25 Aug 2019
Trump in the Media VS Trump at the Ground Level
in America

Elizabeth Warren is probably wondering … “hey, Trump is so bad … bangs Pornstars … makes racist speeches … I am so nice and lovely ... I have so many freebies for the people. Why is Trump being supported? Why am I not at the top of the polls? Why do some SM Groups want to remove me from the race? I should be President.”

What we are trying to do here is … settle the dust, remove the chaos and show exactly who is who … and where each candidate stands. Warren should understand the battlefield that she will face … where she stands … where Trump is standing and the two major powerful forces in the field. If she gets a clear picture of this … then she will know what is going on.

Establishment assholery
This is one of the major elements out there. It is not just about being President and getting the votes from the people that matter. There is a lot of Establishment assholery present out there. It is setup in various fields … at various levels … and under various skins. They go screwing around in the fields of politics, intelligence, media, corporations, manufacturing, education and even the Church. You name the field and the Establishment is screwing around in one way or the other over there.

We all know that you love to fight the Establishment and bankers … you love the people … you are bold and courageous … you love this fight … and this is what qualifies you to be President. You definitely qualify to be President … but how ready are you to be President is the major question in discussion. All SM Groups are unified in their opinion that Warren will be a great President. But there is a huge split in the Networks on whether you are ready to be President … whether you can hit the ground running or not.

Silent Majority Networks
This takes us to another entity in the game … the Silent Majority. Who the hell are these guys? Physically and network wise … they are one and the same. These are the Christian people … and the common Jews and people from other religions … who do not follow the Satanic Establishment or its ideology. The Establishment technically owns the corporations … but SM are the Christian hands that form the corporations. Owning to which … SM Networks are easily able to surpass the Establishment whenever they want.

SM Development Phases
SM Groups went through a few phases of development via our works.

  • George Bush - Simple Silent Majority. Everyone understands that the Establishment is malicious and criminal … and that they need to be stopped. But they had no idea of how to do it … they opposed the Establishment but they were incapable of making any change. That’s how the term came into place “the Silent Majority”. They knew that things were wrong but they didn’t have the power to change it. We saw this during George Bush … millions of people poured onto the streets to stop his wars … but were they able to stop George Bush? Nope. This was their state during Bush.
  • Obama – Controlling the White House. We started our works during Obama’s First Term. We formed an enormous support base … to the extent that we reached the White House. You are going around campaigning for freebies … thinking that these freebies will help you become President … just like it helped Obama become President with ObamaCare. No, Obama did not win his second term because of ObamaCare. He won because we started hammering Mitt Romney. Obama was like … “hey, I changed my track … instead of stopping wars … I have started many wars. Will people ever vote for me again?” And he saw that Mitt Romney was plunging and support for Obama was increasing. Obama was wondering how the hell is this happening? And they told him … “hey, that guy with one laptop … he is kicking Mitt Romney’s ass and it is helping in your popularity.” And Obama was like … “he should continue his work … he should continue his work”. We helped Obama get re-elected. During Obama … SM was actively involved in managing who enters the White House.
  • Trump – SM gets activated. With further training and study of how the War on Terror propaganda was designed … SM learnt how the Establishment is controlling various segments of the people’s lives. And they got activated in several spheres … right from politics, intelligence to legals and corporations. Via the Matrix system … SM literally forms the country. It is this system that helped in saving America and the world from Trump’s blunders.

When we write anything … these group of networks get activated all across the country … from intelligence to media to politics and corporations. They collectively work on common goals … this is how we are easily able to surpass the Establishment in almost every field.

People will tell you that … “he is popular … listen to him”. This is a very simple way of putting it … because nobody wants to give you the details of what the Matrix is … how the Establishment works and what SM Groups are … and how “control systems” have been setup in various spheres of life. That’s why … to put it simple … they say … “he is popular, listen to him”. But this simple statement creates a misconception that … I am some kind of celebrity whose endorsement will make you President. Things are not as simple as that. I am not like an actor or a singer … that if I endorse you then everyone will vote for you. This is not just about “endorsements” … it is about real action … we are more about “policies and reforms” that have to be put into place. You have to learn and work on that.

