18 Aug 2019
Elizabeth Warren being referred to as “Lady Trump” by some SM Groups
in America

First and foremost … my dear Elizabeth Warren … we love you. Please keep that in mind when you read this page. We are writing this page mainly because you have delayed working with us so much that some SM Groups are considering removing you from the Presidential race. Some of them don’t want you to get the nomination and some of them want to give a miracle win to Trump even if you are in the final rounds with him.

Till date, we didn’t write much about you because we know that you will work with us and all of this should have been private training. All SM Groups don’t need to know this info. But we are entering a phase where groups are considering your elimination from the race. I think it is important for you to know.

False assumptions about Trump

  • Mr. Playboy will lose. What many Democrats think is that … “Trump has banged pornstars and playmates … I am definitely a better character than Trump … and thus I will win against Trump.” This is bullshit information. Actually, the SM Networks deliberately picked Mr. Playboy to be President … his Playboy background adds some juice to politics and brings a lot of public attention to the key issues that the people face. It’s a “publicity gimmick”. Generally, if you see … if there is a sex scandal about any politician or public official then he is ridiculed and abandoned … and he is removed from office. The Establishment has ridiculed Trump … but did they succeed in abandoning him? Nope. Did they succeed in removing him from office? Nope … nor will they. Instead of getting abandoned and removed from office … he gets even more publicity and tens of thousands of people flock to his rallies. Being a Playboy is helping him capture the attention, pull more people and surpass the media demonization that he faces. It is actually helping him.
  • Anti-Trumpism is hollow. If you are thinking that Trump will be taken down by anti-Trumpism then you are mistaken again. The majority of anti-Trumpism is Establishment run and it is hollow. Trump is not hurting or killing a single American citizen. Trump is not doing anything that is bad for America. SM Networks will never allow a malicious Establishment propaganda to succeed against an Establishment independent candidate. The Establishment does not decide who the next President will be … but SM Networks do.

Trump has just a few powerful SM Groups that support and protect him. By seeing the 25,000-30,000 people that flock to his rallies, how Trump statements are made headlines all over the media, how Trumps are protected from all investigations and scandals … it should give an idea of the influence that just a few SM Groups have out there. They are able to protect the US President from a trillion dollar malicious Establishment and continue to maintain his support base.

Transition Phase – Establishment Independent Leaders
I will give you some background information so that you can understand what is going on. Screw text book politics … that will not give you any insight. We are headed towards a “people centric era” … and one of the key things that have to be done is … knock out Establishment puppets from key places and get people centric leaders instead of them. This has already been done in the White House. Hillary was failed to bring in Trump. Trump is not America’s problem … the Establishment’s malicious systems are.

Till date, we have not moved into a people centric era … but we are successfully knocking out Establishment puppets and bringing in Establishment independent leaders. The key thing in this is bringing people from “outside the system” to make sure that they are not the routine puppets of the Establishment. This is the main reason why a hotel owner was made the US President … and this is why a school teacher who is Senator can be the US President. This is a common thing in both of you … both of you are Establishment independent.

Removal of Trump
Now, understand why many groups from the same Network that brought Trump in the White House … why do they want to remove him from power? Trump has done many things … but he has failed to pull the courage to break the Establishment. This is where he is stuck. He has started a few reforms of American Energy and Tariffs … but all of them have not shown any major benefit because Trump is not ready to break the Establishment. He has learnt a lot … he is miles ahead in the game … but he is stuck. Despite being given a lot of time and support … he is allowing the country to burn in a debt crisis … and not pulling up the courage to do what is right for the country.

This is the only reason why SM Networks are looking for courageous leaders who can fight for their country and people … to break the Establishment. And this is one of the reasons, why we literally handpicked you for the job.

List of verifiable actions
What the Obamas might have told you is “read what this guy writes and he will help you become President”. This was true during the Obama Era because:

  • The major task for Obama was to stop wars and he could easily do that by reading what I wrote. It provided him with the guidance of what to do … which gave him an upper edge to change the direction of the country.
  • His opposition didn’t know shit. Mitt Romney didn’t have access to our writings … he didn’t know shit what was going on … and because of that Obama got a sweeping victory.

Thus Obama believes that … “read what this guy writes and he will help you become President”.

  • But that phase is already over … wars have stopped and the War on Terror has been vaporized.
  • And your opposition … President Donald J Trump has his lovely daughter Ivanka Trump read everything that I write. The President’s chief adviser reads everything that I write and advises the President the moment she gets the info.
  • Still it is not helping Trump … everyone is planning on removing Trump. It is helping him dodge traps and disasters … but it is not helping him maintain his Presidency. Why?

