06 Sep 2019
Trump shouldn’t give up so easily
in America

Democrats are not a threat
I don’t think that Trump should simply give up so easily. The first and foremost thing that Trump should know is that … Democrats are not a threat to his Presidency. You are three years ahead in the game when policies are concerned. Democrats did not work on any major policy reform … they have not been given any information on policies … Obama himself didn’t have any policy to work on. To add to that, the current policies that Dems are coming up with are either disasters or hollow policies that won’t make much change at all.

As long as Democrats are not working with us … they don’t know anything what needs to be done … they do not have an upper edge over you. But still, you see that Democrats are much better than you in polls … many groups want Warren in the White House and the support for Trump is less. I will give you the exact specifics so that you know what is going on. It will help you change the tide.

There are 3 main reasons why many people don’t want Trump in the White House. The Establishment doesn’t want you there because they are assholes and they never wanted you in the White House in the first place … doing anything for them is not going to change anything. But even many SM Groups don’t want you in the White House mainly because of these reasons.

One. Turning against Active Democracy
The current issue with your Presidency is not about the people but it is about the main work that is changing America. We are basically the roots … the central planners … of this entire people-centric change that is being carried out in America and the world. You don’t know the whole story … and you rely on routine advisers or people who don’t know anything … and start using routine politics to take action against us. And this pisses off everyone across the SM Networks. By attacking us, you are attacking the very roots of the work that is changing America.

Putting you in the White House was itself a part of our work. So that you understand … you cooperate … and you become the face of Modern America. That was the very purpose of putting you in the White House. Not only you didn’t cooperate as you should have … but you came up with racist policies, tried to go for wars, do favors for the Establishment and then pull strings to stop our work. You were doing everything the opposite … all of your works were the opposite of why you were put in the White House.

The good thing is that … the wars are gone, the racist policies are gone, the favors not so much but there is still lack of cooperation and you tend to use the powers and authority given to you, to attack the very roots that hold your tree in place. Ivanka Trump sits there posting nice and lovely favorable tweets … while Don Jr. and other Trump Team members try to pull political strings in other countries to shut us down … not only everyone in the Networks know this … but it pisses off everyone. This a very strong reason why many SM Groups want to kick you out of the White House.

They themselves asked me several times … should we impeach him or put him in jail? At many occasions I was asked this question and every time I said … “don’t treat him like the Establishment would want us to. We cannot be the hands of a hateful Satanic Establishment that wants to impeach and put Trumps in jail. He is not a Satanist and he is not running massive exploitation systems. He is one of us and he should be treated like one of us.” I took this approach because this is the right thing to do and it was right for America. There was no appropriate replacement for Trump … and protecting Trump was protecting America.

Two. Establishment Favors
The second major issue why people don’t want you in the White House is … Establishment favors. Nobody likes you sucking up to the Establishment or Israel. You believe that sucking up to the Establishment has kept you out of jail … but it is not true. In fact, I was asked about this … “should we teach him a lesson … should we at least unleash a few criminal indictments against Trumps … we have a lot of info on them?” Just to teach Trump a lesson that … “the Establishment doesn’t give a damn and put criminal indictments against him or his family … that’s crazy and not fair. Once criminal indictments are unleashed then there is hardly ever turning back. Why should we lose a good guy … just to teach him a lesson?”

That’s the argument we used to hold back SM Groups. So that they can be the Big Brother and put up with some bullshit. But it doesn’t mean that they like you for it. The thing that they don’t like the most is … you running to Netanyahu with your problems. Any time you have a problem with the Establishment, you are running to Netanyahu. He might be the frontend element of the bankers in Israel but he doesn’t control shit in America. He has no powers at all in America. He is just a puppet being used in Israel. The fact that you are allowing him to bomb his neighboring countries for “protection from the Establishment in America” is a shocker for everyone. You are literally allowing the murder of innocent people to protect yourself in America. The pile of innocent bodies is increasing every time you allow Netanyahu to bomb. That pile of innocent bodies is pointing to Trump saying … “Trump is allowing this monster to bomb us so that he can stay safe from the Establishment in America”.

This is a major shocker to all SM Groups in the entire Network … they are saying that …

  • What is wrong with Trump? Netanyahu has absolutely no say or control in America in any entity whatsoever.
  • And he is allowing the bombing of cities by Netanyahu as a deal for protection for himself?

