05 Sep 2019
He is boasting!
in America

Here is a fun fact. SM functions on facts and logic. The Establishment also tries to mislead SM Groups using facts and logic, in the way that they can. So, when I showed that Trump has changed America’s direction … that he is just one person fighting against hundreds of politicians and thousands of companies … that he has been given a victory in almost every field … then the Establishment was caught offguard because all of these are facts that can be verified. The best fact based argument that they could come up with is that … “he is boasting! … he is showing off … he is boasting!!”

Lol. That’s the best thing that they could come up with. Yes, I am boasting and something bad should happen to me to humble me down, isn’t it? They cannot refute the facts that … yes, Trump faced aggression from thousands of points … yes, he fought against all of them … and yes, he was given victories. The only thing they could come up with is … he is boasting!! Lol.

  • Yes, yes … we vapourized the War on Terror … wiped out terrorism from the world
  • Stopped Nuclear Wars
  • Helped the President fight and win against hundreds of politicians and thousands of companies
  • Helped America save trillions and make trillions

And all you see from the above is that … “he is boasting!!”? Well, I have news for you … we haven’t even started yet … we are just rolling up our sleeves. Wiping out terrorism, stopping Nuclear Wars, winning against thousands of companies and helping America make trillions … these are just the starters. We haven’t launched the main course yet. Wait till we launch the main course … I know that you guys are Satanists … but I would suggest that … you better start believing in God and say your prayers … because Satan ain’t gonna do shit for you.

Game Structure
Its not boasting … we are just showing how the game is structured as of now. Warren is not starting a new battle … she is going to enter an ongoing battle. She needs to know who is who … and where each person stands … if she understands the structure then it will be easier for her to catch up. That’s why she needs to understand the progress that has been made under Trump and where Trump stands.

Entering the game
This is what Trump and Warren should realize … the moment that you are chosen for the game … you will be given enormous support, protection, promotion and you will be given the help to do great things for your people and country. Because SM Networks see your Presidency as the “channel” through which great things will be done for America and the world. That’s the most basic reason why support is given to you and why you are chosen … for great works.

Selecting the candidate
What SM Networks see is that … “who will Active Democracy work with?” And that’s the person that will be moved to the White House. They were not sure if I would choose Trump … that’s why they were maintaining John Kasich in the race for a long time. But since I gave my support to Trump and they saw that I was already helping Trump … they allowed Kasich to move out. If we did not choose Trump … they were planning to give the nomination to Kasich using the GOP.

They do this because … they have seen that … when they follow us … disasters are prevented and good things happen for the people. That’s why Obama was encouraged to follow us … and then Trump … and then we ourselves chose Warren.

Chosen for the White House
When you are a candidate chosen by us for the White House … then you should know that … we love you, we will support you, we will guide you and we will help you do great things. That’s the very purpose of chosing you.

Harvard for Presidents
Our work is like the Harvard for Presidents … lol. (Boasting!!!) But it actually is. Here is where Presidents learn what is going on and what to do. If you are selected to be President then you should not be like … “I am the President and you are not! I am the leader of the free world … who the hell are you? Why should I listen to you? I will do whatever I want!” If you enter that mode then disasters will happen for America and the world.

It will be like sending a high school student into a surgery ward to perform the surgery. If the school student says … “hey, I am the chosen surgeon and you are not. Get out of my way … I will do whatever I want!” Then what will happen in the surgery room? He will end up killing the patient … will get sued for murder and end up in jail.

Pros and Cons of outsiders
The key element that we are trying to fight is the Establishment influence and control in Washington. This is the main reason why we are picking candidates from outside the system. So that they are not puppets … so that they can use the given powers to do what is right for the people. This is the change that is being implemented by controlling who enters the White House. And you can actually see the effects of that.

  • Wars have stopped
  • Terrorism is wiped out
  • We are saving trillions of taxpayer money
  • We are advocating for peace and reforms for the people
  • To the extent that the NRA is under the hammer
  • The Establishment itself is getting hammered

This is because when we put an outsider in the White House then:

  • He is using commonsense
  • He is not a plain puppet of the Establishment
  • He is able to work beyond party politics
  • He is able to do what is right for the country and the people

We are already seeing all of the above in the Trump Presidency. But then sometimes there are disadvantages also of putting an outsider in the White House.