Because this is where he is lagging:

  • Connect. Just reading what I write is not enough anymore. It’s a must for you to make a connection.
  • Learn. We are continuously moving in more and more complicated phases of the work now. It is not about just stopping wars … we have to make massive structural change. For this we have to setup an entire team and you need to learn what has to be done.
  • Campaign. And once you learn the right moves, strategies and policies that have to be implemented … you have to go out there and campaign for it.

These are the basic “verifiable actions” that SM Networks are watching … for the Presidential candidates and the President … based on this, the keys of the White House will be given. Trump has failed in all of the above … which is why his Presidency is stagnating, he is failing in most of his key policies and that is why they want to remove him.

Elizabeth Warren being seen as “Lady Trump” by some Groups
The reason to remove Trump is quite strong but this is the current argument of some Pro-Trump groups … using these factors they are saying that Elizabeth Warren is no different than Trump … she is just another Trump. Why should we get a new Trump in office … when we already have a Trump that has evolved and he is good for the country? This is how some groups are drawing a parallel between Warren and Trump.

Factor 01 – Nice and Righteous
She goes around campaigning and showing the world how nice, wonderful and righteous she is. But she doesn’t realize that she is “full of herself”. She keeps on promoting herself and campaigning for herself. Even Trump does that … even Trump is all about Trump … who keeps on glorifying himself. The Presidential campaign is not supposed to be about you … it is supposed to be about the people.

Factor 02 – Campaign Tactics
Warren is going around campaigning that she will bring a lot of “structural changes” but she doesn’t show at a single place where she is breaking any structure. All of her policies are “add ons” to the same structures … these are not structural changes. Trump did the same thing … he went about campaigning that “he alone can change the system … he knows how the system works … he has paid so many politicians himself” … but what did he do after he became President? Nothing. Warren is following the same hypocrisy … trying to tell the people what they want to hear.

Factor 03 – America remains burning in debt
And when Warren doesn’t break any Establishment structure … America will continue to burn in debt. The debt will move from $25 Trillion to $35 Trillion. How is she any different than Trump? We want to remove Trump because he is not solving the debt crisis … why should we bring Warren in the office when she will also let America burn in this crisis?

Factor 04 – Multi-Trillion Dollar Freebies
Seeing Warren’s policies of free education, free healthcare and trillions of spending on climate change … they are giving an example of a pizza store. Let’s assume that there is a Pizza Store that is a million dollars in debt … we want to fire the current manager because he is not able to fix the debt problem and hire another manager. The new manager comes up with a promise of “free pizza and drinks” for everybody! The Pizza Store is already in one million dollar debt … would you hire a manager who is promising free pizza and drinks for everybody … just because she wants the job?

It would be a catastrophe. What will happen if we hire this manager? The Pizza Store will have to close sooner or later. There won’t be any pizza or drinks for anybody thereafter. This is exactly what will happen to the country … it will crash … it will be a $50 Trillion mess. We are already seeing that Trump’s inaction is a disaster for America … but Warren will be a much bigger disaster for America.

Factor 05 – Plan, plan, plan
What Warren thinks that … her “plan, plan, plan” is helping her campaign. No, but it is wearing out SM Groups. What they say is … “lady, if you don’t have a plan to break the Establishment then you don’t have a plan … quit hatching plan after plan … first learn how to plan”. Warren needs to snap out of her self-centered planning and promotion … and learn how things are done out there. Do you know what happened under Obama? Was Obama a bad guy? He is an extremely humble, fantastic and people centric leader … but all of his plans came to a grinding halt … why? Simply because the Establishment gave the control of the Senate and House to Republicans. For 4 years, Obama just sat there complaining that Republicans are not letting him do anything. What is your plan in handling something like this?

“Trump did not have any plan in handling the Establishment … he just jumped into the shark tank without any preparation and he was rattled with what he faced. Warren is on the same track with absolutely no preparation … America is going to get Lady Trump this time.” This is again a strong similarity between Trump and Warren that is being presented in the Networks.

Factor 6 – Did not connect, learn or campaign
The major reason why we are removing Trump is because … he did not connect, learn or campaign the right policies that will solve America’s crisis. Well, did Warren learn anything? No, then why should we put another Trump in the White House? She goes around campaigning the Trump doesn’t have the courage … Trump is spineless … but where is her courage … where is her spine? How is she any different? Why should we put up with another new experimentation … when the current guy is already reformed and knows a lot?

