23 Aug 2019
The Propaganda Effect Hillary VS Trump
in America

Let me show you something interesting between Hillary and Trump. This is about:

  • How the Establishment runs their propaganda
  • How it impacts the people’s minds and thinking
  • And what the actual truth is

Two fantastic candidates to study this is Hillary and Trump. Let’s discuss Hillary first … as she has seniority in politics. Everybody knows Hillary:

  • As the most experienced politician among the Democrats
  • As the senior-most Democrat in the Party
  • As one of the most well-known figures in American politics
  • She is the wife of a two time Governor and a two time President
  • She is seen as a candidate with a lot of power, influence, capability, experience and seniority
  • Based on the above … she ran to be America’s President twice. Once she didn’t get the nomination and in the second time … she even got to be the Presidential nominee of one of the largest political parties in America.

This is Hillary Clinton that many people know about. But if you ask people and even her strongest supporters … “please name one good thing that Hillary has done for the American people … please name one accomplishment of Hillary that has been good for America”. If you ask them this very simple question … then even her strongest supporters stand spellbound in silence. They have nothing to say … because that is the truth … Hillary did absolutely nothing for the American people or America as a whole.

Despite being the wife of a two time Governor and President … despite being the Secretary of State … despite being the most senior-most and highly experienced Democrat … she did absolutely nothing for the American people. But she is praised and complimented … and she got twice the number of awards that her two time Governor and President husband got. She got twice the number of awards that Bill Clinton got. Despite her enormous positive publicity and the staggering number of awards … not only she did nothing for the American people … but she was a total monster.

Hillary, the hero, was actually a monster
There is a stark difference in the propaganda that the Establishment ran about Hillary and the real truth about Hillary Clinton. Hillary who was considered as a hero … who ran for President twice … in reality she was a total monster.

  • Under her watch, tens of thousands of troops were sent to Afghanistan
  • Under her watch, groups of terrorists turned into armies of terrorists
  • Under her watch, ISIS was formed
  • Under her instruction, Libya was destroyed
  • Under her instruction, a civil war was created in Syria
  • Under her watch, millions of people died
  • Under her watch, tens of millions of people lost their homes
  • Under her watch, trillions of American taxpayer money were drained wastefully

She was a total and complete monster. But is that how the American people see her? No, she got millions of more votes than Trump in the last election. The image of Hillary Clinton in the media is one thing … and her actual work at the ground level is another thing. Despite her monstrous activities … she still gets votes and support. This is the “propaganda effect”. She was a monster promoted as a hero.

The Propaganda Effect and Trump
Now, let’s take a look at the propaganda about Trump and his actual ground level activities.

  • Trump is known as the worst President of America by many media outlets
  • He is a racist, a hater and the worst politician possible … as per the propaganda
  • Everything about Trump and from Trump should be opposed and stopped
  • Trump must be impeached and even put into jail
  • Trump must be investigated and should be under a shower of lawsuits

All of the above has been happening since the past 3 years. There is non-stop negative information about Trump via the Establishment. But if you look at the ground level truth about the Trump Presidency then:

  • Did Trump destroy any country? Nope.
  • Did he kill millions of people? Nope.
  • Did he displace tens of millions of people? Nope.
  • Did he blow up trillions of American taxpayer money in wars? Nope.

So, why is Trump bad? I asked one simple question about this negative Trump propaganda … “show me one single American that is getting hurt or killed by Trump … or by his policies”. And no one can show me a single place where any American is getting hurt or killed by Trump. When the guy is not hurting anyone at all … then why the massive negative propaganda?

In fact, if you see his real time actions then:

  • He ended the funding in war zones … that led to elimination of armies of terrorists that Hillary had created.
  • He wiped out Hillary’s malicious efforts of 4 long years in one single shot
  • He is maintaining peace in the world
  • He is working on American Energy
  • He is working on Tariffs and putting America First
  • He cut regulations for small businesses and companies
  • He is bringing America’s enemies down on their knees without using any military force on them
  • He is maintaining a fantastic job growth and economy

And this guy is promoted as a monster in the American media. The guy who wiped out all of Hillary’s monstrous activities and brought peace & growth for America and the world … is a monster, is it? And as of now … all leading Democrat candidates are polling much better than Trump. Why? This is the “propaganda effect”. You keep on telling the people same thing again and again and again … and maintain them in an environment where only that particular information is maintained … then you get to create the mindset of the people. You get to mold the people’s minds as per your propaganda.

This is why people see Hillary and Trump differently. When in reality … Hillary is a monster and Trump is a hero. This negative information is so much that … Trump himself thinks that he is going to lose. Lol. He doesn’t know that he is a hero and there are several groups that love him and adore him.

Pro-Trump Group Activities
Trump has allowed this propaganda to continue by his own inaction. If he initiated the right policies and took the right actions … then this propaganda would have been vaporized a long time ago. To help Trump, the Pro-Trump groups have launched two major schemes.

  • Maintain Biden in the lead. Biden is being maintained in the lead to help Trump. But we never know for how long Biden will be maintained in the lead as there are strong Pro-Warren groups as well. Since Trump has not taken the lead, the Pro-Warren groups look at her as the best candidate for the job. They believe that she will make all of the right moves. Maintaining Biden in the lead is being done … but no one knows for how long it will be maintained.
  • Establishment Bashing. Since Trump didn’t pull up the courage to break the Establishment … SM Groups are busy bashing millionaire and billionaire Jewish Establishment criminals and the Israeli Government in America. All of this is being done to give courage to Trump and other American leaders … to not to be afraid and step forward with the truth. It is designed to help Trump. This activity will continue for a long long time even after Trump and Warren. This activity is not exclusively for Trump but it is for the entire nation.

Learning point for Warren
Don’t fall for the bogus anti-Trumpism out there. The facts are totally different. Trump has very strong support and his activities at the ground level are very good … at least when compared to the previous candidates. Like Trump provided a fantastic turning point from terrorism to peace … similarly the current need is to turn the country from the debt crisis. This is the need of the hour.