21 Aug 2019
Ilhan and Rashida - Giving courage to Trump
in America

Okay … this is what you should know about Ilhan and Rashida … their hammering of Israel is designed to give you courage. This is something that even they don’t know. Don’t get carried away with the anti-Trump statements that they might make. They are Democrats … it is very obvious that they will speak against a Republican President. Its basic politics. But this is the bigger picture that you need to see.

They are supported by Pro-Trump SM Groups. This hammering of Israel is being designed to give courage not only to Trump but all other politicians across the country. There are several Jewish Establishment millionaire and billionaire personalities being hammered right under your nose … like:

  • Martin Schkreli
  • Elizabeth Holmes
  • Harvey Weinstein
  • Jeffrey Epstein

All of these are Jewish criminals who thought that they are immune to the law and they could carry out massive malicious activities in America without any accountability. SM Groups have been pulling up these criminals and openly hammering them in public … only to give courage to those politicians who are scared of the Jewish Establishment.

There are two things that you should note in this:

  • The Establishment has lost control of the process. The Establishment no longer controls the process or systems in America. They have large scale corporate ownership but the ownership is hollow. Their ownership is not helping them.
  • Accountability. Doesn’t matter if you are a Jew or a Christian … if you are involved in massive criminal activities that affect the masses then you will be held accountable.

List prepared
Till date, there are about 4 Jewish criminals that have been openly hammered but these are not the last ones. There is an entire list prepared. All of the guys on the list are under watch and surveillance. Whose number will be next … you never know. All of it is managed and conducted by SM Groups.

The Establishment is totally helpless and powerless in providing any assistance to those exposed. They themselves got Jeffrey Epstein killed because he had info and he would take down many others with him. The Establishment doesn’t help when you are exposed … they find a comfortable way of disposing you when you are exposed.

Trump is on the list
And guess who else is on the list … yes, President Donald J Trump is on the list for "Presidential profiteering". You are not on an exit track of Hillary Clinton … Hillary got an easy exit. Your fate is being planned on the lines of Harvey Weinstein, Martin Schkreli, Elizabeth Holmes and Jeffrey Epstein … all of them were Jewish millionaire and billionaire criminals. The Establishment couldn’t do shit to help them … do you think that they will help you … especially when they themselves want you gone?

That’s why I am saying again and again and again … “do good works, do good works, do good works”. There is enormous amount of information out there on your deals and transactions … both locally and internationally. The Establishment itself is planning on leaks and whistle blowers on your transactions. If and when that phase begins … it will be a tough ride and I need very very good works from your side in order to protect you.

Look at those Jewish millionaires and billionaires … who stepped forward to protect them? No one. This info about your “phase of accountability” is given to me because I have enormous influence in SM Networks. If I step forward … things change. But in order for me to help you … I need good works from your side.

Ilhan Omar and Israel
Coming back to Ilhan Omar and Israel … you need to understand why this is being designed. Even Ilhan Omar does not know that bashing of Israel by them is designed to help Trump. If Warren is not ready then there is a chance that she will not be President and you will be given the Presidency again. Trump might not have shown great courage but he has definitely shown great use of commonsense. He has made a lot of patriotic decisions and he has kept America First.

Since the only place where you are lagging is … having the courage to break the Establishment … then this:

  • Open hammering of Jewish criminal millionaires and billionaires
  • And the open hammering of Israel’s atrocious activities and practices

Is designed to give courage to Trump and other politicians across America to stand up for what is right. It is designed to help you cross the line where you have stopped. Candidates like Rashida and Ilhan will be fully protected politically, legally and financially … and they will be given the full support to do their work. This is being done to show the entire country that:

  • The Establishment doesn’t control America anymore
  • You have your rights and you can standup for what is right without fear
  • You will not be driven out of politics but you will be given the support to do your work
  • And if anyone harms you then they will pay

Not only Trump needs this courage but many many politicians across America need this courage. And these two beautiful and courageous ladies who are hammering Israel … it is not just because of their own personal vendetta … but it is because the government of Israel deserves this hammering so that they can change for the better. These two wonderful ladies are helping all leaders across the country build the courage to stand up for what is right. Kudos on your work … may God always protect you and help you shine across the nation.

This activity is supported by Pro-Trump groups … because these groups love Trump and they would really love to see some courage in Trump. Trump needs to ignore their anti-Trump statements and he needs to learn from their courage to stand up for what is right.


Why do you care what Ilhan and Rashida are saying about Israel? Since when is it your business to monitor and control what politicians say about Israel? That is not your job. You are the President of America … you are not the President of Israel … you do not represent Israel. To add to all of that … you are showing so much allegiance to Israel but the same bankers that run Israel … they are planning to give full support in leaking information about your deals and transactions. These assholes are backstabbers … there is no use helping them or supporting them.

As far the White House is concerned … just remain neutral. You can enter the conversation to give it publicity … but do it without taking sides. We ourselves don’t want the White House to start hammering Israel right now. We need the President to be focused on “systematic change” in America via new laws and systems. Once that is done … then you will have all of the tools to take care of the bankers, Israel, corporations, oil companies and defense companies. No one will be big enough to stand in front of you when you have the right tools in your hands.

We still don’t know whether this will be done under you or under Warren. We still have to see how things will fall into place. Whatever Rashida and Ilhan are saying … it might be:

  • Sanctions on Israel
  • Cutting off aid for Israel
  • Boycotting Israel
  • Or whatever type of bashing it might be

As far it is “legal conversation” and a legal argument … then it is 100% allowed. You should know that this happens all over Europe including the UK Parliament. It is only in America that politicians were sitting like scared chicken. Thanks to this beautiful, bold, strong and lovely black lady … Ilhan Omar … she is being a new voice for the truth and she is bringing facts on the table.

Everything is up for evaluation and discussion … we, human beings, discuss and evaluate God and religion itself … so, who the hell is Israel? Israel is not above God and religion. It’s a shitty country … run via a shitty banker puppeted government … that doesn’t give a damn about their own people. Why on Earth should America … a world superpower … be scared and silent about them?

What Ilhan and Rashida are doing … it is perfectly legal … it is 100% right … and it is the need of the time.