Factor 7 – Flips and jumps into a new skin
What they say is … since Warren has not learnt anything … she will enter the Presidency unprepared … she will get rattled and she will also flip like Trump. Just like Trump got scared and flipped … if Warren also flips then in this scenario:

  • We would be getting rid of a good guy who has already learnt a lot … who has already reformed his Presidency a lot
  • And get another candidate who flips and does her own thing

Why should we support another Trump that will flip? When I asked … why will Warren flip … these are the reasons they gave … they say, “Warren jumps into a different skin while chasing shiny objects”.

  • Indian Heritage. They say … Warren claimed Indian Heritage because it would help her career. I said … that is garbage information … leave it aside.
  • Hillary’s VP. Then they said … Warren was ready to be the Vice President for Hillary Clinton, a monster who created genocidal wars in several countries. Just because she wanted to be VP … she endorsed Hillary Clinton and she was ready to help her, promote and campaign for her. She was ready to help a monster only because she wanted to be VP.
  • LGBTQ Support. They gave another example … she goes around dancing in gay rallies just because she wants their votes. You want to break the Establishment … you know that LGBTQ groups are designed, promoted and supported by Establishment elements. Just because she wants some votes … she goes around dancing in their rallies. Is this what you call standing up to the Establishment and breaking the Establishment?

The only thing that I could say is … “she doesn’t know everything … she will learn what is going on”. What they say is … while chasing shiny objects … she goes around endorsing monsters and dances in the rallies of the most decadent groups of our society … what makes you sure that she will not flip like Trump just to save her Presidency? What makes you sure that she will remain consistent?

Factor 8 - $50 Trillion Mess
And the biggest factor that they are showing is that her Presidency will be a $50 Trillion mess. Right now, the debt crisis under Trump is headed towards only $25 Trillion … but the crisis under Lady Trump will be two times more … it will be about a $50 Trillion mess. Why should we replace the current Trump with another Trump who will make things several times worse? We have to give Trump a miracle win if Warren is not ready … she is exactly on the same path that Trump was on … and we don’t want a fresh new Trump in the White House.

The Miracle Win for Trump
Remember, a couple of months ago … we told you to forget about the cash if you are not able to arrange it … just get in touch? It is because of this argument. It has been more than 6 months since you launched your campaign and you haven’t made a single phone call. They are seeing another Trump trying to enter the White House. There are two ways they are considering to hold you off.

  • Don’t give the nomination. Let Biden be in the lead so that Warren gets all the time she needs to learn.
  • Miracle Win. They are designing the Miracle Win because by the time you win the Presidency … it will be two years since you launched your campaign … and if you did not learn anything in two years … then they are seeing an exact replication of the Trump Presidency all over again. They don’t want a new Trump in the White House who will come up with her own blunders. They would prefer to continue with the current one and give him the support to take the work forward.

SM Evaluations
Don’t worry … its just a few Pro-Trump groups planning this. It should not have come to this stage. All SM Groups use facts and logic for their decision making … and you should have not fallen on the other side of the evaluation. However, SM Evaluations are done based upon the “past and present”. They see what all activities happened in the past few months or years then make an evaluation based on that.

But the evaluation what we do … we do it based on the future. We take the past and present … and evaluate things as per the future. For example, they were evaluating jail for Trumps based on his blowing up of trillions of taxpayer money. They were using the past and present to evaluate what to be done with Trump. But we showed them how things will fall in the future if Trump is removed … who will replace him? What the Establishment can do with the next guy? And how Trump’s positive moves are helping America? When you look into the future … it helps us make better decisions today.

We don’t think that you are Lady Trump. Lol. You can definitely and will be different. But you should understand the concerns of SM Groups.

Major concerns when elected
We still support your candidacy … we still want you in the final rounds and we still want you to be President. These are the major concerns “after you get elected”.

  • Loss of House and Senate. If you are saying “plan, plan, plan” … but what good are your plans if the Republicans control the House and Senate? It already happened under Obama. SM Groups are right in saying that … “if you don’t have a plan to break the Establishment then you don’t have any plan at all.” Its important for you to focus on this.
  • Loan Refusal and Demand Payback. With the increasing debt crisis the situation gets more and more complex with passing time. The problems that Trump is facing today … they are 10 times more complicated than what Obama faced. And when you go unprepared into the White House … the problems that you will face will be far more complicated than Trump is facing. For example, the Establishment will refuse to give more loans to America and demand payback of the amount already taken. What will you do in this scenario?

As we speak, the Establishment is working on this scheme.