This is the second major reason why the majority of the SM Groups want you out of the White House. Your favors for the Establishment are crossing ethical levels … it is leading the murder of many innocent civilians.

Don’t freak out … just letting you know why so much anti-Trumpism exists out there. You are not doing any major catastrophic works … but still there is so much anti-Trumpism. Why? Its because of this. It is very easy to change … nothing much required. Quit pulling strings to stop our work … don’t be a security issue for us as it pisses off everyone. Secondly, some support for Israel might be okay … but don’t allow Netanyahu to start bombing other countries. Control him saying that “any aggression should be strictly proportionate”. Till date you were totally clean … but this thing that you are allowing … it is putting a list of murders on your profile … which is not good at all. Show proper leadership … be a just leader. Both of the above issues are very very easy to fix.

Three. Break Establishment Monopoly
Yes, this is the King Kong of all issues … you were very specifically chosen to break Establishment Monopoly but you have not moved in that direction. So, I will try to make it easy for you … so that you don’t need to quit and walk away from the White House. Warren doesn’t know the head or tail of the Establishment … and none of her current policies will make any to change to the Establishment at all. Even in this sphere you are far ahead of Warren. This is how you do it.

Fighting a Dinosaur
Fighting with the Establishment is like fighting with a Dinosaur. Who the hell likes to fight with a Dinosaur? Nobody in their right mind would like a fight with a Dinosaur … nobody will enter that ring … and even if they do then they will get eaten up or crushed. But interestingly, if you observe we have defeated this Dinosaur in almost every field till date … we have got a sweeping victory over them. How? SM Support … network based operations.

Let me make it short for you. You don’t need to pick a direct fight with the Dinosaur yourself … all you need to do is … create a Dinosaur that is 100 times larger … and then send this 100X Dinosaur in the ring. You can easily defeat the Dinosaur … if you have a 100X Dinosaur with you. This is how you win against the Establishment.

You don’t need to take up a fight against the Establishment … you don’t need to make any speeches against them or policies against them. The only thing we need you to do is … work on policies in creating a 100X Dinosaur … this 100X Dinosaur will be created on the basis of:

  • Keeping America First
  • Keeping People First and
  • Empowering the People

We will create this entire 100X Dinosaur on the basis of country and people … with absolutely no fight against the Establishment. Once our 100X Dinosaur is ready … then we will take a look at the Establishment. Either you can push the button to dismantle the Establishment or we can use Warren to dismantle the Establishment.

The issues with your Presidency are at critical points and it is actually very very easy to solve them. This is what you need to do.

  • Quit pulling strings against us. The entire SM Network knows what you do … everybody knows. You need to immediately stop this activity.
  • Quit supporting murder. Some support for Israel is fine … but don’t support murder. Israel bombing any country should not be acceptable at all. It will be some rocket fire … tell them also to do rocket fire … they should maintain things “strictly proportionate”. Because all murders that Netanyahu is doing … they are being counted as murders by Trump … not good for you.
  • Build 100X Dinosaur. We totally understand where you are … if you don’t want then don’t pick up a fight against the Establishment … the only thing we need you to do is … empower American citizens … create policies to keep your country and people first … start working on building a 100X Dinosaur.

You do the above and you will become the Founding Father of Modern America. That’s all that’s needed. No fight … no conflict … just simple basic groundwork of loving your country and doing great things for them. The dismantling of the Establishment will be totally your choice … when you have the 100X Dino with you … either you can do it or Warren will take it forward from there.

It is because of these 3 issues that Democrats are more favorable in polls. Because everyone sees that:

  • Warren will never take action against us
  • Warren is already disciplining Netanyahu and Israel
  • Warren will love to break the Establishment

In all 3 points, Warren fares much better than you. It is because of these 3 points that many groups don’t see a future in the Trump Presidency which is why the movement is towards the Democrats. The Democrats have a very good record on strong protection and security for us … they have a good record in standing up to Israel and they definitely would love to break the Establishment. The tide is turning away from you because of this. But in reality, you are far ahead in the game than the Democrats.

Don’t quit … there are very simple 3 issues with your Presidency … just work on it and everything will change.