do. And this was during the early phases where we had reached the White House … he was all alone and he did not have a massive SM Network to help him or support him. He pulled some like minded leaders and using a small group, he made a complete reversal of where America was headed … using nothing but logic and facts.

Trump’s Reversal
And the same applies to Trump. He has strong SM Groups supporting him and protecting him & his family. Why? Because he also made a massive complete U-turn reversal in his actions. From fire & fury … he went onto meeting with Kim Jong Un … from dropping the Mother of All Bombs on Afghanistan … he is trying to meet with the Taliban and pull back our troops … despite demonization and opposition, he keeps on moving forward with tariffs and American Energy. Technically, he is not succeeding with tariffs and American Energy because he didn’t learn what to do next. Lol … but he still kept “logic and facts” above himself, above party politics and moved ahead despite opposition … because these were good moves.

Warren - Prepare to revise
So my dear lovely, lovely lady … please, please be open minded and prepare to revise a few things. If your actions and policies are against “facts and logic” then support for your leadership will vaporize. You are still the most preferred candidate among the Democrats but you have to be flexible. Even we love free healthcare, free education and working on climate change. But all of these have to be done without the trillions in cost and we will show you how to do it. Not only you will save trillions but you will make trillions. Your direction is right but the way you are doing it is all wrong.

The Establishment doesn’t give a damn about Iran making nukes
Let me give you a preview of how disastrous your moves are. Did you realize that the Establishment is not giving a damn about:

  • Iran starting its Nuclear Program
  • Iran has started Uranium Enrichment
  • Iran is on a full-fledged path to a Nuclear Bomb

Have you noticed that nobody gives a damn about that now, except Netanyahu? Iran’s Nuclear Program was one of the hottest topic under Obama … several months of work was done where:

  • The US Administration was involved
  • The European Union was involved
  • Russia was involved and
  • The Iranian Government was involved

Repeated negotiations and meetings took place … after many many months … a Nuclear agreement was made. Today, that Nuclear Agreement is up in smokes, Iran is enriching Uranium and nobody gives a damn. Why?

  • War mongering doesn’t work anymore. War marketing is dead. Terrorism has been wiped out … War on Terror has been vaporized … there is no more fear and insecurity in the air.
  • Swamp Drain. There have been many many replacements in political and media places and the Establishment cannot pull off a war with Iran now.
  • Terror Events busted. The Establishment’s strategy of using terror events to go for war has been busted. Terror Events are not working anymore.
  • Russian World Leadership. Russia is providing world leadership and it has shot missiles from Syrian Airspace … let alone Iran. Russia will never allow Iran to be attacked.
  • $50 Trillion Catastrophe. All of the above was required only to use it as a “cover-up” for the debt crisis in America. But our wonderful Elizabeth Warren is herself coming up with a $50 Trillion catastrophe … via tens of trillions of spending in healthcare and climate change. She has no policy of creating any new wealth or addressing the debt crisis.
  • Warren – Blame Donkey. Warren can very very easily be used as a blame donkey for the fall of the American economy. “Massive multi-trillion dollar spending by leaders who didn’t know shit” … is going to be the Establishment’s cover-up for the fall of the American economy.

The Establishment is loving your multi-trillion dollar spending on climate change and healthcare so much that … they don’t even care if Iran makes a Nuclear bomb! Lol. Currently, Warren is the Establishment’s darling that will be used to cover-up all of their malice. She thinks that she is fighting against the Establishment … she is saying that she is fighting against the Establishment … but she doesn’t know that she is their darling as of now with all of her blunders. Lol.

Do you now realize the scale of the catastrophe that you are headed towards?

  • The Establishment doesn’t care if Iran makes a Nuclear bomb
  • The Establishment is walking away from a Nuclear war
  • The Establishment doesn’t want a war with Russia anymore
  • The only thing they want is their darling to blow up tens of trillions of additional taxpayer money via more taxation or borrowing … not create a single dollar of new wealth and take America into an economic catastrophe.
  • The Establishment is giving up Nuclear wars for this. Lol

Miracle Win for Trump
Now, do you understand why some SM Groups want to pull off a miracle win for Trump even if you get the nomination. It is because of the economic catastrophe that you are headed towards in the name of “fighting for people and standing up to the corporations”. Trump is not creating any economic catastrophe. Your slogans are right but actions are mostly wrong. You have to learn how to change systems, avoid trillions in cost and win for the people. Then you can win.