03 Sep 2019
Trump fights all battles and Warren wears the Crown?
in America

Many groups complain that “the Trump Presidency has been a waste of time with no major policy reform. Trump got stuck and nothing changed for the people.” I know … but that wasn’t the only thing that happened during Trump’s first two years in office. We learnt a lot about the Establishment and its malice … and it helped in consolidating the base even further.

The Establishment foolishly and boldly tried to rattle Trump from all angles:

  • Media
  • Legals
  • Political
  • Personal
  • Economic disasters
  • Wars and every angle possible

It only helped SM Networks to:

  • Better understand who this Establishment is
  • How they function
  • What are the gimmicks, tricks and traps that they use
  • How they operate in various fields
  • And who are their puppets

It provided enormous content via full-fledged activities of the Establishment in almost every field. This enormous amount of data helped to:

  • Diminish the Establishment’s influence
  • Root out many of their puppets
  • Derail their ridiculous traps and disasters
  • Keep America safe
  • Keep Trumps safe
  • And create and support many more anti-Establishment candidates

The Establishment didn’t win against Trump … in fact, Trump was given a clean victory in almost every field and at every place. To add to that … we were able to unleash several more anti-Establishment candidates at other political levels. It helped us to create stronger shields for other candidates and consolidate our work.

Trump has successfully fought all battles
The good thing about Trump’s first three years is that … he successfully fought all battles … very boldly with a lot of patience, tact and intelligence. Not once he thought of quitting … not once he accepted defeat. Trump stood tall and strong through the thick of time. Trump was given victories in almost every sphere … right from media to politics … and from economic disasters to war disasters … from personal attacks to attacks on his family and businesses. -Trump has been the eventual victor. It’s a great accomplishment … definitely a fantastic accomplishment.

Will Warren wear the Crown?
But then … if we remove Trump and install Warren in 2020 … then it will be like Trump fights all battles and Warren ends up wearing the Crown … without a single fight.

  • Trump faced the demonization and the ridicule
  • He fought off the lawsuits and investigations
  • He fought off hundreds of politicians and thousands of media companies
  • He stood there fighting to keep America first … and also himself safe

Will Trump be the knight who faced all of the aggression and battles … and Warren will walk in saying … “ada boy … good job … thanks for your courage, patience and battles … you definitely did a good job in keeping America safe and yourself safe. Let me take it forward from here … and show you how to change the country.” ???

Will Trump end up being the knight that fought great battles … but failed in being a fabulous King who could not bring fantastic reforms for his people? Will Warren be the fabulous Queen who will take the Crown and bring fantastic reforms for her people?

This is exactly what will happen if Trump fails to pull some courage and Warren takes the lead in 2020. Trump should know that “knights don’t go down in history”. Doesn’t matter how much aggression you faced … doesn’t matter how many battles you fought … it’s the King and Queens that go down in history. What you do for the entire country matters … the change matters … the reforms matter … the new life for the people matter. It is these changes that matter … it is the King and Queens that lead their country to implement these changes that go down in history.

So, President Trump … you have won all of your battles till date. But if you lose the Crown to Warren at this critical stage … then all of your battles won’t matter, will they? Warren will end up becoming the Queen that America always needed.