24 Aug 2019
From Text Book Politics to Establishment Independence to Commonsense
in America

Some people are telling me to choose sides. “Who are you with … Trump or Warren?” No, no … it doesn’t work that way. The only side we are on is with the people. All SM Groups and ourselves … we use facts and logic to decide what is better for the country. We are not affiliated to any political party or candidate. Its all about keeping people first.

We evaluate the plus and minus of each candidate and each phase … and help the leaders make better and better decisions. It is resulting in continuous evolvement of the country for the better. When we evaluate the plus and minus … the strengths and weaknesses … then it gives a much clearer picture of what we are dealing with … it helps the SM Network and the candidates to make better policies and decisions.

Let me give an overview of what is going on and how the work is moving through different phases. Seeing the plus and minus of each phase … you will understand what is being done and how to take things forward.

2008 – Hillary Clinton – Text Book Politics
This was a phase of text book politics … a phase where politicians would promise everything nice and lovely for the people … but when they come into power, they would do everything in favor of the corporations who donated to their campaigns. It was complete Establishment control and puppetry all around.

The same thing was happening during George Bush … Hillary extended Bush’s activities under the Obama Administration. She was a hardcore Establishment puppet and led America into several major blunders and disasters. This phase saw:

  • The War on Terror being expanded into half a dozen countries
  • Groups of terrorists turning into armies of terrorists
  • Destruction of additional countries like Libya and Syria
  • Expansion of military activities in Afghanistan and Iraq
  • Killing of millions of people
  • Displacement of tens of millions of people from their homes … which later led to a worldwide refugee crisis
  • Drainage of trillions of American taxpayer money via wasteful expenditure

Hillary was running the State Department as if she was herself the President … surpassing Obama and doing whatever shit she wanted. She was an uncontrolled monster. This was a phase of text book politics where the Establishment had total control and puppetry.

2012 – Barack Obama – Establishment Independence
Obama became the President in 2008 but he came into action in 2012 … in his second term. Major features of this phase were:

  • Obama fires Hillary GodDamn Clinton and changes the country’s direction
  • Obama refuses to promote Radical Islam and refuses to associate religion with terrorism
  • Obama refuses to bomb Syria over a chemical attack
  • Obama allows Russia, Iran and Turkey to take the lead in wiping out terrorists in Syria
  • Obama refuses to send troops to Syria or more troops to other countries
  • Media marketing of terror events is suppressed and controlled via SM Groups
  • Major victories were achieved in the elimination of ISIS and terrorism

In his Second Term … Obama provided a major turning point in American leadership that took us away from Establishment puppetry and control. Yes, Trump is not the first Establishment independent President … but Obama is the first Establishment independent President of our time. Obama reversed the track of wars and brought peace to the world … which was later fully accomplished under Trump.

From Text Book Politics to Establishment Independence
Now, this is what Warren needs to know … the text book will not tell you all of this:

  • Hey, don’t listen to the media … it is owned by a criminal group that will mislead you
  • You know what … your intelligence agencies may not give you accurate information all the time
  • Your Military advisers in the White House will tell you one thing … but on the ground level some other shitshow will be going on
  • The terror events out there are not exactly as they are reported to be
  • The terror organizations are not who they claim to be
  • Your country is in self-destruct mode and this destruct mode is designed by the same corporations that own the majority of your country

All of this information … you will not get in any text book. It might be a book on politics or intelligence or whatever … no one will give you this info. We provided these inputs to Obama to help him change the direction of the country.

Minus points of the Obama phase
Obama provided a major turning point in American History … however many SM Groups complain about some minus points.

  • Too slow. The work that was done was just too slow. It took Obama 8 years just to stop wars and he ended up with an empty Presidency with no major accomplishments of his own. Yes, but there are reasons for that … the work was slow because … it took us 4 years for us to gain our publicity, trust and recognition … to rise to the White House … so that the US President could follow what we are saying.
  • SM limited. SM activity was very limited. We had a lot of publicity among SM Groups but their direct activities were very limited. In action, they were just a long string connecting us all the way to the White House. SM was not actively involved in the political, legal, media or intelligence departments … which is also one of the major reasons why the work was very slow.
  • Obama was alone. Since there was no massive on the ground support … Obama was alone at the top. It was only his courage and conscience that gave him company in doing what is right for the country. Making a change and doing something different when you had thousands of media outlets and hundreds of politicians on the other side of the aisle … it requires a lot of courage.

It might have been slow but it is still phenomenal that Obama pulled it off and changed the direction of the country. It is because of this understanding and courage that today Obamas are one of the key central points that guide the Democrat Party.

2016 – Donald Trump – Commonsense
This is very important for Trump and Warren to know. The general impression is that Trump is the worst President in America’s history who should be impeached and removed. Everyone stomps on Trump … but Trump is actually 10 steps ahead of Obama. During the Obama Era … it was all about refusing Establishment puppetry and keeping America safe. But Trump took this forward and started doing things in America’s favor … via an America First policy.

No blunders under Trump
Under the Obama Era … thanks to Hillary … we got a lot of blunders that cost us by the trillions. You can see the blunders enlisted above. Trump is seen as a blunderous President but in reality there are no blunders under Trump.