  • They are seeing that Warren is coming up with free education, healthcare and massive spending on climate change
  • It will create tens of trillions in new spending and taxes
  • This will be a perfect time to refuse additional loans for America and demand payback
  • The Establishment owns and controls the majority of the entities that give loans to America including the banks, institutions and China. They can make it happen.
  • America will crumble and Warren will be used as the blame donkey
  • Everything will be blamed on Warren’s mass spending and that she did not fix the system
  • It gives the Establishment an easy way out of their malicious debt based system and helps them put all of the blame on Warren

Did Trump face this scheme? No my dear … they are planning this for you.

Defeating Trump should not be the objective
If your objective is simply defeating Trump then you will lose. Your approach, planning, campaign and policies … everything will be extremely limited. It is pretty much limited as of now … which is why your rise in the polling is very slow. After the second debate, you should already have become the leader of the pack … you should have already got a fantastic lead.

Trump is an Establishment independent candidate and he has strong SM Groups supporting him because:

  • In this Establishment crisis, he is the most learned and experienced candidate in the field right now
  • Which is why he ranks much better than any other candidate among SM Groups
  • He has the most evolved Presidency within two years of his leadership … no other President changed so rapidly and so soon than Trump
  • He went ahead with defunding war zones, defeating ISIS, creating peace in the world, record breaking job growth, escaping Establishment traps and disasters, standing up to China and Europe, putting tariffs and promoting American Energy … all of it within 2 years. It is a pretty good record for someone with zero political experience.
  • And we have Ivanka Trump who continuously follows up what we write and keeps guiding her father’s Presidency.

It is because of these factors that Trump has very very strong SM support.

Trump is the luckiest American alive
Trump is actually the luckiest American alive … he invested his money at the right time and at the right place. He invested a few hundred million and he is making billions off it.

  • He was made President because all other candidates were trash
  • He is being protected from jail and impeachment because his replacements would be trash
  • And he will probably get a second term only because the other guys are not ready to replace him

The guy walked in at the right time and place with his money … and it is helping him to be the most powerful man in the world and also make a fortune off it. Lol.

Trump did not compete with any candidate
If you are thinking that “Trump is a playboy … and I am nice and lovely … look, I have free education and healthcare … and I am gonna win” … then my dear lady, you will lose. If you are competing with Trump then you will lose. Because Trump himself was given the victory because he was not competing with any other candidate … he stood up for America and fought against trade imbalance and in favor of American Energy.

  • Fighting against trade imbalance is fighting against China and the rest of the world in favor of America.
  • It is fighting against a massive exploitation system setup by the Establishment that rips off America by hundreds of billions in trade
  • Trump himself was given victory because he was fighting against an Establishment system

If you go out there and say … Trump is trash and I am nice and lovely … and therefore I should be President … it will not work. Everyone looks at facts and logic … and Trump’s fight is in America’s favor … Trump has the facts and numbers on his side.

You have no fight against any Establishment entity or system … all you are doing is banking on “handouts for votes” … thinking that you will win because of the anti-Trumpism out there. This is a very big mistake. Your handouts for votes are seen as multi-trillion dollar freebies that will take America into an economic catastrophe … and anti-Trumpism is a hollow propaganda. The strongest points you think you have … will not work.

Defeating the Establishment should be the objective
Forget about defeating Trump … get that out of your head. Trump failed in defeating the Establishment … if you can defeat the Establishment then you can win. You can easily win against Trump. Because it will very easily change your entire platform, your campaign, your policies, your support base, your publicity, your polls and the votes that you get. It will change the entire game in your favor.

If you learn now, prepare well and campaign well then:

  • It will get you billions worth free media coverage and massive public support
  • It will help you surpass Bernie Sanders and Joe Biden
  • It will help you get the nomination
  • You can defeat Trump easily
  • You can win the House and the Senate
  • You can be a stunning and fabulous President who will revolutionize the country
  • You can design at least 16 years of Democrat rule in America

Yes, two terms for yourself and two terms for the next Democrat President have to be designed right under your Presidency. If you remain focused only on Trump then what about the House? What about the Senate? What about Establishment malice? What about the economy? What about the debt crisis and the coming catastrophe? What about the next term? What about the so many other things that will catch you unprepared? But if you plan well then you can win in every single step.

Trump didn’t prepare and didn’t plan … and his Presidency is consumed with crisis after crisis. Don’t worry about the comparison that some groups are making between you and Trump … its just a few groups as of now. My only defense for you is that … “she will learn, she will learn”. I hope you do … you cannot afford to remain stuck on Trump’s track.