May be if a singer endorses a politician … then her fans will vote for the politician. But when we come into action … it is a massive network, holding powerful positions in the fields of intelligence, media, legals and politics that comes into action. It is not just the voting that comes into action … the country itself comes into action.

Just to give a preview of the influence of SM Groups … Trump has a few SM Groups in his favor and just a few groups are able to:

  • Protect Trump from all lawsuits and investigations
  • Give him billions worth media publicity
  • Make his statements headlines all across the country
  • Protect the President from impeachment and jail
  • Send tens of thousands of people to his rallies
  • Defeat a trillion dollar Establishment’s malice against the President again and again and again … they have already defended the President hundreds of times since the past 3 years

Yes, the same groups can also toss him in jail … but we didn’t see how that will be good for America. So, we held that off … for now.

During Obama … it was about not following the Establishment and keeping America safe. The Establishment was the only entity that we were bothered about. We also warned Trump even before he entered the White House … that he was entering a shark tank and things will be pretty complicated.

Trump is a competition for Warren
For Trump … the Establishment was the only entity that he had to worry about. Because on the other side … we had Hillary GodDamn Clinton. Trump was the obvious choice to be President. It was a very clear choice and the entire SM Network moved in favor of Trump.

But for Warren, Trump is a competition … the Establishment is another entity. If you just rely on the image of Trump in the media … then you will lose. The ground level facts are totally different. What you think is that:

  • I stood up against the Bankers and I won
  • I stood up against one Republican Senator and I won

And this should help you become President. SM is all about factual evaluation. If you see the facts and compare yourself with Trump … then this is how it falls into place.

  • Establishment Fight. You are saying that you stood up to one banker and won. Look at what Trump has been fighting against since the past 3 years. He’s got a huge pile of lawsuits and investigations … the FBI is raiding offices of his staff … committees have been formed against him. You fought against one banker … Trump has been fighting the entire system itself since 3 years … with hundreds of Establishment elements attacking him from all sides. Did anyone take him down? Nope. Is Trump winning? Yes.
  • Mueller Investigation. An entire Mueller Investigation was formed against him at the National Level. Tens of millions were poured into this investigation … the best lawyers were hired from across the nation … what happened? Mueller lost and Trump won. You are saying that you fought against “one banker” and you won. What happened to that bank? Did you shut down that bank? Nope. Just one guy stepped down after a few years … is that what you call a victory against Bankers?
  • Political Fight. You say that you fought against one Republican and you won. But look at Trump’s political fight … he defeated 17 of the most powerful Republicans in the Nation … from Senators to Governors … who had decades of political experience. And then he defeated the Democrats … to become President. Not only that … with every policy of his … he is fighting against his own Party and the entire Democrat Party to get things done. He is fighting the entire political system to move things forward. And you are saying that since you defeated one Republican … you are more capable than Trump?
  • Swamp Drain. While Warren claims that one banker stepping down is an accomplishment … Trump has kicked out hundreds of Establishment puppets from the White House to the Legal Departments to all the way to the Supreme Court. Where Warren has scored one … Trump has already scored by the hundreds.
  • Media Pressure. Just a few articles came out about your “Indian Heritage” … and you went about doing a DNA test to prove that you were right. And then after more discussions and pressure … you finally apologized for the whole thing. Just a few articles rattled you. Now look what Trump is facing … he has thousands of media outlets that demonize him on a daily basis … running a nationwide anti-Trump propaganda. And he stands there tall, strong, unshaken and continues to do his work. Not once he considered apologizing or quitting from the Presidency.
  • Legal Pressure. What is Warren’s experience when it comes to legal pressure? How many lawsuits, investigations or FBI raids have you faced? How many of your staff members or family members been investigated by the FBI … under fake charges for something that never even happened? All of these are “Establishment gimmicks” my dear lady. Trump has been facing all of this since the past 3 years. All of this has not shaken Trump … and he still continues on his America First agenda.