  • Big headed. Sometimes they get big headed … they will start saying … “I am the President and you are not” … and they won’t follow what has to be done.
  • Advisers. Instead of working with us … they will try to rely on routine Washington advisers … and start their own experimentations. And we have to wait for their experimentations to fail and then show them that … “we told you that would fail … now do this to fix it”. It leads to a lot of waste of time.
  • Fear. Sometimes, they get consumed in fear since they don’t understand the structures in place and because they don’t have the full strategy … they crumble and start appeasing the Establishment.
  • Turn Against. Owing to some misleading, sometimes they will even turn against us and start using the Presidential powers to shut us down. They literally start axing their own legs. The Establishment elements mislead the President into axing his own Presidency.
  • Establishment favors and protection. Sometimes, the President starts doing favors for the Establishment and promises protection for them. Instead of taking down criminals, the President starts protecting criminals … only because he doesn’t want to be hammered by them. He starts working on deal-making with the Establishment.

All of the above also happened under the Trump Presidency.

Not chosen for your policies
The candidates should understand that … they are not chosen to enter the White House because of their policies. They might have one or two policies that might be correct … but “policies” are not the criteria of your selection. The main reasons why you are selected is because of:

  • Establishment independence … how independent you are from the Establishment.
  • Change … how you will stand up to the Establishment and bring change in the country.
  • Pressure … how you will handle pressure when the Establishment will come into motion.

These are the primary attributes that will help us determine your courage and success in the main game. As far as policies are concerned, don’t worry about it … we will give you stunning policies that will help you do great things for the people and they will also help you crush your opposition.

Change and Flexibility
We need candidates that can change and be flexible … so that when they are given the right facts and logic …

  • They should be able to rise above themselves
  • Rise above party politics
  • And do what is right for America and the people

Threats and Blackmail
We got a lot of complaints about this from the Trump Presidency. When we show flaws and drawbacks of your policies or in any action …

  • It does not mean that we hate you or dislike you
  • It does not mean that we are threatening you or extorting anything from you
  • It does not mean that we want anything bad to happen to you

Support and protection for the President is always the topmost priority. When we show issues in your policies or actions … then it is only to:

  • Stop disasters
  • Stop Establishment misleading
  • Save your country and people
  • Show you how adversely it will impact your country and people
  • Help you make better and more fruitful decisions

Remember … “Harvard for Presidents” … this is what it is. You go to school to learn and do better in life. You go to a medical school … to learn and be the best doctor that you can be. If your Haravard Professor says that … “you are wrong here and you need to do this” … it does not mean that Harvard hates you and wants you in jail. Harvard already accepted you in their school … it means that they already want you to be the best lawyer or doctor.

Being a lawyer or doctor is just for yourself. But when you are in the White House … then 330 million lives are at risk. If you screwup as a doctor or lawyer … you will harm only one life. But if you screw up as President then you can end up destroying the lives of 330 million people.

Trump lacks courage
There have already been a lot of benefits by pulling an outsider in the White House. Trump is successfully using commonsense to do what is right for America. But till date, he has not shown any courage to stand up to the Establishment … which is why his Presidency is lagging to a great extent. We are much better off when compared to previous Presidents … but nothing much for the people has been delivered.

Establishment Defeated
The Establishment has been defeated in all of their aggression against the President. But it does not mean a victory for the people yet. Helping Trump win for himself has not helped the country much … other than having an outsider in the White House. Trump’s victories are essentially personal victories that don’t do much for the country.

America Stalled
With Trump’s inaction, America has stalled. So the key decision that we have to make in 2020 is … how to make America move forward. How to get a candidate that is better than Trump … or how to help Trump move forward. This is the biggest issue among the SM Networks as of now.

Trump and Warren already in Harvard
So, the advice for both Trump and Warren is that … don’t worry about anything … don’t panic. You are not only among those who are wanted … but you are the chosen ones. A lot of love, support and protection already surrounds you. There are a lot of expectations from you … great accomplishments are expected from you.

But Harvard can be a different experience for different people. For some it can be fun, filled with joy and every bit of difficulty will be seen as a challenge overcoming which will only result in a beautiful outcome … every effort you make and every challenge you face … you can be sure that beyond that challenge there will be hundreds of millions of people thanking you and loving you for taking up the fight for them … and making their lives better. You will be creating history at every turn. Some people will love the fight and enjoy the challenges.

For some people Harvard can be shocking and even fearsome … as they had no idea what they were getting into. They will try to find a balance between the normal politics and the Establishment level politics. They will be just struggling to survive and to make it through. Just the thought of standing up to the Establishment gives them the jitters.

But then again … everything cannot be done instantly … and we have to accomplish whatever we can under each Presidency. That’s how things keep moving forward.