27 Aug 2019
Democrats have Values & Principles. Trump has Facts & Logic.
in America

Choosing the best for America
Firstly, I think we should thank God for bringing us to this day … where we can choose between better and the best for America. Otherwise, in the previous elections … we had candidates like Mitt Romney & Newt Gingrich competing with each other. America had to choose between the very bad and the worst. But today, when we are having a choice between Trump and Warren … with God’s grace … we have at least moved to a phase where we are choosing between the better and the best. All praise be to Thee, ow All Almighty … we love you.

Defeating Trump
Many Democrats are thinking that … “who the hell is Trump? Everybody hates him … he is not fit to lead … let’s stomp over him and take over the Presidency. If Trump can become President then even I can become President.” But what they don’t realize is that … there might be a lot of negative propaganda about Trump … but Trump has not lost at a single place till now. He has been winning in every sphere and at every place … right from politics to legals and demonization to impeachment … or whatever thing it might be. Trump is being given a victory in almost every single place. And everyone who stood up against Trump has been defeated or has fallen down all together.

Many Democrats are thinking that … “Trump is the easiest guy to take down” … but in reality if you see … almost anyone and everyone who stood up against Trump has failed. Why and how? That is an interesting question. Is Trump such a genius and so fantastic in politics, intelligence, legals and world leadership that he can defeat every single person that rises against him? No. Then how is Trump winning?

SM Network – Support and Protect
This is something that Warren would like to know. Since SM is a widespread network through various fields of intelligence, media, politics, corporations and in almost every major sphere of life … they become a “million hands at work” for you. You might be one person sitting and working from anywhere … or you might be one person sitting in the White House. If you have SM support then you have a force of millions of people holding key positions across the country … supporting you and protecting you.

  • Support for good. If you are trying to do something good … then you get support for good works.
  • Protection from problems. If there is a problem coming towards you … then they will protect you from the problem and eliminate the issue for you.

Whatever you want to do … if you have SM Support … then they provide enormous support which puts victories on the platter for you. If you are a good guy doing good work … then you support you, protect you and promote you. If you are an asshole that is hurting people by the masses … then they demote you and kick you out.

Poor Bill Clinton, he did not get any support. SM was not active then … otherwise things would have been taken care of then. Obama got support against Mitt Romney. Mitt Romney was an asshole that had to be kicked out. Similarly, Trump had to be supported to move into the White House.

Victories for Trump in almost every field
Trump has been given so many victories that he himself doesn’t realize it. Warren is thinking of defeating Trump … but Trump hasn’t failed in a single place till date. Let me give you a preview … so that you understand the candidate that you are dealing with.

