09 Sep 2019
Managing the Taliban Stabilizing Afghanistan
in America

Let’s help President Trump with Afghanistan. Firstly, it was nice to see that he was pulling troops back from Afghanistan and trying to strike a deal with the Taliban. It was a good initiative towards peace and stability. I will give some brief information that will help you manage the Taliban and stabilize Afghanistan.

The Afghanistan Issue

  • Geo Political Ally. Afghanistan is a geo-political ally in the region and we have a good history of coordinating with Afghanistan.

And that’s the only good thing about Afghanistan … that it helps us in regional politics. The baggage with Afghanistan is much more than the benefits.

  • 20 year mess. It has been a mess since the past 20 years owing to Bush’s blunder and the War on Terror policies.
  • Trillions spent. Trillions of American taxpayer money have been spent in Afghanistan in the name of fighting terrorism. Even after 20 years and trillions spent, Taliban continues to be an issue.
  • $50 billion per year. Our spending in Afghanistan in government aid and military expense has been about $50 billion just last year.
  • No returns. Afghanistan is a poor country with no oil resources or any means to pay us back what we are spending there. All of the trillions of taxpayer money spent there is cash burnt. No returns in any form whatsoever … except for some regional political cooperation.

It is ridiculous to continue spending tens of billions for some political cooperation. We have to formulate a strategy where:

  • We maintain the geo-political ally without the baggage. America is done paying for being guilty … America is done paying for one idiot’s mistakes.
  • We need a strategy that doesn’t cost us trillions or even tens of billions every year.
  • We should be able to pull back forces and bring our children back home without any security issues.
  • We should be able to manage the Taliban and stabilize the country in the process.

Understand why it does not get resolved
This stability should have already been achieved a long time back. First, it is important for us to understand why this issue did not get resolved till date. This will help you formulate the solution.

  • Sponsored Factions. We think that the Taliban is one entity … but it is not. We thought that ISIS was based on Islam … but it was not. ISIS was a sponsored entity being run as per a plan. Similarly, there are sponsored factions within the Taliban. These factions go around doing whatever the Establishment wants it to … in the name of Taliban.
  • Establishment Malice. For example, the recent bombings and attacks while the peace negotiations are going on … this is routine Establishment gimmick to derail peace talks. They do it all the time in Israel-Palestine peace talks. Meetings for peace will be taking place … at that exact time, they will start some bombing or killing. This malicious activity is carried out via “Establishment sponsored factions” to derail peace talks and maintain the status quo of terrorism and chaos.
  • Rigged Military and Intelligence. The second major issue that you will face at the ground level in Afghanistan is the “rigged military and intelligence” of the American Government. These guys will tell you one thing in the White House and something else will be going on at the ground level. They will themselves supply huge amounts of weapons and ammunition to the opposition to maintain the conflict. The only thing that will be said in the news is that “terrorist factions took over several arms depots”. We are literally sending our children … to face guns Made in America … paid by American taxpayer money … held by our enemies. We are killing our children using our own guns on the ground level out there.
  • Two elements of chaos. The two major elements of chaos … that create armies of terrorists and maintains the conflict are … funds and weapons. You eliminate both of them from the scene then the conflict and chaos automatically vaporizes.
  • US President is powerful. As far as Establishment malice in Afghanistan is concerned … they cannot stop you or hold you back in any way. They cannot oppose your actions against rebel factions or terror groups in Afghanistan. You hold the authority and superiority in this zone. They cannot stand against you locally or internationally.

How is Afghanistan different from Syria?
If you see … in Syria we had Establishment independent entities that were extremely successful in rooting out ISIS and other terrorist factions. We had Russia, Iran, Turkey and the Syrian government. We had 4 major and powerful elements against ISIS. That’s why the cleanup from Syria was extremely successful.

Wherever American funds and weapons used to go … terrorists used to multiply. But wherever Russia, Iran and Turkey got involved … terrorists used to pack up and run. Where we were not successful in decades … other countries did it within months.

Now, take a look at the scene in Afghanistan … which is the Establishment independent entity out there? The only thing we have is the Taliban, Afghan Government and American forces. No Russia, no Turkey and no Iran … there is no Establishment independent entity that can do actually what is required. The entire scenario is rigged in Afghanistan.

Just face to face meetings and deal making with Taliban will not result in anything.

  • Taliban itself has sponsored factions
  • The Afghan Government is setup by us … a lot of corruption throughout the government
  • And we have a completely rigged military and intelligence

This is why there is no progress in Afghanistan. The only thing that the media does is noise making if anything happens in Afghanistan … we end up sending thousands of our children out there … costing us tens of billions and nothing much changes. The cycle keeps on repeating.

