07 Sep 2019
Current Pros and Cons of the Trump Presidency
in America

SM Surveillance
The technologies that are used in SM Networks are such that … they know everything … everything. Every move you make, every call you make, every decision you make … you move a finger, they will know. Not just that … forget about physical movement … the current technologies being used among SM Networks also allow them to detect what you are thinking, by observing your neural networks.

Can’t give much details on this. As per routine politics, you will think that this is spying and I am the President and bla bla bla. All of that will not work because the technologies used by the governments are so backward that they cannot even detect these activities … let alone monitor or stop. Lol.

Moves against us
So, we know … what you do. Not only SM Networks know but they also keep me updated. We know your plus and minuses. But our objective is “change for the country and the people”. You were never our enemy … you are not our enemy and you will never be our enemy. You are just a good guy that we pulled in a good place. The some moves that you took against us … were already predicted … in fact, we wrote about “Trump’s flip” even before your Presidency began. Because we knew the exact type of era that we would be moving into.

The Establishment was already losing on the war fronts and on terrorism … the full pressure would be on internal policies … which means enormous pressure on the President … which created the possibility of a flip. Its just routine stuff … don’t worry too much about it. Even SM Networks were quite surprised as to why I keep protecting Trumps when they pull moves against me. Its because:

  • I already have protective shields from SM Networks, Putin, Obamas and local governments. The chance that Trump would actually make an impact would be quite less … and look around, you didn’t create any real impact.
  • Secondly, Trump was the best candidate to be in the White House. Putting any other Republican in the White House would be a disaster.
  • Thirdly and most importantly, Trump uses commonsense and changes. Hillary was stone cold hearted and headed … she wouldn’t change a bit … and Trump was a blessing when compared to Hillary.
  • Fourth … it is incredibly easy to make up … its stuff between two people. It is very easy to reconcile.

Line of action
The line of action that we adhered to for Trump is that … “support everything right that he wants to do and hold him back from the wrong things”. And look around in your Presidency … you have only good things moving forward … American Energy, Tariffs, Wall, America First, jobs, economy … and the wrong things of racism and wars have stopped. Protecting Trump and tactically guiding his Presidency turned out to be great for America. So, yes protecting Trump was protecting America.

The two major issues with your Presidency is that …

  • Stuck and Stalled. Your Presidency is stuck since the past two years … no progress is being made in your key policies of Tariffs or American Energy. And since you are stuck … America is stalled. Other than the same companies hiring more people … nothing has changed.
  • Establishment. And you are stuck because you think that the Establishment is saving you from jail and impeachment. You are not taking the next step forward thinking that the Establishment will toss you in jail. Well, that is not true … it is just a fearful assumption. The Establishment is actually laughing at you seeing you believe that … seeing you afraid like that.

The truth is that … they have done everything possible to terminate your Presidency and even send Trumps to jail. We had to intervene and derail their traps. A recent good news in this line is that … “Howard Schultz dropped out!!” Lol.

However, these are the advantages that your Presidency has as of now.

  • All baggage removed. All of the baggage that your Presidency had … it has been removed. You are standing there with only good stuff on your table. You are mostly clean. (Except for the murders that you are allowing Netanyahu to do and the large scale occupation projects that he is launching owing to your support).
  • Positive Policies. You have positive policies that create new wealth for America. American Energy and Tariffs … both of them create new wealth for America.
  • Peace. The good thing that you did was that you did not pursue war and used commonsense. You went for war but when you were stopped … you stopped. Hillary used to “pursue war” … you stop her once, she will try again … you stop her again, she will try again … you stop her again and she will try again. The only way to stop her was to kick her out. Lol. When you maintain peace … it greatly helps in jobs and economy … which is happening in your Presidency. Thanks for using commonsense.
  • Democrats are not ready. Democrats have the knowhow of only stopping wars. Till date, they don’t have a single policy that breaks the Establishment … nor do they have a single policy that creates even $1 of new wealth for the country. All of their policies are based on mass spending and taxation. The last thing that America needs in this current debt crisis is mass spending and taxation. They don’t even know that Climate Change is Establishment propaganda. Warren is promising to fight the Establishment by running a multi-trillion dollar Establishment propaganda. And she doesn’t know it.
  • Political Giant. To help you move forward with American Energy, Tariffs and an America First agenda … not only we had to protect you but we also had to make a political giant out of you. Today, you are not only the most powerful Republican but you are the most powerful political leader in America. You have been given victories over hundreds of politicians and thousands of companies.

Your pluses surpass the minuses to a great extent. The minus points that you have are mainly “misunderstandings” … misunderstanding with Active Democracy and misunderstanding with the Establishment … and that’s all it is. So, don’t worry about the simple mistakes that you make in maps … it might not even be a mistake … teeny tiny things should not disturb you or take your time.

You are not just the President of United States … but you are a massive political giant. Think big … look at the bigger picture … your country is stalled … your country is lagging severely. Your lack of leadership is costing America $6 Trillion. Work on moving your country forward … rest everything are petty issues … move your country forward and everything else will be taken care of.