  • Political Victories
    • 17 Republicans. Trump won against the most experienced and popular Republican Senators and Governors. He defeated 17 of them.
    • Democrats. And then Trump defeated Hillary to become President. Hillary became extinct after that.
  • Legal Victories
    • Mueller. An investigation setup by the most powerful politicians with the most experienced lawyers and investigators … with tens of millions in funding … lost to Trump. Mueller lost, Trump won.
    • Lawsuits and Investigations. Dozens of lawsuits and investigations against Trump were launched. Did any of these lawsuits win till date? Nope. Trump won.
    • FBI Raids. All of this is Establishment shit-show to rattle Trump. Trump’s staff and family members were questioned for hours … with their offices being raided as if they were some kind of serial killers. What happened? They lost, Trump won.
    • Jail Traps. There were several jail traps setup against Trump. Did any of them succeed? Nope … Trump won in avoiding all of them.
  • Demonization Victories
    • Stormys and Playmates. Several sex scandals were unleashed against Trump. Did anyone win? Nope … Trump is still your President.
    • Michael Wolff. There were several authors writing books against Trump. Did they win? Nope … Trump simply brushed them off.
    • Media Opposition. The Establishment is trying to use the media to oppose Trump but it is actually helping Trump in making his Presidency better. The massive media publicity is taking the issues to the people and helping in making better decisions. So, who is winning? Trump is winning.
  • Impeachment Victories
    • Tom Steyer. A Jewish billionaire campaigning to impeach Trump and he also tried to run to be President. Well, he failed in his impeachment efforts and he doesn’t even qualify for the next Presidential debate. So much for impeaching Trump. Lol.
    • Democrats. Many Democrats are also calling for Trump’s impeachment … but they cannot succeed because currently there are no grounds for the same.
    • Howard Shultz. Another Jewish billionaire who wanted to eliminate Trump from the Presidency by becoming a third party candidate. Well, the news is that … he is taking a “detour” of his Presidential campaign and he is nowhere to be heard in the media as of now. Lol.
  • War Traps
    • North Korea. The Establishment tried to pull Trump in several traps related to wars. Instead, it led to Trump creating history with fantastic relations between North and South Korea.
    • Syria. Instead of wars expanding in the Middle East … ISIS and all terrorism have been wiped out from the region.
    • Venezuela. The Establishment was pushing Trump for a ridiculous war in Venezuela. But instead of war, Trump is winning via sanctions in Venezuela.
  • Jobs and Economy. At every point, Trump is using “commonsense” and winning. He has created peace in the world … which is helping in maintaining a record breaking job growth in America.
  • Economic Disasters
    • Climate Change. Spending tens of trillions on climate change when we are $22 Trillion in debt is beyond ridiculous. Trump is right that climate change should not cost America by the trillions. This is again Establishment misleading that many politicians don’t understand. Trump is making the right decision here.
    • $15 per hour minimum wage. Only those politicians who never ran a business of their own, like Bernie Sanders, recommend this. Trump is right on not doubling the minimum wage. The issue is the high cost of living and not that the salaries are less. Politicians don’t want to fix shit and go about promoting $15 as minimum wage only to pull votes … having no foresight on how adversely it will affect the small businesses. Trump is successfully saving America from economic disasters.
  • Policy Victories
    • Border Wall. A highly criticized policy … but it is a requirement and Trump is succeeding in building the wall.
    • Travel Ban. Again a highly criticized policy … but again Trump has succeeded in restricting people coming from unstable and terror related countries.
    • Tariffs. A very popular policy … Trump is widely supported for this move.
    • American Energy. Export of energy has been the highest under Trump.
    • America First. Trump uniquely stands up to Europe and China to keep America first. China used to speak a lot of trash against America and also retaliated against Trump’s tariffs. But when Trump said “let’s cut off China all together and look for alternatives” … it made China come on their knees and compromise with Trump.
    • Respect for America. Yes, Trump is ridiculed at home … but he is winning respect for America in the world. Enemies like North Korea … competitors like China … have come on their knees like never before.
  • Swamp Drain. Trump has kicked out hundreds of Establishment puppets from the White House, his Administration, Legal Department to all the way to the Supreme Court. He has been draining the swamp by the hundreds.
  • Winning against the System
    • Hundreds of politicians. When Trump works on any policy, he is fighting against his own party … fighting against the Democrats … and then he brings about change. Trump simultaneously fights hundreds of politicians.
    • Thousands of media outlets. Trump is doing all of the above while fighting the opposition of thousands of media outlets. Trump is not fighting against one person or against one politician … Trump is literally fighting against the entire system … against hundreds of politicians and thousands of media outlets. And guess what? Trump is still winning.

At every single place … Trump wins, wins and wins. There isn’t a single major place where Trump lost.

Why this support for Trump?
If you might not have noticed … Obama never faced any aggression. His only major task was “not to follow the Establishment”. All he had to do was understand and escape the Establishment deviation and traps. SM Networks already knew that … if we defeat the Establishment and bring in a person from outside the system, who will fight for America and keep America First … then the Establishment would go bonkers. They would pull every string possible against the President.

They had to create these Security Shields to defend Trump … so that he can fight for America and continue to keep his country and people first. All of this was already predicted and prepared for.

Trump’s major issue
Trump is a winner in every major sphere and policy … his only issue is that he didn’t break the monopoly … owing to which $6 Trillion will be added to the US National debt. The debt crisis is the biggest crisis that America and several European countries face. If not handled properly … it can lead to the complete breakdown of the country.

Warren - BBQ while the building is burning
We gave Trump’s example of turning a blind eye to the debt crisis as that of a ... firefighter who turns a blind eye to the burning building. He is busy building the wall and fighting off illegal immigrants … while his country and people are burning in debt. This is the biggest issue with the Trump Presidency.

This is what the Pro-Trump Groups say about Warren’s policies of free education, free healthcare and tens of trillions of spending on climate change that … “Hey, Trump is building a wall and fighting off immigrants while the building is burning … but Warren is setting up BBQ pits to offer free BBQ to everyone while the building is burning. She is just adding to the fire … she is adding tens of trillions to the debt crisis. How is Warren a good fit to lead right now when she is going to double and triple the debt crisis?”