  • Muslim Ban. Trump was about to make a blunder of banning all Muslims from coming into the United States but then he didn’t. He only restricted people coming from war torn countries where terrorism was a major issue. He didn’t ban Muslims but he only restricted people coming from unstable and terror related countries.
  • Mass Deportations. He talked about deporting 11 million immigrants but he didn’t carry out a mass deportation activity. The deportations of illegal immigrants are as routine as under Obama.
  • Nuclear war with North Korea. Trump was all “fire and fury” about North Korea but then it didn’t happen. Seemingly, they are good friends now.
  • More wars in Syria and Iran. It seemed like Trump wanted more wars via Syria and Iran … but then again … they didn’t happen.

Major blunders that cost America by the trillions actually happened in the previous Administration … but thankfully none of such blunders happened under Trump. Not only Trump moved away from wars and catastrophic blunders … but he also showed the use of “commonsense” in keeping America First:

  • He stopped all funding in war zones which eliminated ISIS and terrorism from the world … something that Obama had not done.
  • He went ahead with American Energy promoting American fuel around the world
  • He put Tariffs on other countries to promote American manufacturing
  • He refused to be a part of the climate change deal that would cost America by the trillions
  • He didn’t start any major policy like free education or free healthcare that would cost America by the trillions in addition to the debt that we already have
  • He is not using military force around the world but he is using diplomacy and sanctions

When I said … “Trump is far head in the game” … this is what I meant. Trump is actually 10 steps ahead of Obama and this is something that Warren does not know or realize. SM Groups are all about “facts and logic” and they look for someone who is more practical and effective for the country. And Trump has the facts and numbers on his side.

Pornstars and Playmates – Establishment Hypocrisy
Going after Trump’s pornstars and playmates will not help because everyone knows that this is an Establishment gimmick to attack the person’s private life to stop his activities in favor of the people and country. This is the routine Establishment hypocrisy:

  • Good is bad. If you are doing something nice for the country and your people … then you should be Prophet like and be a total angel. If they find one glitch or fault in any sphere of your life … as private as it might be … then they will try to use it to distort and stop your works for the people. I told SM Networks about this that … “don’t wait for Jesus Christ to come down and solve your problems. See the good things that the current leader is doing and support it. This is the only way you will move forward. These guys are such assholes that even if Jesus Christ comes down then they will oppose him and try to crucify him. Even if God sends down an angel to them … they will say “why didn’t God come himself? Why does He need angels to do His work?” These guys are Satanists … they will reject and refuse … stall and deviate … demonize and ridicule … every good person that stands up to them.
  • Bad is good. At the same time … they will promote bad as good. Hillary was good … War on Terror was good … bombing countries is good … killing people by the millions is good. This is a hypocritic Establishment that lives on promoting good as bad and bad as good.

Plus points of this phase

  • SM is active. SM Groups are active in several phases of life … from politics to legals to intelligence and media to corporations. A massive network is actively working on keeping America safe and continuously pushes America in a better direction.
  • Trump is instantaneous. Thanks to Ivanka’s continuous support … Trump stops very quickly if he is headed towards a disastrous direction. And at places of American interest … Trump acts very quickly and positively.
  • Wars to Structural Change. Thanks to SM Groups … thanks to Ivanka and Trump … we have moved away from wars and terrorism … and the primary focus in this phase is “structural change” that will eliminate America’s debt and take us into a new debt free era.

Trump might not have shown great courage but he has shown great use of commonsense. The meaning of commonsense was lost under Hillary’s leadership. Forget about commonsense, the puppetry was so extreme that we were on a suicidal path of genocidal wars that were disastrous for everyone.

Minus points of this phase
It is these minus points that are creating an opportunity for Warren … she might want to read these very carefully.

  • Lacking courage. Trump is definitely ahead of Obama … he is definitely showing the use of commonsense but he is lacking the courage to take the country forward. Till date, he has not shown the courage to break the Establishment that has been stalling, stealing and draining trillions of American wealth.
  • Progress in Tariffs and American Energy stalled. When Trump doesn’t break the Establishment then his key policies of Tariffs and American Energy get stalled. They have not shown any major benefit or revenue generation. Trump is initiating some steps but since he does not go ahead with the full strategy and he does not fix the entire system … then a few steps that he takes, do not show much fruit.
  • Debt piles up. Trump’s inaction piles up the debt, stagnates the country and trillions of wealth continue to drain.
  • Establishment favoritism. Instead of breaking the Establishment, Trump has a long list of favors for the Establishment … which is an issue with many SM Groups.

Trump has taken America far ahead in the game but he is stuck. Many see it as a sign of fear and lack of courage.

Warren and Text Book Politics
Warren needs to understand what has happened in the past 10 years in America … where we were … how Obama changed things … SM activities and support … how Trump moved forward … and how we have moved from Text Book politics to Establishment independence to Commonsense. The concern of many SM Groups about a would be President Warren is that … “Holy Moses … we are back to text book politics. Freebie this … freebie that … I will give this and I will give that … give me your votes … I am the best guy to be President … I will do this and I will do that. This is pure text book politics. The Establishment dominates text book politics. Warren will take us a decade behind with her lack of know-how.”

The fact that you talk a lot about structural change when you don’t even understand the structures and you don’t have an actual plan that will change any structure … it is scaring many SM Groups away from you. Understanding what has happened till date and what is Trump’s actual current position … should help you understand where the void is.