Managing - two elements and two tools
You have to overcome two major elements in Afghanistan:

  • Rigged Military and Intelligence
  • The Taliban

You to manage the flow of two tools in Afghanistan:

  • Funds and
  • Weapons

For this, you need a multi-level strategy … that will help you succeed at every level and at the overall outcome as well.

  • National Level in Afghanistan
  • Taliban Level
  • Establishment Level and
  • International Level

I will give some brief info for all levels.

National Level in Afghanistan
Forget meeting with the Taliban for now … its good you canceled the meeting for now. Leave Taliban and call the Afghan President instead. Ask him to meet you in the White House. Remember, our objective is the “stability and progress” of Afghanistan. And the biggest malicious elements in the scene are funds and weapons. We have to formulate National Level strategies to combat both of them.

  • National Level of Disarmament. Tell the Afghan President to implement a National level program of disarmament throughout the country. No one should be allowed to have a gun, pistol, any ammunition, swords or any kind of weapons of destruction without a proper license.
  • Announce and implement. He should first make public announcements for this … this should be announced in every city and village. People should handover all destructive weapons without a license. He should conduct mass screenings … through every city and every village … get rid of the weapons from every single home … especially from problematic zones.
  • Re-Development of Afghanistan. The second thing that you will discuss with him is the re-development of Afghanistan. We don’t need to spend on this much. There are several world banks and aid agencies … we will hook them up. These agencies will provide loans for development projects in Afghanistan … especially in Taliban areas. These development projects will provide funding and livelihood to the people … and they don’t need to rely on being employed in armed factions for survival. Addressing the development of the country and creating the tools for it are important.

International Level

  • Intelligence Cooperation. Another thing that you should discuss with the Afghan President is “Cooperation on Intelligence to combat rebel and terrorist groups”. We have to bring an Establishment independent entity in the scene to solve this crisis … and the best and the proven entity for this is Russia. We have to create an international cooperation with Russia in solving the mess in Afghanistan.
  • Afghan President Leads. I know … the moment, we think of working with Russia … the media starts screaming. To manage the media … you stay in the background … let it be the initiative of the Afghan President. Tell him to go to Russia and meet up with President Putin. He will himself request the support of Russian Intelligence to manage the Taliban and other terrorist factions.
  • Issues and History. There has been some history with some issues between Afghanistan and Russia. But we live in different times now … the governments of both the countries have changed. The Afghan Government is setup by us and Russia loves to be the friend of the West … and Russia will help Afghanistan manage a huge mess that the Taliban creates. This meeting is in the best interests of all parties.
  • Aid Package. Russian intelligence services cost a tiny fraction of what we spend there. Putting a 100 Russian intelligence officers … will hardly cost anything compared to what we spend there. Russian services will be paid for … via the hefty aid package that we give to Afghanistan. It will be directly paid by the Afghan Government but in a way … indirectly paid by us.
  • Surpass rigged system. The Taliban is no match to Russian Intelligence and services. This will help you to surpass your rigged system and track all rebel and terror factions in Afghanistan. You need to have a trusted and Establishment independent General in the White House or Pentagon to cooperate with the Russian Team at the ground level. You will have direct eyes on the ground and it will help you to work with the Afghan Government in rooting out all sources of funds and weapons in the country.
  • Track Funding. Russian Intel should track all funding being sent into the country. It should be strictly used for the development of the country. No funding should be directed to rebel factions or Taliban groups. No funding should be used to purchase weapons by rebel factions. Tracking of funding is important as we cannot terminate all funding. We have to maintain the funding for the development of the country.
  • Establishment Noise. The Establishment will try to create some noise saying that “we are losing Afghanistan to Russia and Russia is undermining us in Afghanistan” and bla bla bla. This is how you manage it:
    • Intelligence Cooperation. Firstly, it is an intelligence cooperation led by the Afghan President to combat rebel and terror factions in Afghanistan. If Russia is helping to stabilize Afghanistan then why should we oppose?
    • Costs a fraction. Russian services cost a tiny fraction to the Afghan Government. This helps us save $50 billion per year … saving tens of billions of American taxpayer money.
    • Direct Report to the White House. “After” the Establishment makes noise about Russia being in Afghanistan … then you say … “don’t worry, I will make sure that the Russian Team will directly report to the White House on a daily and weekly basis about the situation in Afghanistan. We are monitoring them and they will not do anything without our permission.” Here is where you make a public contact with the Russian team at the ground level.
    • Ally maintained – Trusting Russia. Russia is not doing anything on its own. It has come there upon the invitation of the Afghan President … and it is reporting us on all of its activities on a daily basis. There is no conflict of interest and they are an additional force against terror and rebel factions. Russian officers will leave when the job is done or whenever requested. This is not a Russian invasion but it is an international cooperation for the peace and stability of Afghanistan.
  • President Putin. You have to pull onboard both members on this cooperation … the Afghan President and President Putin.