As per their analysis … at least, Trump is fighting a genuine issue of massive illegal immigration … which has been a problem for America since decades. His priorities might be wrong … but at least he is not adding to the debt crisis. In the name of fighting climate change, tens of trillions of additional spending will be done. Bernie Sanders recently proposed a package of $16 Trillion to combat climate change. This will take the debt crisis to $50-60 Trillion … they are simply doubling and tripling the debt crisis. How is replacing Trump a good thing when his replacements will double and triple the crisis?

They say … what good are “values and principles” … when Democrats themselves will turn a blind eye to the debt crisis and make it worse by 2-3 times more?

Trump is maintained as a “political giant”
No, just because Trump became President … everyone cannot become President. Just because Trump is a billionaire, every billionaire cannot become President. Tom Steyers and Howard Schultz … both of them are Jewish Billionaires supported by the Establishment … and they are already losing in the race. Trump is maintained as a political giant by:

  • Giving him victories where he is right
  • Helping him ward off traps and disasters
  • Giving him billions worth free media coverage
  • Taking down his opposition by either defeating them or eliminating them for good
  • Maintaining a massive support base for him

All of this is being done because:

  • He came up with an America First strategy
  • He already started working on tariffs and American Energy
  • He is not just talk and speeches and promises … he already came into action
  • He is already fighting Establishment systems to do things in favor his country and people
  • All Democrats are fighting against “one person” and this one person is fighting against several systems of hundreds of politicians and thousands of companies
  • We know that the President can move forward and the work can move forward when these support systems are put into place

Warren should realize that … she is going to step into the rink … if she gets the nomination that is … she will be facing a massive political giant who has been given a victory in almost every sphere possible … and she cannot win when she uses the ideas of a failed leader and a failed politician.

Warren using failed policies
Yes, not only Warren should realize the support base that Trump has and the continuous victories that he has been given … but she should realize that she is using “failed policies” of a failed leader and a failed politician.

“Climate change, renewable energy, wind energy, solar energy, millions of new high paying jobs with clean energy” … do you know whose campaign and policies were these? Yes, these are the very policies and campaign of Hillary GodDamn Clinton who failed just a couple of years ago. She went around campaigning for “climate change … renewable energy … millions of clean energy jobs” … and guess what happened? She got a crushing defeat from Trump.

And you want to go out there … in the rink … against the same guy who is now a massive political giant … who has not lost in any field till now … who has got a victory in almost every field … who has been successfully fighting against hundreds of politicians and thousands of companies … and you want to defeat him using the policies of a candidate who failed miserably a couple of years ago?

Climate Change and Renewable Energy
This is what you need to know about climate change and renewable energy … why did Hillary opt to go for this?

  • Leaves the Establishment untouched. It leaves the Establishment untouched … she gets to work on something that is totally new. She doesn’t have to mess with the Establishment at all. If something becomes successful … then the Establishment will buy it, own it and run it for their benefit.
  • She didn’t know shit. She didn’t know shit what else to do.
  • Create a platform. She needed a platform to run her Presidential campaign. Trump was already campaigning to bring our companies back and boost the existing manufacturing industries. So she started marketing for renewable energy.
  • Jobs is not a problem. There is no jobs problem in America. When you stand there saying … “I will create millions of jobs with clean energy!” SM Groups are saying … does she even know that she is reading lines from Hillary’s playbook?
  • Oil is gold. You can’t go against oil and fossil fuels only because you want to be anti-Trump. You will lose the logic. Oil is gold … the oil resources that America has … they are worth in trillions. The entire economy of a country can be run via oil … just look at GCC countries or Russia … or even your neighbors … Mexico and Canada … their major source of revenue is oil … that’s what keeps their country running.

Shunning reserves worth trillions … just because you want to be anti-Trump … and going for clean energy options that don’t even exist … is ridiculous. Trump is right in using America’s energy resources. It has already begun and it is already working out. Hillary was failed because she didn’t know shit and she was a hardcore Establishment puppet. You are not facing a Hillary out there.

If you want to win … it is a must for you know where Trump stands. Do not under-estimate him. It is a must for you to eliminate the debt crisis. The only major reason why this massive network that supports Trump is looking for an alternate leader is the “debt crisis”. You need to learn how to work on this and then things can change in your favor. You can get the same type of massive support and protection that Trump gets.