You are thinking that “Trump is bad and I am good” … first look at what he is facing. Trump is not facing all of that because he is bad … he is facing all of that because that is how the Establishment functions. Obama never got all of that … he had it 10 times easy. With the higher and higher debt crisis … the Establishment is getting more and more unstable … because they are the main culprits behind this. Yes, Trump is winning because he has very powerful SM Groups that help him and protect him. But how will Senator Warren face these elements … if and when she steps in the White House?

Now, do you see how Trump has the “facts and numbers” on his side? While Warren claims victory against one banker and one Republican … Trump has already won against hundreds and thousands of Establishment elements. Trump himself doesn’t realize the victories that he continuously got by doing what is right. We could have given him many more fantastic victories but he didn’t muster up some courage. Otherwise, Trump would have been unstoppable.

Trump far ahead in the game
We don’t say that Trump is far ahead in the game only because:

  • He did not start any new wars and maintaining peace
  • He is maintaining the highest job growth and the strongest economy
  • He is putting America First with Tariffs and American Energy
  • He is standing up to China and Europe

But because, he is doing all of that:

  • Despite being under investigations and lawsuits
  • Despite being demonized and ridiculed by thousands of media outlets
  • Despite FBI raids and his own team members flipping against him
  • Despite calls for impeachment and jail for him
  • Despite his own family members being investigated

Trump works on an America First agenda while he is under enormous political, legal and media pressure.

The Warren Presidency in doubt
The questions that are asked about the Warren Presidency are:

  • Does she even know what the hell is going on?
  • Does she know what she has to deal with?
  • Has she ever dealt with legal, political and media pressure at the same time from hundreds of different points?
  • Trump is successfully surviving all of this since 3 years … will Warren even survive day one?
  • Trump got so scared and shocked by this Establishment aggression that he just stopped moving forward. He is unable to make any move against the Establishment.
  • How will Warren respond to media pressure?
  • How will Warren respond to legal and political pressure … let alone FBI raids?
  • If we remove Trump and install Warren … and if she flips … then we will lose one guy that faced it all and survived it all … and then get another candidate that will flip all over again. Isn’t it better to help Trump move forward rather than install Warren whose response we are unaware of. She doesn’t know anything and we have no idea how she will respond.

Now, you understand … why Biden is in the lead? And even if you come into the final rounds … why some groups want to give a miracle win to Trump? It is because of these factors. Trump has been under “on the job training” for 3 years. He might not have accomplished much … but he has learnt a lot about the Establishment’s malice … he has learnt how to dodge their traps and disasters. It is helping in keeping America safe and he is moving the country forward without taking up a fight against the Establishment. At least, he is using commonsense to do a few good things.

You don’t have Hillary on the other side, who will be a disaster for the country. You have Trump … who is already an Establishment independent candidate … who has gained a lot of experience and knowledge via on the job training … he has survived a lot of shit-shows. Some SM Groups are thinking twice before losing him. The info that you have is “plain text book politics” that will do you no good. That’s why they say … Warren is not ready.

Warren needs to surpass Trump
You can’t surpass Trump using text book politics … all of that is garbage. Warren needs to learn about Establishment structures out there … how they function in various fields … how to combat them … how to overcome all obstacles … how to use tools of media, politics, finance, technology and corporations in order to win … and then design strategies and policies accordingly. If you prepare in this manner … then you don’t even need to face what Trump faced.

Trump jumped into a shark tank and keeps getting kicked around … mainly because he doesn’t do anything about the sharks. But if you prepare well … then the sharks will not be able to do anything much to you at all. You need to prepare well to surpass and win against Trump.