Two Phases of Russian Cooperation

  • Phase One - Intelligence. Start with just phase one … with intelligence cooperation. This cooperation should be designed to monitor and kill the supply of funds and weapons to rebel and terrorist factions in Afghanistan. It is pure intelligence activity. This should rectify the issue to a great extent.
  • Phase Two – Military. If required … in Phase Two, allow Russian military activity to help the government against any hardcore factions. All in all … Russian operations cost a couple of billions per year. They save us taxpayer money by 50 times. The job was done is Syria and they left. The same thing applies to Afghanistan … there is nothing there to occupy … its just a mountainous country. If hundred or two Russian forces are required then allow it. But not hundreds of thousands of them.

Benefits for Russia
Why will Russia help Afghanistan?

  • Services are paid for. It doesn’t cost Russia anything. All of their services will be paid for.
  • Good relations. Good relations with America means good relations with Europe.
  • Cooperation against terrorism. It provides worldwide recognition and trust in Russian world leadership.
  • Helps in creating more allies. Similar services can also be used in Yemen. However, the scenario in Yemen is different.

Taliban Level
Once you fix and initiate the main setup with the Afghan Government, Russian Government and understand Establishment malice … then you are ready to talk with the Taliban. The Taliban is actually the smaller entity in the game. If you don’t understand it … then it becomes big … otherwise, it is an entity within your palm. If you use the right elements and tools then everything becomes easy.

These are the pointers for the Taliban:

  • Not one entity. They are not one entity. There are sponsored factions within that will carry out terrorist activities in the name of the entire group. They will also try to mislead the entire group and put them on a rebellious path against the government and against America. These are Establishment led and sponsored factions.
  • Coalition for peace and progress. You have to start teaming with Taliban groups under the common cause of the “peace and progress” of Afghanistan. Start creating “coalitions” and start detecting rebel factions. This will help you pull the majority of the Taliban on a peaceful path while not allowing the minor rebel factions to deviate from peace.
  • Identify Rebel and Terror groups. Do not go for their entire groups … very selectively pull out their leaders. The Establishment functions via misleading … the group leaders are the main miscreants. If you target the entire group then you will end up taking the blame of going after Taliban … but you selectively pick out rebel group leaders then it will not have much of an impact. It will help you dismantle rebel factions much more easily.
  • Root out sources of funding and weapons. For these rebel factions and the entire of Taliban work on rooting our sources of funding and weapons. Your Russian Intelligence team will help you in this.
  • Disarm and integrate. Initiate policies to disarm and integrate the Taliban groups into the mainstream society. You are not only identifying and hammering the rebel factions … but you are terminating their sources of funding and weapons … and also successfully integrating them into a peaceful mainstream society.
  • Development and Community Building. You have to initiate development and community building measures … especially in Taliban zones to pull them out of the armed factions and put them in a positive and peaceful society. Schools, hospitals, construction and development should be sponsored via world-bank loans and aid.
  • Channelize via the Government. Everything must be channelized via the government … this will help Taliban groups to reconcile with the current government easily.
  • Participate in the Democratic Process. Taliban leaders and their communities should be encouraged to participate in the Democratic process of the country. Allow them to hold public office.

Benefits for America

  • Geo-political ally is maintained
  • Terrorism is eliminated at a tiny fraction of the cost
  • Tens of billions of American taxpayer money is saved
  • Taliban is managed
  • Something that has not been done in the past 20 years will be accomplished
  • It will save us from repeated headache in the future

Trump Initiatives to Stabilize Afghanistan
All of the below will be known as Trump Initiatives to stabilize Afghanistan:

  • National Level of Disarmament
  • Coordination, integration and stabilization of Taliban zones
  • Intelligence cooperation to eliminate rebel and terrorist factions
  • Re-Development of Afghanistan

The key elements that you need to work with are:

  • Afghan President
  • President Putin
  • World Banks
  • The Taliban

Direct approach with the Taliban will not help you much … widen your perspective and view of things … look at the bigger picture of what is going on … understand the elements in the game … work with the right elements and win.

Hope it helps.